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Pwa Reunion And 22,500 Hours !

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I was privileged on Saturday to attend a reunion of some 500 PWA folks in YVR. The grey hair was everywhere and many of the attendees were former captains. To name a few, Dick Skermer, Fred LaChapelle, Al MacLelland, Hank Dominy, Bud Husband and many more. One of my all time favourites who helped me as a young station manager in the arctic ( YCB ) was Wendell Clark - a giant of a man both in stature and heart! He was telling me of his early flying days and the equipment he flew. He logged just over 22,500 hours, and when I got to thinking of the type of flying he was doing in the bush - summer and winter, at 105 knots, those 22,500 hours were an eternity - a long lifetime of hard work. Yes - he had 12 years of B737-200 time - but the creases around his bright eyes came from landing on bush strips or a glaring sheets of snow.

To our young pilots accross Canada - remember the Wendel Clark's of our world - they built this industry 100 knots at a time !!

Have a great summer. :biggrin1:

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