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And CPAir operated YVR-YYC-YEG-SPL. The main reason was for the additional uplift (weight) from YEG vs YYC during the Prairie Summers. I imagine the same logic applied to the AC operation?

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I believe Maverick is correct, -500 L1011. The routing was also YVR-YEG-LHR.

Long time since the YVR-YEG-LHR routing was used. It disappeared as RM came on the scene and instituted YVR-LHR-DEL to set up Vancouver with its own dedicated LHR service.

The 747's operated for two or three summers '93 '94 '95 ?

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Well not that it is of vital importance, but the L10-500 did YVR-LHR-YVR for a fair while up to the time they retired them from AC, (I believe some of them were picked up by Delta). If you were on the a/c in YVR at the time, your month was three LHR trips plus a YYZ. One trip was the non stop, (two if you were senior), to LHR and the others were through the Foothills. Homonogised blocks in democratic YVR in the days before PBS. wink.gif

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