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Seneca College And Jazz

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Yes; AC did hire a bunch pretty much right out of Seneca back in the late seventies

....and they are again. At least two of the 'college program' pilots are now at AC. RJ or Dash as a first job, then a couple years later off to AC. Yep, nice career progression! ATPLs were obtained by renting time in singles to build PIC.

Not saying its wrong or unsafe, just that this 'model' from Europe is now apparently accepted in Canada.

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Why bother with medicals & rides etc? If experience is of little perceived value to the bean counter and the passenger’s life is but a quantifiable liability managed on a 'what the market can bear' style economics model; then what is the point in continuing with all this 'costly' ‘at risk’ recurrent medicals, rides, gs, etc style nonsense? Considering the state and path the new world order of aviation is on, I think I’d prefer to give up the unnecessary expense and instead, put the cash, or at least a lot of it, in my pocket.

Note: Physicians and lawyers etc are required to do little more than pay their ‘union dues’ as a prerequisite to practicing their trade. I am not aware of any program etc that considers their fitness to serve that remotely resembles the arduous & constant proving of one’s self as does the pilot.

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Seems that the program has been a success.

See more news releases in

Jazz Aviation and Seneca College renew Pilot Cadet Program for top-performing students

HALIFAX, Dec. 22, 2015 /CNW/ - Jazz Aviation LP ("Jazz") is pleased to announce a renewed agreement with Seneca College's ("Seneca") School of Aviation and their highly successful Pilot Cadet Program. First signed in 2012, this industry-leading program includes collaboration on training and curriculum, and the continued opportunity for top-performing Seneca graduates to transition to first officer positions at Jazz.

"Jazz's longstanding partnership with Seneca is an important source of reliable, high-quality new hire pilots," said Steve Linthwaite, Jazz's Vice President of Flight Operations. "Investing in pathway programs like these is part of the reason Jazz has been identified as one of the top employers in Canada for young people."

Following completion of the third year of their Aviation degree, a group of top performing students are selected as Jazz Cadets and evaluated on professionalism, discipline and both flight and academic performance during their fourth year. Upon completion of the degree program, the Jazz Cadets undergo a comprehensive review and simulator evaluation at Jazz. Only Cadets meeting the qualification and hiring standards consistent with Jazz hiring policies will be offered employment opportunities.

"Our collaboration with Jazz Aviation has allowed us to continuously improve our training program and provide graduates with direct-entry career opportunities at Canada's largest regional airline," said Lynne McMullen, Director of Business Development, Seneca School of Aviation.

"We are delighted to continue to strengthen our academic relationship with Jazz with this premiere pathway for aspiring airline pilots."

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