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Halifax Trifecta


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It's a complete embarrassment. They are adding about a thousand feet on the each end of 05/23 and, of course, extending the taxiways to each end. This could have been done, and should have been done, in a month or two during the summer if they had hired and paid for a proper construction crew. Instead, from what I've seen, they decided to hire 2 guys and backhoe to do the job. It was started last fall. They worked at it for a few months and stopped for the winter, restarted in the spring and have been working at it ever since. It's been 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday - no nights, no weekends and even when they are doing something it certainly doesn't look like anyone is moving with any sense of urgency. Really though why should they? No accountability at all - the flights don't move but who in the airport authority cares? No one apparently.

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All that matters, people, is that the terminal is nice and new, and artsy.

Nice, new and artsy seems to be in style at Canada's airports, and they're getting called on it:

Bruce Cran with the (Consumers) association believes we pay higher air fares, fees, and taxes because the Americans have a much more sensible airport system.

"I don't see any great big aquariums with... fancy and costly fish swimming around them in Bellingham. It's the same all the way across Canada; in several other airports, people prefer the no-frills approach," he maintains.


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