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Assuming that there is a work stoppage at AC for one reason or another. And setting aside Miss Raitts crys of a national calimity. How much spare capacity does WS and PD have to take up some of the AC pax. It seems to me this would be a great opportunity for both WS and PD to show their moxy, and possibly reatin some of the buisness after everyone goes back to work.

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If you're talking about capacity from YUL-YYZ, with AC out of the picture, I'd bet loads on WS and PD would double to about 50% LF... :Grin-Nod:

In Feb 2012, WJ operated about 942 flights within the triangle that generated 40.5 million asm's out of a total of 1.811 billion asms, or 2.25% of the airlines total capacity.

If WJ didn't carry a single passenger in the triangle, their load factor would have dropped from 82.8% to 80.5%, still way above their current BELF of about 74%.

The triangle is important, but nowhere near as important as most might think....


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