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Not the prettiest puppy, but he sure did take care of his pack.

Then, there are these kinda dogs.

Mitch, your right. It's all in the training. Someday I would love to have a dog again but refuse to do so until I have the time to commit to that kinda relationship. Leaving a dog housebound 9 hours a day/five times a week is not something I could do to a member of the family.

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Most of us have few memories of early childhood but I vividly remember the following at age 5.

My girlfriend lived across the street and she had a black Lab. I had a cat.

One day I went over to play and my cat followed me. My friends house had a big brick planter full of geraniums and the cat jumped into it. When the door opened, Spooky the lab came out to greet me but saw the cat. The chase was on and I've never seen a cat or dog move that fast! The cat won, ending up on our fence across the road and staring with distain down on the dog.

What was most humorous is that it became a game between the 2 of them and they loved it. Every once in a while you'd see the cat chasing Spooky back to her yard.

When we moved to a new house, there was a black lab who would roam. My cat was lazing on the lawn when the lab showed up and when my cat went to play thinking he was her buddy Spooky he became aggressive. She was having none of that nonsense and actually chased him off the property and half way down the street. It was hilarious. the dog would still roam but never came into the yard again.

The moral of my story- cats rule and dogs drool! :023:

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