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Rented an older Mustang Convertable at Al West's Vans rentals for a pretty decent price, they do Airport shuttle pick up and drop off. For some awesome snorkelling try (TURTLE TOWN, Makena Road, Wailea-Makena),Big Beach while you're out that way is good for beach and swimming,and continue on to the Ahihi Kinau Lava field. Watch the wind and try to snorkel on the lee, the turtles do hang out across from the Post Office (not kidding) just north of Lahaina as well (1834 Honoapiilani Highway, Lahaina, Hawaii) or snorkel D T Fleming Beach Park a little further north. Nice drives up to the north along the Honoapiilani Highway, and a nice marine park as well, didn't get all the way around to Kahalui that way, too many places to stop.

Makena Road beaches will likely afford the best whale watching but if not there is a turnout veiwpoint just past Maalaea about 3-4 km. on the way to Lahaina that is supposed to be good as well, we were there in November and it was too early for the whales.

The drive to Hanna is great and I bought the CD that gives the guided tour of the journey and felt it was worth the 20 bucks. Just popped it in the CD player and quite enjoyed the commentary. ( I left it in the car or I'd send it to you) We didn't stay too late in Hanna and I would not enjoy the drive back after dark so get on this one in the a.m. if you're going to go.

Top of Haleakala is a must see. Sunrise is preferable to sunset and quite a bit to hike around, but it is chilly so don't be afraid to pack an extra layer of two if your thinking of heading up there for the hike.

The aquarium is OK, Iao Valley State Park is very good and you can slip back behind the main paths for a bit more of a challenging hike with stream crossings and walking bridges that are off the beaten track.

Went to the luau at the

Hyatt Regency Maui Resort And Spa
200 Nohea Kai Drive
Lahaina, HI 96761
Valet parking for non hotel guests is $5, just drive up to the front of the hotel. Cheaper than the parking at Whaler's Village if you want to get an overprice retail fix ;) (about a 12 minute walk and worth it to see the gardens and penguins etc. at the Hyatt).
Paia, on the Hana highway is a funky little spot, kind of reminded me of Ganges on Salt Spring Island with a few of the '60's crowd still hummin' around.
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You are going to love it AME, OGG is a fantastic vacation spot. Big Beach (Little Beach) are worth seeing. Big Beach is spectacular but be forewarned if you climb over the rocks to Little Beach....there are naked people.

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I agree with Richard, the bike trip down from Haleakala is well worth it. If you're driving to Hanna, you need to remember two things. First, keep your eyes on the road when driving, as it's very easy to get distracted by all the beautiful scenery. Second, stop many times along the way so you can get out of the car and tale a proper look around. We took the whole day to do the drive, have lunch and tour around the village, but it was time very well spent.

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We liked taking our kids to Makena beach. Big waves and amazing view. The drive up Haleakala for the sunrise was fun but everybody got car sick on the winding road to the top. Bring a jacket......its 10000' asl.

Dinners in Lahaina was our routine. Have a great time. Maui is one of my favorite places to visit.

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Kmart is near Costco for cheap 'leave behind' beach stuff. Often the condos have a collection of chairs, coolers and umbrellas though.

For breakfast, Kihei Caffe is a must at least once. You won't eat for the rest of the day.

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My wife and I found this guidebook invaluable. You can order it online and plan your trip on the flight out or juust buy it there at Target or someplace. It was incredible how it described these little restaurants you'd never see - even a "top 10" places to buy fresh baked banana bread. We've loaned it to friends and they said the same thing.

Have fun!! Road to Hana was our favorite, including the lava tube cave, black sand beach, Seven Scared Pools (oheo gulch), Lindburghs beautiful-final resting place and, for me, the incredible road past Hana and all the way around the south side of the island. Stunning.

Edit: just noticed that "HST" also posted it above. See how popular it is?!

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IF you're so inclined - bring your bike with you and ride both ways up and down Haleakela - that's a notch on the belt few have done. Totally worth the suffering. Also try biking the west Maui loop. AMAZING scenery, the steepest hill you'll likely ever ride on a bike known as "The Wall", and a little banana bread stop that is "mandatory" for a mid-ride snack.

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Oh and I forgot - get yourself a prepaid sim card for your cell phone - Verizon etc - very, very cheap and you won't get killed on roaming etc. But you have to buy directly from them as opposed to a "dealer" - dealers won't/don't do sim card only transactions. If I recall it was $20 and it refilled automatically if you happened to use it all. Agree on the Costco thing right by OGG - significant savings.....

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Here is a picture I took a few years ago at sunrise at the summit of Haleakala. Those who had seen more than one said it was not particularly spectacular but I thought it was pretty brilliant.

Be prepared for a chilly wait. We got to the summit at around 0530 and sunrise wasn't until about 0700 and as others have said it was cold, 36F or about +1C with a 20 to 30 mph wind and little shelter. My advice bring some extra blankets/comforter from your condo/hotel room to wrap around yourself. You can't really go warm up in your car/bus as you will lose your spot in the prime viewing areas. As a photographer I staked out my spot early and shivered a lot.

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Id caution booking a tour up to the top of Haleakala

The road is very much made of all switchbacks and the vans see a large number of people sick. in your own rental there are a couple stops along the way to enjoy it - or to at least have a fresh breath of air.

The back seat of a full cube van full of smelly tourists is not the way to go.

As for the biking down - its a extremely difficult ride with little room for error (read - plummit of side of cliff)

Molokini is great for sure.

A day trip up to Lahaina is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Excellent snorkelling can be found at the Makena Beach and Golf resort beach or if your up in Kanapali - try the Kanapali beach in front of the sheraton kanapali right at blackrock

If your down in Kehei way take to road towards Wailea and stay on it - past Makena and you will end up in La Peruse Bay and all the LAVA feilds. (cold and now stone) - there is a great trail that walks along some of the most amazing coastline ever. but its running shoe territory not sandals.


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