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Does AC have too many aircraft types?

Does AC have too many aircraft types?  

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  1. 1. Does AC have too many aircraft types?

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Short answer - yes.

However, with the changes to the pilot equipment bidding restrictions pilot efficiency will improve with less time spent on equipment conversion training (notwithstanding the training associated with the fleet swaps of 767/787 and A320/B737MAX).

The orphan fleet of 8 A330's should be either doubled or replaced with Boeing WB. Rumour is that AC would like to convert Rouge B767 lift to A330 lift. Used A330's will flood the market at good pricing as the A330NEO becomes available.

The 25 E190's will only be around until AC can find somebody to take them off of their hands. Replacement will be C series at significant discount pricing or capacity consolidation using a combination of mainline NB lift and increases in the Express 75 seat jet fleet.

The entire Rouge NB Airbus fleet will eventually need to be replaced with a lower CASM NB (likely B737 MAX).

In the near and medium term AC has too many fleet types given its overall fleet size. Decisions will have to be taken about the costs of running aging aircraft vs alternative next gen aircraft. Some airlines will be distracted by the temporary lull in fuel pricing. Better to think long term and slightly normalised fuel prices.

My prediction:

Mainline - B777/787/737MAX/C series

Rouge - A330/B737MAX

in addition, with the consolidated pilot and FA work forces and closed long term labour agreements it makes less and less sense to maintain two operating certificates. Consideration should be given to reverting back to a single operating certificate. The Rouge fleet size permissions and labour efficiencies are enshrined in the applicable LOU's.

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