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Luggage Lighter October 12th, 2006

A passenger who packed a propane lighter in the shape of a handgun in his luggage won't likely be doing that again. Security staff at the Penticton Airport spotted the banned item yesterday during an X-ray of the man's carry-on bag. The luggage was destined for an Air Canada Jazz connector flight that was delayed by 20 minutes before departing for Vancouver. R-C-M-P officers questioned the 42-year-old Manitoba resident before allowing him to board the plane -- without the lighter.


(Good thing he didn't have toothpaste or shave cream)

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I was in Poland yesterday. In the duty free shop was a glass container full of vodka. The container was in the shape of an AK47. The "shot" glasses in the shape of cartridges; the bonus glass container of brandy in the shape of a grenade.

We were not allowed to carry these items because of the fluids. blink.gif

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