OT intel on HSBC required.

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Ive been with RBC for a considerable time and have some modest holdings and investments with them...

That being said I seem to not have any luck with their treatment... Im not talking about the conversations with the tellers... Im speaking of the lending dept, the mortgage dept and the rest as a whole more policy driven stuff.

Ive got good credit savings a good income... money moving thru their branch consistently.

But I'm pretty fed up with em...

SO i ask you... Do any of you use HSBC as a primary bank.... I certainly like the idea that they are global.

I am considering switching all investment accounts, my mortgage, my chequeing and my savings...

And I can't wait for the day i get to go in and do it...

So folks any words on HSBC.....

Thanks in advance.

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I've been with RBC for 35+ years and have been very happy with them. They make banking in the US very easy as well. Having said that I would never hesitate to move money from them to another institution if I could get a better deal, in fact I have accounts at three other banks as well.

In the case of HSBC they are just now in the process of reducing their workforce by 20,000 or so and closing many branches so make sure there will be a convenient location for you.

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It may be a bit time consuming, but I suggest making appointments at numerous banks and finding out first hand what their policies are and if they would be a good fit for you. Basically interview THEM and see if THEY deserve your business/money. Some banks are highly competitive for new customers, and as I found out a few years ago, highly motivated to keep existing customers as well. Several years ago, our TD bank contacted us, and offered to lower our locked in 10 year mortgage without charge because rates had fallen so drastically. :Dancing-Chilli:

Although it would be nice to have everything under one roof, as with others on here, we have more than one bank/investment companies that we deal with.

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I was a loyal RBC client for over 30 years until I was forced over to HSBC when I moved to Asia. Now that I am back in Canada, I was hoping to go back to RBC but have remained with HSBC primarily for their global reach. The Global View element of the HSBC web based banking is far superior to any other bank I've been with and makes transferring funds from a HSBC bank account in Asia to Canada immediate and free! They are far from perfect but like most banks they get the job done - and for my purposes they are the only ones in Canada that offer the services that I require.

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Visit any HSBC branch in Canada its pretty clear what demographic they're after. If you don't fit that mold, expect less than stellar service. They lost me when they made me pay for a notarized document after my account was hacked, which I suspect happened after using their ATM.

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Many years ago RBC totally botched a construction mortgage for me; got the disbursements wrong, "forgot" to tell me about the requirements for water testing and tried to charge me extra interest for cash advances etc etc. I didn't leave them completely but did move my mortgage and the majority of my business elsewhere.

Just last year we decided to buy-out a car lease and I needed to borrow 10-12 thousand. I have had a TD Visa card for over 20 years and an existing TD Line-of-Credit for over 10 years. I thought that getting an increase to my existing LoC would be the easiest and - it's a long story - they completely messed it up (after 3 weeks they were still processing it!). I eventually crossed the street to the CIBC (a bank I had never dealt with before) and walked out with the loan in 30 minutes!

I believe that for every customer that leaves the TD to go to RBC there is one going the other way and the same goes for every bank. Your best chance at getting a deal is to show up as a new customer at a bank you're never been at before but, generally, the decision should be based on convenience. Pick a bank that lies along your route to work or is near your favourite mall because as far as customer service goes they are virtually identical.

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