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Ac Hiring 900

LongTimer V

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To provide some perspective, with 5 additional NG's at mainline and at least 7 Q400's at WJX, I'd expect WJ to be hiring about 800 fte's in the next 12-15 months, not including those required due to normal attrition, including a total of about 110 pilots.


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Hmmm. UIC or Paying crap..... I bet CRAP is better than nothing for someone who is looking. $5 an hour was good when I was a youth seeking employment.

What you may see as crap may well be someone elses gold mine. I watched an interview with someone working at a WalMart in the US and they asked about the crappy pay. The lady said if it wasnt for the pay at all I would not have a roof over my head. So it seems for some even a little is enough. Sure it wont get you a BMW and a condo downtown but it will help you survive until something better comes along.

Of course the current generation wants the golden handshake BEFORE even starting a job and frankly that aint gonna happen.

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