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It is third party work after all and I can't imagine they'd mess up the costing.



After the fiasco with Northwest in YUL a few years back, I wouldn't have thought they could mess up the costing with Delta in YVR. Not what I'm hearing, though.

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I've been asked many times lately what I think about Air Canada's move into northern territory. I too don't think it will last more than one season for several reasons:

Ticket prices online are already higher than initially bragged about by AC. This may have be neccessitated by higher fuel costs but the travelling public won't likely see this as anything other than AC reaching deeper into their pockets before their service has even started.

Both First Air and Canadian North have made moves to match AC's pricing.

Both northern carriers offer a level of cabin service that is now unheard of domestically, at least within North America. Hot meals, complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, free wine with meals other than breakfast, cash bar, hot towels, pillows, blankets, newspapers, candies etc... The service harkens back to an earlier time in air travel and pax have grown to enjoy it. Even if AC decides to ramp up their cabin service, I don't imagine that the galley or cabin crew compliment on the CRJ lends itself to the level of service provided by Canadian North or First Air.

As pointed out earlier in the thread, baggage volume will be a HUGE issue on the Skidoo. As it is, we have ongoing problems with carry-on and to a lesser degree checked bag volume even with the 737 and it's 70's vintage spacious overhead bins. The Japanese all travel with hard sided Samsonite voluminous enough to contain a Toyota Corolla PLUS a clean pair of skivies. Northerners seem to lean towards hockey bags and Action Packers.

Both northern carriers have a long standing tradition of supporting community and sporting groups throughout the north. This has fostered a sense of loyalty amongst many northerners although not all are aware of the generosity.

Air Canada had let a contract for ground handling/ticket counter in YZF which was met with a distinct lack of interest by northern carriers and for good reason. They will now be forced to invest in infrastructure and staff that will eat into yield.

Both northern carriers haul freight with their combis to mitigate what are at times skinny passenger loads.

There are no doubt other issues at play that will make AC's expansion into the north a difficult enterprise.

I say "Fill yer boots". They'll be gone in six months.


not to mention they're both native owned and as such heavily subsidized by the feds sad.gif

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Guest rattler
not to mention they're both native owned and as such heavily subsidized by the feds sad.gif

Norterra is native owned but they operate at a profit. Are you able to provide any links to substantiate your belief that they receive government subsidies? I would be most interested in seeing them. Thanks in advance

Norterra Corporation

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I'll have to go with Rattler on that one.

Both airlines are owned by native birthright corporations who invested their land claim settlement money in the enterprise. Beyond that, to the best of my knowledge they are both stand alone, profitable entities.

There are many, many native owned businesses that are propped up with government funding, but I don't think these two are in that group.


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