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I travelled recently and noticed a young mother travelling with her child - took this picture of her seat row as she de-planed. The kid was actually pretty well-behaved - cried a bit but not too much...too bad she doesn't have a mother who will teach her proper manners. What kind of person thinks it's ok to just throw garbage on the floor of the airplane? :glare:


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That's actually not unusual in any way. Charter flights are even worse than sched carriers for the most part. I would love to spend a few hours in these peoples living rooms.

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Remember the Jay's Kelly Gruber???? Sitting in 'J' and shredded all his fan mail into confetti and just left it on the floor.

On WD the FA's would pass around a basket of mints on descent. Apparently one pax took the basket and dumped all the mints into his briefcase.

They are out there and they breed !!!

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Here is what I see:

1 bag of pinwheels (crunchie thing for infants and young toddlers),

1 kitkat chocolate bar

1 complementary cup that once had water.

1 boarding card.

the srumbs are from the pinwheels. I have recently acquired a taste for the pinwheels and they are messy things, notwithstandign the toddlers will drop just about everything in their hands at some point of the meal.

The pinwheels and chocolate bar were brought from home (kitkat was too small to be buy on board). the boarding card is obviously from AC as is the complementary cup.

Flight appears to be economy 763 in the XM treatment. How long was the flight?? I mean it could be anywhere from a 830/831 rapidair to PEK-YVR flight. If its the later then the amount of mess might be justifiable.

For my toddler (2.9 years old) a typical well behaved meal will have lots of crumbs with 0-2 peices of food dropped on the floor unintentionally, plus three sippy cup drops - again unintentional. By unintentional I mean the little one will tip over something with her hand as she switches from talking with mom to responding to dad. Things that were out of reach 1 monht ago are now prime targets for tipping over. Then there ius the constant problem of spooning food into the mouth when there has only be 20 months of practice and only 4 months of practice with the bigger utensils.

At home the floor gets cleaned (swept and or dustbustered) daily, but the airplane presents soem challenges in terms of space constraints at picking up objects. Finally the pax/parents are at the mercy of the FA doing final clean up. A few times I have had to call the FA back to the row inorder to clean out more of the garbage accumulated over the 3-5 hour flight. I have to call back the FA who has run (literally) down the aisle with the garbage bag open hoping that everyone in the aisle seat has Magic Johnson (Jordan couldn't hit free throws) skills.

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Nope. The FAs passed up and down the aisle several times in a very relaxed manner to pick up. More than enough time and opportunity for anyone who cared to make the slightest effort. I have two kids of my own and travelled with them many, many times - no excuse for garbage to be thrown on the floor. Accidently dropped - I have no problem with that, from moms with kids or able-bodied adults, but this was not what happened here.

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It is such a sad , sad , commentary on the state of human behaviour.

There is no excuse , I repeat , no excuse for that. I run into it EVERY flight. That picture isn't actually too bad. My favorites are the potato chips and chocolate bars literally ground into the carpet. Done with intent as some yard ape amuses him/herself while the parents look the other way just relieved the kid is occupied.

This behaviour is TOTALLY the parents fault and they shall get the caliber of progeny they deserve.

As for the adults that pull this shite , what can you say other than that they were probably raised by the same disrespectful type of parent and that the circle is complete.

Did I mention this topic is a sore point with me?

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airt; Yup, I hear you. Sore point with me too. I have also seen much, much worse - today I chose to take a photo as an example. I once saw a woman who allowed her kid to rub an entire bag of chocolate chip cookies into the carpet one cookie at time! Complete and utter disrespect! My new program is to simply take a photo - if anyone asks I'll just say I'm going to post it on my blog! I actually took another photo that includes the woman and kid but I guess I shouldn't post it here - don't want to get myself in trouble.

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Also note that fully able bodied ADULTS create just as much of a mess as the little ones. When I travel with my kids I ensure anything dropped is picked up and my Garbage is kept together and given to the FA when she comes by. Generally speaking people are pigs and the cheaper the fare the bigger the mess. Many moons ago I flew Royal (shudder) to CUN. Honeymoon trip. Not a Kid in site. The plane looked like it exploded when we arrived. What an absolute disgrace it was to see.

As I said above. I would love to go spend a few hours in those peoples living rooms.

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I wonder how much it might decrease if el Capitano happened to say (in his first greeting to the load of folks over the PA) something like: "...and we'd like to ask you all please to respect our aircraft, as we'd respect each other's living rooms.... In other words, please try not to leave a mess. Thank you all very much and we hope you all enjoy your flight." ??

If I was king, I think I'd have one guy do that all the time and monitor the results to see if all should do so. I betcha it'd work more often than not.

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When I was a kid and we travelled on passes, my father insisted we wear our best clothes, shirts and ties etc. We were told to sit down, be quiet and not bother the FA's. After years of staff travel dress codes, I finally wore blue jeans on a flight to PUJ in 2012. Talk about living on the edge.

Some of the photos posted here are incredible. I've seen cabins like this first hand too and I always wondered what cave the passengers were raised in. As JO mentioned, charter airline flights are the worst.

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As JO mentioned, charter airline flights are the worst.

Like you, I have seen this kind of mess first hand so I agree with the comment, but I didn't actually say it. :gossip:

I did say that people are pigs, but it happens in the J class seating areas too, I've seen it first hand. One of the worst offenders was a guy I recognized. At the time, he was a senior exec in a major Canadian corporation. Years earlier I had the pleasure of cleaning up after him after a charter flight in a Citation. An entire tray of catering had been ground into the carpet, butter included. :Furious:

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Is it elitist or, (gasp!), non-PC to bring up subjects such as "manners, breeding, self-respect and self-discipline"? Is it risking offending somebody to mention "jeans-halter tops-and-flip-flops" as public dress in an airplane, at the theatre or a nice restaurant or at one's relatives' homes, all in the same sentence?

Just because one pays one's hard-earned dough doesn't mean one buys the public space one occupies. Dumping one's garbage in public, whether it is candy-wrappers, beer-cans or cellphone conversations, has been adopted as a right, the results of which are not given a second thought.

Is it the same behaviour that conspicuously drops rubbish in full view of those who have to pick up after one - haughtiness in the face of one's subordinates? Do those who perceive themselves as having little power over their lives perhaps use the one opportunity to make others pick up after them, or is this just an example of increasing public arrogance in an age when manners, like anything, can be dispensed with when has bought the right to behave in such a fashion?

Shaming isn't possible because one must first be aware that one's behaviour is actually disgusting to others. That is the definition of "ignorance".

While we're on the topic...Does it touch young people's sensitivities if one says, "pull up yer pants, tuck yer shirt in, turn yer hat around and next time say please and thank-you"? Hmm...perhaps too blunt for today's fashion statements?

The interior of an engineering marvel that gets one in complete safety from one place to another that is 10,000km away and still keeps one's food warm is among the thousands of examples of the pure genius of our age yet some still soil their temporary nests and bitch when the drinks don't come fast enough.

And what makes it all happen safely, the design of the transport, the crew and the organization behind it all is criticized more soundly than when one waits an extra ten in line at Starbucks.

There isn't much that is gentle anymore, about public behaviour.

Gee, I wonder if all this is acceptable? I sure wouldn't want to offend anyone's sensitivities.

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Is it risking offending somebody to mention "jeans-halter tops-and-flip-flops" as public dress in an airplane, at the theatre or a nice restaurant or at one's relatives' homes, all in the same sentence?

C'mon Don - halter tops?

What's wrong with halter tops? :wub:

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Hand out yellow cards to the offending passengers to advise them that they won't be returning on this airline or flying with us again until they (if it's only their first card) place a call to a HQ hotline, enter their PNR and then listen in it's entirety to a pre-recorded tape of my mom scolding me in her full midlands Irish accent.

"SPECS!!!!!. WHAT have ye done to this room?!! Jezzus, Mary and Joseph!!. Look at this!!! WHAT have ye doneI! " (....she'd take a big pause here - I was kind of reliably exasperating and I know the speech by heart........) "I can't have people coming over to the house for tea and dem seeing the shtate of this room! ! won't stand for it.!! Notatall!! It should be out to the barn with ye, with de peeegs and de cattle and de sheep, only they wouldn't have ye. Dere too good for de likes of you. A peeg knows better than to mess up his own house. Now clean this room up. NOW, or I'll take the stick to ye"

She never did take the stick to us but she was impressive enough verbally.

Trust me - those passengers will straighten up PDQ.

(If there is a repeat offender - they they get my girlfriends mom - Italians do guilt and veiled threats really well.)

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