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Guest rance

what does this notam mean?

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Guest rance



MON/WED/FRI :0113-0444 1045-1225 1255-0043

TUE/THU :0113-0444 1045-1225 1255-1812 1915-0042

SAT :0020-0444 1045-1225 1256-2250

SUN :0113-0444 1045-1240 1310-1812 1915-2300

TIL APRX 0703010500

not sure what cat 5 means


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Just a bit more info for those inquiring minds.

The Category is established by ICAO, based on Aircraft fuselage length and width. This is due to the thoeretical area that needs to be protected during a fire, to enable you (not the fire fighters) to get yourselves out of the aircraft. The Categories range from 1 to 10 with 1 being the least, 10 the most area and consequently the most equipment/foam etc. the A380 will require Category 10, the 744 requires Category 9. Category 5 is enough for a small Dash 8, and involves one fire truck and the driver of that truck. There will possibly be an incident commander (fire Chief) as well, but not all the time.

Normally what would happen is that the airport would restrict operations if the service were to be downgraded for any long amount of time.

Worth noting that ANY sort of ARFF is available at only the larger airports, those with over 180,000 pax per year. The smaller ones have basically zip/NADA/zilch.

Hope that helps

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