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Dateline Toronto, Monday, Nov 26th, 2012.

Stamps Fans Heartbroken, Say They Got a "Shitty" Deal

Calgary Stampeders fans were left crying in their beer on Sunday after their quarterback suffered a serious injury in the second quarter of the 100th anniversary Grey Cup game in Toronto. As he ran off the field after throwing a game-tying touchdown, he slipped and fell, falling headlong into the team bench. Witnesses say it appears he slipped on a pile of horse dung that was left behind by the team mascot as it ran around the field in celebration of the touchdown.

Toronto officials commented that they had tried to protect the Stamps from themselves by initially refusing to allow their mascot into the stadium, but that they had finally relented in fear that a Stampeders loss would have been blamed on unfair gamesmanship by the host team. In the end, they stepped in their own mess and were left wanting as the Argos went on to a decisive win.


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