Pilot And "our" A M E

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It was a cold and blustery evening in Calgary when the young Westjet pilot approached his car in the company parking lot. He was not a happy person when he realized he had left his car keys on the driver’s seat and he had no access to his wheels. He pondered his predicament for a few moments and then decided to walk back to one of the hangers and see if he could enlist the help of an aircraft mechanic and get a door open.

As luck would have it, AME was just finishing his last task on the -800 and said he would be happy to go out and, with his expertise, get into the car.

The wind was howling now, and driving snow ricocheted across the parking lot and out of deep respect for pilots, AME suggested the pilot stay in the hanger , keep warm and he would come and get him when he had gained access to the car. AME hurried into his parka and headed to the parking lot.

Close to half an hour passed, the pilot was getting restless so he decided to go see how AME was doing. Head down and into the howling wind he ventured. As he approached his car he saw AME hunched down at the driver’s door, his parka covered in 6 inches of snow and ice, busily moving little tools in and out of the lock.

The pilot was rather dejected and walked around his car and just for fun he tried the passenger door….and it opened……

“Hey !!”, he yelled at AME, “this door is open”. “Yeah I know”, said AME , “I already got that side.”

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