Still one more 787 Delay

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"Air Canada has 37 Boeing 787s on order. They were originally supposed to be delivered in 2008, but manufacturing delays have pushed that back to 2013."

Hard to do business when your suppliers can't deliver.

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That would be a dumb move on the part of the board for three reasons:

1. The financial compensation from Boeing might then be at risk as it could be seen that AC did not want the airplanes when offered.

2. The cost savings are needed to make the quarters profitable.

3. AC will be hard pressed to get the increase in longhaul international flying the desire without the 787's.

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Boeing stops shipments of 787 pieces for two weeks

On Tuesday October 26, 2010, 2:49 pm

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Boeing Co (NYSE:BA - News) on Tuesday said it would tell suppliers to halt deliveries of sections for its 787 Dreamliner for two weeks because of delays at the company that makes a key part for the tail of the plane.

Boeing, the world's second-largest commercial plane maker after Airbus (Paris:EAD.PA - News), said the halt in shipments would not affect its first Dreamliner delivery date. The plane is nearly three years behind its original schedule.

Loretta Gunter, spokeswoman for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said the change in the shipment schedule relates to Italian supplier Alenia Aeronautica, which makes horizontal stabilizers for the Dreamliner. Alenia is a unit of Italian defense and aerospace company Finmeccanica (Milan:SIFI.MI - News)

A source close to Alenia said the company was working with Boeing to resolve the issues related to the stabilizer and that it had put in place a recovery plan that Boeing had agreed to.

"It is absolutely normal that adjustments to the schedule of such a program are made," the source said, adding that much more significant factors were responsible for schedule changes for the 787 program in past years.

Over the summer, Boeing moved to inspect its 787 planes after it disclosed a "workmanship" issue affecting horizontal stabilizers.

The company has repeatedly delayed first delivery of the fuel-efficient, carbon-composite Dreamliner due to problems in the supply chain.

In August, Boeing announced another delay that moved first delivery to All Nippon Airways (Tokyo:9202.T - News) to the middle of the first quarter of 2011. That delay was due to the availability of a Rolls-Royce (LSE:RR.L - News) PLC engine.

The company this month named the former manager of its 747 aircraft program to a role advising suppliers for its commercial airplane division as it looks to improve manufacturing processes.

Boeing has taken orders for 847 787s, an unprecedented number of orders for a plane still in development.

Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL - News) said in a government filing on Monday that it has reaffirmed its previous orders for 18 787 aircraft, but said it has deferred delivery of those planes until 2020 to 2022. The planes had been set for delivery from 2008 to 2010.

Boeing gets paid for its planes at delivery.

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767 captain told me yesterday that the rumor is latest word from Boeing is 2014 for first delivery... Montreal outraged. And apparently looking for three A330-200's to be based in YVR, BMI's are apparently candidates and facing the Lufthansa axe.

You would think that with delta now pushing their 787's to 2020 that the airlines behind them would now move up.

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I would've thought a whole bunch of airlines would be talking real nice to Airbus by now.

At this point, it's like trying to pick the right line at the grocery store. At least with Boeing, they have an airplane in the air.

There's no guarantee that the A350 is going to come to fruition any faster than is/did the 787 and there's already a bunch of people in line.

They certainly are engineering marvels, but the development cycle is monstrous.

Where's Howard Hughes when you need him?

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767 captain told me yesterday that the rumor is latest word from Boeing is 2014 for first delivery... Montreal outraged. And apparently looking for three A330-200's to be based in YVR, BMI's are apparently candidates and facing the Lufthansa axe.

And to think AC wanted to axe the A333's at one time!

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767 captain told me yesterday that the rumor is latest word from Boeing is 2014 for first delivery... Montreal outraged. And apparently looking for three A330-200's to be based in YVR, BMI's are apparently candidates and facing the Lufthansa axe.

If this 767 Capt was a line pilot, then I would put 0 (zero) credence in their statement...they only people who would know anything within Flt Ops would be someone at the Director level and they are bound by confidentiality don't waste any cognitive energy on worthless statements like the above...

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CNN) -- Boeing said Wednesday it has canceled tests flights of its 787 Dreamliner after one made an emergency landing in south Texas."Until we understand the event, we're not going to schedule any new flights," said Lori Gunter, a Boeing spokeswoman.

An unspecified number of test flights had been planned for Wednesday.

The cancellation comes after the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner made the emergency landing in Laredo on Tuesday afternoon after the pilot reported smoke in the cabin.

It landed during a test flight , the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The jetliner landed at Laredo International Airport after the flight crew reported smoke in the cabin at the back of the twin-engine aircraft, FAA spokesman Lynn Lunsford said.

Those aboard evacuated using the plane's slides, Lunsford said.

"We are continuing to gather data regarding this event," Gunter said in a statement. "It's too early to tell what may have gone wrong."

The Dreamliner is Boeing's next-generation passenger jet, touted as a highly fuel-efficient aircraft made largely with composite materials.

It made its maiden flight in December 2009 after two years of delays, but the head of Boeing's commercial aircraft division told CNN in July that the Dreamliner could still make its debut in early 2011.

The company has nearly 900 orders for the jet around the world

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I was on the #3 aircraft last week at PAE. The factory and ramp was awash with them. On the line was the first for AI and a few more for JAL.

It is a very impressive piece of work. The company has certified the plane for a max of 3 abreast, so there is no way for a carrier to go 2-5-2 the tracks will not allow. The "blindless photo-chromic" windows are neat. The front end which I will describe in a later post ( traveling right now )

is like a very futuristic sports car. The Boeing folks were very proud to talk and show off their new creation, but were very corporate when one asked about deliveries to specific customers.

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The whole back cabin beyond the first 20 feet aft of the L1 door is all instrument racks, tech stations and gear all the way to the tail.

No not surprising if there was an electrical fire it was bad. Also everything is composite save the seat tracks and the galley fixtures, so one can only imagine the smoke that was in the air. Nothing like real world experience.

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Boeing keeps 787s grounded as fire probe continues

WASHINGTON (AFP) - US aerospace giant Boeing said Tuesday it would extend a halt on test flights of its new 787 Dreamliner plane as it investigates a fire that forced an emergency landing last week.

All test flights in the delay-plagued program were halted last Wednesday after a fire aboard a test plane on Tuesday forced an emergency landing in Laredo, Texas.

"No decision has been reached on when flight testing of the 787 will resume," Boeing spokeswoman Lori Gunter said in a statement.

"Before that decision can be made, we must complete the investigation and assess whether any design changes are necessary. Until that time, Boeing cannot comment on the potential impact of this incident on the overall program schedule."

Gunter said the Boeing team had made progress in understanding what happened in the incident aboard the ZA002 test plane, in which a failure of a P100 power panel led to a fire involving an insulation blanket. The insulation "self-extinguished" once the fault in the panel cleared.

She said the team had found the fire lasted less than 30 seconds and the entire incident lasted less than 90 seconds.

"The airplane concluded the event in a configuration that could have been sustained for the time required to return to an airport suitable for landing from any point in a typical 787 mission profile," she said.

The team in Texas has begun to prepare to install a new power panel and new insulation material, and is repairing minor structural damage, she said.

"The incident on ZA002 demonstrated many aspects of the safety and redundancy in the 787 design, which ensure that if events such as these occur, the airplane can continue safe flight and landing."

Boeing said it would fly two of its six 787 test aircraft back to its Seattle facility from locations in South Dakota and California, following approval of the plans by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

The ZA001 was undergoing refueling in South Dakota when the incident on ZA002 occurred and the company decided to forgo additional flights.

The other plane, the ZA005, had been in California for testing.

Speculation is rising that Boeing may have to once again delay the delivery of the first 787 to launch customer All Nippon Airways (ANA), now scheduled around February, about three years behind the initial plan.

Launched in April 2004, the new high-tech 787 has suffered a series of setbacks, many of them from challenges in the international production of parts for the mid-size plane.

Boeing says the 787, made essentially of composite materials, will deliver a 20 percent reduction in fuel consumption compared with planes of similar size flying today.

In August, Boeing pushed back the 787 delivery schedule to the middle of the first quarter of 2011 from a target of the early weeks of 2011 due to a delay in the availability of a Rolls-Royce engine.

Boeing has 55 customers from six continents that have placed orders for 847 Dreamliners to date, valued at 147 billion dollars, the most successful launch of a new commercial airplane in its history.


Boeing: Still no timetable for more 787 flights By The Associated Press

CHICAGO - It's still not clear when Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA) will resume test flights for its new 787, the type of plane that has been grounded since an electrical fire forced an emergency landing in Laredo, Texas on Nov. 9.

Boeing said on Tuesday that it must finish investigating the fire and decide if any design changes are necessary before test flights resume.

The schedule is being closely watched because the first plane is more than two years behind schedule.

The test flights are necessary for the plane to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. Before the fire, Boeing said it was aiming to deliver the planes in February. On Tuesday it said it can't comment on how the fire investigation will impact the 787 schedule.

Air Canada is among the Boeing customers that have ordered 787s but first deliveries aren't expected until the second half of 2013.

Boeing has traced the fire to a power panel on the test plane. It said the panel must be replaced, along with nearby insulation. Boeing said it is also repairing what it called "minor structural damage" from the fire. It said the repair would be made using standard repair procedures, but it doesn't know how long the repairs will take.

The fire lasted less than 30 seconds, and the plane would have had time to land at an airport safely from any point in a typical passenger flight, the company said.

Boeing also said it was returning two other test planes to Seattle from Rapid City, S.D., and Victorville, Calif. The electronics bays on those planes have been inspected, and no testing will be performed during the flights, the company said.

Boeing shares fell $1.51, or 2.4 per cent, to $62.10 in midday trading. The falloff came on a day when the Dow Jones Industrial Average, of which Boeing is a component, was down 1.8 per cent.

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