B787 Storage At Kpae

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As the note in the picture says:

*DreamLiner for Royal Air Maroc S/n 17, in storage, waiting for the (expensive) engines and type certifications! Heavy weights to compensate the missing engines under the wings!! Parked at a remote area of Kpae. Hugh weights, 17000lbs, are replacing each engine.*

:cool: :cool: :cool:

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Boeing delivers 787 to India


Air India quietly accepted delivery today of its first Boeing 787 following months of bureaucratic delays and an unrelated engine failure during ground tests.

Air India has ordered 27 787s powered by the General Electric GEnx-1B configured with 256 seats, including an 18-seat business class.

Boeing completed the airline's first 787 in May, but delivery was first delayed over protracted negotiations and Indian government approvals on compensation payments.

In late July, one of the Air India's 787s experienced a contained engine failure during ground taxi tests. The National Transportation Safety Board has traced the failure to a crack in the fanshaft connecting the low-pressure turbine to the fan and booster stages. An investigation into the root cause of the failure is still ongoing.

Air India becomes the fifth airline to accept delivery of a 787 and the third new airline within a month, following Ethiopian Airlines and LAN.

Air India can deploy the 787 on routes to areas including the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Australia, Boeing says.

The 787 is scheduled to fly to New Delhi from North Charleston, South Carolina on 7 September

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United tests 787 in flights around Seattle

Pic. here:


United Airlines is conducting training flights with its crews on its first Boeing 787-8 over Washington state, ahead of flying the aircraft to Houston Intercontinental on 28 September.

The Chicago-based Star Alliance carrier has flown the aircraft (N20904) between Boeing Field and Paine Field near Seattle and Moses Lake, Washington, at least five times since taking ownership of the 787 on 22 September, according to Flightaware.com.

Cockpit crews have previously only had classes and simulator training on the aircraft, according to an employee newsletter.

"Although United's 787 simulator is very realistic, there's simply no substitute for being able to fly the aircraft," said captain Dave Lundy, 787 fleet standards manager at the airline.

The aircraft will be based in Houston and fly on limited domestic routes from 4 November and international routes from 4 December.

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If left long term without the engine weight hanging there, the wings could eventually change shape in ways they're not intended. It's probably microscopic but still enough to be a concern for things like fuel tank seals and such.

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