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Here is what really happens to airplanes when they retire.....


The following pictures may be disturbing to some airplane lovers...viewer discretion is advised!


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I recently watched a show on television (W5 I think) that concerned the scavenging of sea vessels, an operation out of India or Pakistan. I was reminded at the time of carrion insects working on a dead shellfish. I am far enough removed from the marine industry that it was not difficult to watch the activity with some dispassion (not withstanding the topic of the investigation which had to do with hazardous materials carried by these vessels), but these aircraft pictures Eric posted give me the willies...

I also notice that it appears as if the operation is happening at night. Is this usual? I am reminded of sitting with a relative in the cancer unit a few years ago and noticed that the plastic shrouded gurneys always made their way "downstairs" during the dark hours.

Such morbid thoughts! I'm going back to the fishtank thread. tongue.gif

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