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Top 10 International Airlines


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Latest survey from Travel and Leisure Magazine.

No one in the top ten from North America.

Top 10 International Airlines

Rank Last Year Name 2005


1 1 Singapore Airlines 88.43

2 3 Emirates 81.06

3 2 Cathay Pacific Airways 78.64

4 4 Thai Airways International 77.83

5 6 Malaysia Airlines 76.51

6 5 Virgin Atlantic Airways 74.23

7 10 Qantas Airways 74.12

8 7 Japan Airlines 73.20

9 9 Air New Zealand 73.07

10 n/a SilkAir 72.55

How they arrived with the ranking.


Maybe its time for some North American carriers to upgrade their service and equipment, if they truly want to think they are a world class airline.

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To be fair...the majority of the airlines listed in the top 10 are carriers with most if not all of their flights being International travel. International travel usually has better service, newer and larger aircraft with more leg room. North American airlines offer this type of service internationally but a large bulk of their service is domestic which is more of a “bus” type service.

As for domestic service at home...I like the AC food cart items on shorter flights. When I'm hungry, I would rather have a nice sub for $5 than a lousy meal for free! I say it’s good how it is. wink.gif

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Of course it is but then it's not really a level playing field is it? AC like most...no, I think all NA airlines don't offer a 1st class which is anything like a 1st class on the top 10 named airlines. But to their defense, I don't believe the market is there in NA to support a change to 3 class seating. As for "Y" class service internationally, I think AC's product is very comparable. wink.gif

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I don't know about that. I flew on Cathay a couple of months ago and economy class service was better than many of my experiences in J class on AC. The problem with AC right now is consistency. One flight will be perfect and the crew will be great. The next flight might feel like a Haj charter. I do agree that AC is generally better than the US airlines across the board.

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