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Plane crash in Phuket, Thailand


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BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) -- A One-Two-Go Airlines jet crashed and was engulfed in flames as it attempted to land in heavy rain at the Phuket airport in southern Thailand on Sunday, authorities said.

Maj. Gen. Deecha Butnamphet, police chief in Phuket, said on local television station TITV that "we believe that there are many people who are dead. We are taking the dead and injured out from the scene.

"The airplane is completely destroyed and inflamed," he said.

It wasn't immediately known how many people were on board, though TITV said without citing sources that 123 mostly foreign tourists were the passengers, which was traveling from Bangkok to Phuket, a popular resort area for tourists.

TITV reported 60 dead, but Chaisak Angsuwan, director general of the Air Transport Authority of Thailand, could not confirm that.

Angsuwan told The Associated Press by telephone he believes "there are people dead, but the number is still unclear."

Earlier, Angsuwan had told TITV that there was heavy rain when One-Two-Go airlines flight OG269 from Bangkok to Phuket attempted to make a landing. One-To-Go, a budget airline, is owned Orient Thai Airways.

"The visibility was poor as the pilot attempted to land. He decided to make a go-around but the plane lost balance and crashed. It was torn into two parts," he said

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How sad.....I've only been in there as a pax and from what we could see t is a pretty enclosed airport, much like many in the Caribbean.

The news agencies have varied reports with anywhere from 30 -100 persons killed. Regardless, one death is too many and I would assume many were inbound to start their vacations. The photos and video tends to make the aircraft look like a MD-82. ohmy.gif

Condolences to those that may know any of the crew or passengers who lost their lives in this tragedy. sad.gif

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PHUKET, Sept 16 (TNA) – Services at Phuket International Airport were suspended while airport workers and emergency personnel cleared the runway of wreckage in the aftermath of the horrendous crash of a budget passenger airliner Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the unofficial death toll rose to 74, with 43 persons injured, and mainly hospitalised.

Before leaving Bangkok for Phuket together with many senior officials of the ministry, Thailand's Deputy Minister of Transport Sansern Wongcha-um on Sunday evening said that the airport in the southern province is expected to resume operations on Monday morning, at 6 am.

About 1,000 passengers could not travel after four flights were cancelled: three Bangkok-bound and the fourth for Hong Kong

The passenger jet operated by Thai budget carrier One-Two-Go skidded off a runway at Phuket International Airport during a landing attempt amid heavy rain and strong crosswinds. The aircraft – identified as an MD 82 model – broke into two sections before bursting into flame in both wings and the rear section of the broken aircraft, according to acting Airports of Thailand (AoT) director Kalya Pakakrong.

The plane's passenger list included 123 persons plus seven crew members, many of whom are feared dead.

The cause of the fatal incident is now being investigated, according to Transport Minister Admiral Thira Haocharoen. (TNA) – E002

More updates available at: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=142829

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I offer my deepest condolences to the families and friends of those lost in this terrible accident. The aviation community around the world shares in the pain of loss. Once again we must deal with tragedy and I hope that the cause of this accident can be quickly and accurately determined.

Facts will emerge soon enough and as we know, media stories may become more accurate over time.

The following at least addresses one statement about the weather at the time of the accident:

"The passenger jet operated by Thai budget carrier One-Two-Go skidded off a runway at Phuket International Airport during a landing attempt amid heavy rain and strong crosswinds." [my italics], (PHUKET, Sept 16 (TNA) )

Phuket 24-hr Wx

24 Hour Summary


EDT (UTC) TemperatureF © Dew PointF © Pressure Inches (hPa) WindMPH Weather

Latest 10 AM (14) Sep 16 75 (24) 73 (23) 29.81 (1009) Calm light rain

9 AM (13) Sep 16 77 (25) 73 (23) 29.8 (1009) WSW 6 light rain

8 AM (12) Sep 16 77 (25) 75 (24) 29.77 (1008) W 8 rain

7 AM (11) Sep 16 77 (25) 75 (24) 29.76 (1007) W 10 light rain

6 AM (10) Sep 16 77 (25) 75 (24) 29.73 (1006) WNW 13 light rain

5 AM (9) Sep 16 73 (23) 71 (22) 29.71 (1006) W 9 rain

4 AM (8) Sep 16 78 (26) 75 (24) 29.71 (1006) WSW 14

3 AM (7) Sep 16 77 (25) 75 (24) 29.75 (1007) NNW 3 light rain

2 AM (6) Sep 16 77 (25) 75 (24) 29.76 (1007) NNW 5 light rain

1 AM (5) Sep 16 73 (23) 71 (22) 29.79 (1008) NNW 8 light rain

Midnight (4) Sep 16 73 (23) 71 (22) 29.81 (1009) WNW 7 rain

11 PM (3) Sep 15 75 (24) 73 (23) 29.81 (1009) W 25 heavy rain

10 PM (2) Sep 15 80 (27) 75 (24) 29.79 (1008) W 10

9 PM (1) Sep 15 80 (27) 75 (24) 29.77 (1008) W 17 rain

8 PM (0) Sep 15 80 (27) 75 (24) 29.75 (1007) W 14

7 PM (23) Sep 15 78 (26) 75 (24) 29.72 (1006) W 12 rain

6 PM (22) Sep 15 78 (26) 75 (24) 29.71 (1006) W 8

5 PM (21) Sep 15 75 (24) 73 (23) 29.72 (1006) W 12 rain

4 PM (20) Sep 15 75 (24) 73 (23) 29.72 (1006) W 12

3 PM (19) Sep 15 75 (24) 73 (23) 29.73 (1006) Calm

2 PM (18) Sep 15 75 (24) 71 (22) 29.75 (1007) ESE 2

1 PM (17) Sep 15 77 (25) 71 (22) 29.77 (1008) ENE 3

Noon (16) Sep 15 80 (27) 73 (23) 29.79 (1008) WSW 14

Oldest 11 AM (15) Sep 15 80 (27) 75 (24) 29.79 (1008) W 15

And the METARS;

VTSP 161030Z 29011KT 3000 -RA SCT015 BKN110 BKN300 25/24 Q1006 A2973

VTSP 161000Z 27009KT 3000 RA SCT015 BKN110 BKN300 25/24 Q1006 A2973

VTSP 160930Z 27008KT 3000 RA SCT015 BKN110 BKN300 23/22 Q1006 2972

VTSP 160900Z 27012KT 1000 RA SCT015 BKN110 BKN300 24/23 Q1006 2973

VTSP 160830Z 24012KT 4000 SCT015 BKN110 BKN300 26/24 Q1006 A2971 VCSH NW

VTSP 160800Z 27007KT 4000 SCT015 BKN110 BKN300 26/24 Q1006 A2972 VCSH N


VTSP 160700Z 33003KT 3000 -RA SCT015 BKN110 BKN300 25/24 Q1007 A2975

VTSP 160630Z 33004KT 3000 -RA SCT015 BKN110 BKN300 25/24 Q1007 A2976

Over the period, the weather was light rain, good visibility, light winds from the west, favouring Rwy 27.

The recorders should be in good shape and quickly recoverable.

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I have done that flight hundreds of times and did fly for that company for over a year, though on a different airplane. I know the weather, can be very challenging. I was in Cambodia the day of the Tsunami but did many relief flights to Phuket with medical and logistic personnel, and grieving tourists back to Bangkok.

I know the people on the airplane, not personally but many locals, tourists.. three brand new flight attendants among the deceased..

so much sadness on that beautiful island..

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The following is a link to the Nine Network Australia 'Sunday' programme production investigating the One-Two-Go MD80 accident at Phuket in mid-September. The program is unusual for the media especially television, (mind you this is Australian television, not American - big difference), in the sense that it is well done at least in my view.

Nine Network Australia 'Sunday' programme on MD80 Phuket accident

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Guest rattler

That was a great link, I wish we could have media like that here, it seemed very rational reporting.

Mind you, you would never get that interview with the CEO of a North American airline.

Let's hope they don't have any need to do so in the future.

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Privately-owned media have much to answer for in North America. They serve narrow corporate interests and do not publish unwelcome or "inappropriate" news. The entertainment factor is high as is the sensitivities towards shareholders and advertisers, to whom the media is beholden to and by whom media is essentially run.

As we well know, there is an "outward-lookingness" in both Europe and Australia, an absence of isolationism which substantially changes their approach to news both in their daily and their long-term work. The forces of advertising and business may be the same I'm sure but there is far less insularity in public affairs and even in private business so dissent is more likely to occur and be encouraged by those who work within the media.

"Amusing Ourselves to Death" by Neil Postman is an excellent book to read - it was the reason we pulled tv out of our house during the child-raising years. "Manufacturing Consent" (Chomsky) is worth reading if only to understand how the media is controlled by private and government interests in North America, (to the point where reporters actually take Washington press conferences seriously). Googling Edward Bernays yields interesting results too.

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Wow! .... yup, good reporting... but sadly, none of the findings are a surprise... I kept thinking of Jetsgo as I watched that... Man I'm glad that company doesn't exist any more! Sometimes it's hard to know what's right, when you know something is wrong, but you can't put a detail on it to the degree that some official recognition can happen... that's how I felt with Jetsgo... I knew they shouldn't be flying, but I couldn't point to an exact answer why.

Good to see someone does some decent digging, but sad to see the reporters had to guide the "investigators" in this case.

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I knew some people that flew for them albeit on the 74 fleet and this report has further reinforced my opinion of not just buying the cheapest ticket possible.

I agree with your comments Mitch as we reflect at how close JetsGo was to an accident. Remember YYC?

Thank God they are shut-down now let's hope they shut-down Thai Orient.

After seeing that report...my attitude towards the media has risen a bit! cool.gif

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I wonder if this is a common response to safety and accident information? It sure doesn't inspire a lot of confidence to see a priest blessing an airplane vice some hard and targeted questioning about how things are done. Given this scene and the video from the Australians, I very much doubt if we have any reason to expect that the truth will ever be told about this accident and One-Two-Go will continue as if nothing happened. Fully agree with you Mitch - Jetsgo was an accident waiting to happen and at that it took Calgary for Transport to act.

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Guest pikachu

Another made in Thailand solution...

New tests for foreign pilots in wake of Phuket crash


The One-Two-Go air tragedy at Phuket airport in September has prompted the Civil Aviation Department to require that all foreign pilots working in Thailand cooperate better with their Thai co-pilots.

Deputy director-general of the department Wuthichai Singhamanee said that after the crash which killed 90 people in Phuket, officials observed One-Two-Go pilots during flights and found that the airline's many foreign pilots did not cooperate well with their Thai co-pilots.

The foreign pilots' working culture was different from that of the Thais, they said.

Thai pilots had to get to know each other before working well together, but foreigners did not need to do so, the official said.

The department is about to issue a new regulation requiring all foreign pilots working in Thailand to pass a test on their ability to cooperate with their fellow workers. The Crew Resource Management (CRM) test will focus on cooperation between pilots and co-pilots.

However, Mr Wuthichai denied that poor cooperation between the pilots was a factor behind the Sept 16 crash of the One-Two-Go flight, one of three budget airlines operating in Thailand.

Apart from the CRM test, the department will also require all foreign pilots working in Thailand to be tested on their knowledge of Thai aviation laws. The CRM and the Thai aviation law tests will apply to all foreign pilots working in Thailand.

At present, foreign pilots are only tested on flight simulators.

Mr Wuthichai added that aviation officials would also observe pilots in-flight on all other Thai airlines.

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Thai pilots had to get to know each other before working well together, but foreigners did not need to do so, the official said.

Wouldn't that indicate that maybe it was the Thai pilots that needed some extra training?

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Guest pikachu

$50 USD every time you fly an illegal airplane. Priceless...

One-Two-Go Airlines is on the watchlist of aviation authorities and subject to more stringent safety standard certification, following a near-collision with another commercial aircraft on Dec 15. Still reeling from the Sept 16 fatal crash in Phuket, the budget carrier faces fresh image problems related to the competence of its foreign cockpit staff and reliability of its ageing MD-80 jetliners.

Wuthichai Singhamanee, the deputy director-general in charge of safety at the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), said the airline needed to be placed under close scrutiny after the latest incident, details of which only emerged this week.

The incident took place over Nakhon Sawan when a One-Two-Go aircraft en route from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, erroneously entered the flight ceiling assigned to Nok Airlines' Boeing 737-400, flying from Chiang Rai to Bangkok, causing potential for mid-air collision.

Disaster was averted thanks to the TCAS warnings on both aircraft. TCAS _ Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System _ is a computerised avionics device designed to reduce the danger of mid-air collisions between aircraft.

Since January 2005, all commercial aircraft registered in Thailand were required to be fitted with TCAS, which begins to sound off alarm when another flying object is about 10 km away.

Mr Wuthichai told the Bangkok Post that the latest incident would require DCA officials to personally carry out checks of the cockpit crew's competence rather than designating pilot trainers to do the job on its behalf.

The department will also review safety standards of One-Two-Go's aircraft at its next scheduled inspection.

Furthermore, a set of new regulations is being drafted by the DCA requiring foreign pilots working for Thailand-registered airlines to be knowledgeable and go through flight tests on simulators.

According to Mr Wuthichai, initial investigations showed that the One-Two-Go Airlines' pilots were ''negligent'' for not monitoring the flight status, failing to take immediate action when the auto-pilot was disengaged for some reasons that caused the aircraft to stray from its designated flight ceiling of 32,000 feet, to encroach Nok Air's authorised altitude at 33,000 feet.

The pilots on the One-Two-Go flight were Indonesians. The pilot who commanded One-Two-Go's Flight OG 269, which crashed at Phuket International Airport that left 89 dead and 41 injured, was also Indonesian.

The cockpit staff involved in the incident were grounded for one week by the airline itself after the event and the MD jet was later checked and cleared for service.

DCA director-general Chaisak Angkasuwan said the department had not taken any punitive action against the airline as the incident, in accordance with the internationally practised regulations, was not serious enough to warrant doing so.

The One-Two-Go/Nok Air incident was not unique. ''We see incidents of this nature happen ing once a month involving Thailand-registered aircraft operating on domestic and international routes.''

One-Two-Go founder and chief executive Udom Tantiprasongchai said it was too early to suggest whether the two aircraft were really in a ''near miss'' situation, or on the path of collision as some news reports indicated, pending investigation reports.

''If they were really on a collision path, the whole world should have known soon after it happened,'' he said.

Mr Udom said safety was not compromised, insisting that One-Two-Go had gone a long way to enhance its safety standards. ''We are confident in our safety.''

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