ACPA fires back at the CFPA

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For your information, the crew aboard Air Canada flight 271 acted professionally at all times, despite dealing with the multiple challenges of a diversion to Grand Forks, the need to refuel, a lack of ground power and the inability to deplane passengers due to the refusal of U.S. Customs and border officials to allow it. After completing a full consultation with Air Canada Flight Operations, Systems Operations Control and Maintenance, the crew completed engine-on refuelling under these difficult circumstances, with safety vehicles standing by. Prior to departure, the First Officer personally carried out a visual inspection of the aircraft exterior to ensure that conditions were safe for takeoff, in accordance with existing policy.
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ACPA’s letter does not impress me. This is taking something even further down. ACPA is behaving as if they are supportive of the airline that put two of its members in a very bad situation. The fact that rules were broken and ACPA's members participating in such breaking of the rules is flabbergasting.

Is ACPA saying to the CFPA and the rest of the world that ACPA members can break the CAR's as they see fit? And please, if we do, we did it the proper way. Really who brief the ACPA president on this press release? He should be fired.

CFPA chair was pointing to a failure of the system. I still believe that the vast majority of the ACPA members would have said NO. I am not going to do it. Fix it then we go. I know I would have said so.

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