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Final Election Poll

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Guest PowerAdmin

The choices offered above are based on the popularity of the parties as voted upon in the previous poll here.

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Is there any way to vote for none of the above? dry.gif Maybe if enough of us did we could get a whole new batch to decide among? blink.gif

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The recent revelations by each party of their position on the ACPPA make the choice a no brainer if you want a job come Sep 30th sad.gif

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Guest dcw

This is something that I received on my email.. it's a bit of a chain letter.. but I think it's worth a read. I think it has some valid points for the "average" Canadian.


My name is Alan Robberstad

I am a Canadian.

One voter out of millions of Canadian voters.

Paul Martin is no friend of mine.

Liberal governments have not made my life any better.

Liberal governments have made the future worse for my


Jean Chretien and the Liberal Party became Prime

Minister many years ago.

Guess who was the Liberal Finance Minister.....Paul


Since 1993:

(1) My taxes have increased.

(2) My family's share of the national debt has increased.

(3) My personal expenses have increased.

(4) My waiting time to see a doctor has increased.

(5) My concerns for my family's safety have increased.

(6) My costs to educate my children have increased.

(7) Government interference in my life has increased.

(8) My personal debt has increased.

(9) My income has stayed more or less the same.

(10) My savings have decreased.

(11) The buying power of my dollar, in Canada, has decreased.

(12) The value of my dollar, in the U.S., has decreased.

(13) My trust of elected officials has decreased.

(14) My trust in the justice system has decreased.

(15 )My trust in the immigration system has decreased.

(16) My hope that a Liberal won't waste my tax dollars has decreased.

(17 )My dreams for a better future for my kids, in Canada, have disappeared.

That is my story since the Liberals came to power.

I am not voting for Paul Martin's Liberals.

I am voting against Paul Martin and his Liberal Party on June 28, 2004.

I am voting for Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party.

Do I like the Conservatives?

Not particularly......I don't really like Politics.

I am not political by nature.

I am not passionate about politics.

I am a middle age guy (48).

I live in a small house on a fairly quiet street in Edmonton.

I have a wife, Kathy, and two children (ages 19 and 17).

I have no pets.

I am a middle class man.

I don't usually say too much.

Until now.

Now I am going to say something!

In 35 of the past 37 years, Canada has been ruled by:

(1) Pierre Trudeau - a multi-millionaire lawyer from Quebec.

(2) Brian Mulroney - a multi-millionaire lawyer from Quebec.

(3) Jean Chretien - a multi-millionaire lawyer from Quebec.

(4) And now we are going to vote for Paul Martin???? - a multi-millionaire lawyer from Quebec???

The leader of the Conservative party, Stephen Harper, is:

(1) Not a lawyer.

(2) Not a multi-millionaire.

(3) Not from Quebec.

Stephen Harper says that the Conservative party will:

(1) Reduce my taxes.

(2) Pay off the national debt as fast as they can.

(3) Shrink the size and influence of the federal government.

That's good enough for me.

I'm going to give the Conservative party a chance with my vote.

But wait!

Paul Martinis now saying the same thing.

My mother told me forty years ago:

"Fool me once - shame on you.

Fool me twice - shame on me!"

The Liberals have had 34 years to be financially responsible.

Remember, Jean Chretien was Trudeau's Finance Minister.

Remember also, Paul Martin was Jean Chretien's Finance Minister

These people have been raising my taxes for thirty four years.

They have been mis-spending my tax dollars for 34 years.

34 years!

And now Paul Martin says he'll stop taxing and spending.

No way.

Thank you for reading my story so far!

Why am I telling my story to you?

Although I feel alone, I know that I am not alone.

Your story may be similar to mine.

And you may also feel alone.

One small voter in the midst of millions of voters.

What can you and I do together to change things?

Here is my idea:

Lets you and I join up together.

Just you and I.


As a small team of two.

How can you and I fight a huge political machine?

You and I have two things that we can use:

(1) Our individual personal connections.

(2) The Internet.

The Internet is supposed to be this global zing tool, right?

Let's put it to use.

I have 27 Canadians in my personal e-mail address book.

I am sending this e-mail to each of them.

I'm asking you to do two things:

(1) Forward this e-mail to every Canadian in your own address book.

(2) Vote against Paul Martin and the Liberal Party on June 28.

Vote for the Conservative candidate in your riding.

I have probably written this e-mail too late.

As I said I am not politically adroit.

I feel like Peter Finch, in the 1976 movie "Network",

when he shouted: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

Please, forward the e-mail RIGHT NOW!!

As I type these last few words the voting begins in less than 18 days.

432 hours till voting begins.

I hope the Internet is as fast as some people claim it is.

This may not work.

This e-mail may "fizzle out" and go nowhere.

But you and I will have tried, won't we have?

My best wishes to you.

My best wishes to Canadians everywhere.

My thanks to David Stokes from Toronto

He actually wrote this just (5) days before the last federal election in 2000.

Fool me once - shame on you.

Fool me twice - shame on me!"

Alan Robberstad

Edmonton, Alberta

June 10, 2004@ 3:00 p.m.

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Another chain letter!

While it is easy to blame the liberals for everything wrong with this country,the liberals were a refreshing change after the dark Mulroney era.

I think the choices offered to Canadians this coming election are pretty sad.No one seems to have a clear policy on anything.Everyone wants to fix health care,(got to get those babyboomer votes right??)but no one offers longterm solutions to the problems.

The liberals offer more health money(yet they just did a budget with no extra money 4 months ago)The NDP will solve all of health cares problems(they have a bigger (fictional) budget because they wont acheive power and never have to live up to their promises) and the Conservative government will "cooperate with the provinces to ensure adequate funding, shorter waiting lists, and more doctors and nurses. " another clear solution.... lol

Lets face it,regarding the health care system....its a bottomless pit.It doesn't matter how much money you throw at health care,it will always take more. The cost of new equipment is rising,the cost of medicine the cost of health care employees etc.... giving more money to health care is a short sighted solution(IMHO) How much time until we have to raise taxes to give more funding to healthcare??Do we want to follow in frances footsteps?And be the most highly taxed people in america?I think some sort of health care reform is in order.

Maybe Ralf Klein will bring us an interesting solution? No party so far has addressed the long term shortfalls of the health care system so maybe this could be refreshing....

I'm with Mitch on this one.....I want an entire new group of people to decide from!!! blink.gifunsure.gif


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It is possible to select another group.

It is the protest vote.

When they hand you your ballot, you hand it back and say you don't want to vote for any of the candidates. So you vote for nobody, but your vote still counts.

I know that all it will do is force another election at great expense if enough people do this, but don't you think it is time to send them a message rather than just voting for "the other guy"? blink.gif

It is the dark little secret of the elections act and you'll probably never hear of it on any media outlet because they are afraid of what the people might really do.

Maybe time to spread the word?????


Iceman cool26.gif

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It is the protest vote.

When they hand you your ballot, you hand it back and say you don't want to vote for any of the candidates.  So you vote for nobody, but your vote still counts.

It is the dark little secret of the elections act and you'll probably never hear of it on any media outlet because they are afraid of what the people might really do.

Strange... I don't see that anywhere in the Act:

Votes for persons not properly nominated to be void

76. Any votes given for a person other than a candidate are void.

Section 76 - Votes for persons not properly nominated to be void

Section 151 - Manner of Voting

Rejection of ballots

284. (1) In examining the ballots, the deputy returning officer shall reject one

a- that has not been supplied by him or her;

b- that has not been marked in a circle at the right of the candidates' names;

c- that is void by virtue of section 76;

d- that has been marked in more than one circle at the right of the candidates' names; or

e- on which there is any writing or mark by which the elector could be identified.

Section 284 - Rejection of Ballots

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Guest YZFer


I just got this link sent to me. It's a little quiz on who to vote for

based on where you stand on certain issues. It's really quick and pretty

interesting (actually deals with real issues rather than political


Have fun with it!

Who to vote for

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Quite interesting, while not very scientific it did seem to confirm my leanings.

Now where was that polling station anyway???

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hmmmm...? My wife and I both tried that quiz... each of us answered several questions rather differently, and yet it gave the same first choice to us both. That in itself might be easy to explain, given the few things we strongly agreed upon, but the odd thing was it said that candidate's score was "100" for each of us. ??

I'd still prefer to see a whole new batch of shmucks... and I'm ticked at how these sods determine what the "major election issues" are to be. Paul Martin, for instance, seemed to think he could convince us (at least as of the time of the televised debate) that the big issue was waiting times at hospitals. huh.gif What, we don't have bigger concerns? blink.gif

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Guest bigdig

It has become clear to even the most ardent Liberal supporters that Chretiens government has wasted billions of dollars through inefficiences, corruption and attempted vote buying.... at the same time as raising our taxes and also lowering transfer payments to the provinces. The lowered transfer payments to the provinces has been the primary cause of the sorry state of our 'national' health care system.

Now Martin is attempting to make healthcare an election platform with promises of restoring things to an acceptable level. He has also played upon the fears of the uneducated by insinuating that the Conservative policy will be harmful to health care.

Balancing a budget is easy when you take more from the people and return less.

And why on earth is removing the potential inequities with respect to bilingualism amongst the airlines.... such an issue. I doubt that removing AC from its past obligations will really have any impact whatsoever. Nor do i believe that the other airlines are at such an advantage. Its another case of the Liberals making an issue out of something that really shouldn't be an issue. Perhaps they feel it will be an issue for some Quebecers and hence will harm the Conservatives in that province.

Which brings me to another point. If the Conservatives don't receive any MP's from Quebec, then why should that be a consideration for others outside of Quebec to vote Liberal. The logic just doesn't make sense. How long has the West been without due representation in Ottawa, yet the Liberals don't seem too concerned about that one.

The Liberals have for too long been concerned with re-election tactics and have not put any resources into properly governing this country. They got away with it because life is generally good in Canada and for years there was a backlash against Mulroney. Also, the opposition parties in general were ineffectual in combatting the myths, half truths and lies put forward by the Liberals about them.

Take a look at some of our past representation in key portfolios. Jane Stewart, Sheila Copps, David Collenette, Elinor Caplin and the list goes on. These are not competent individuals. They were self serving puppets of Jean Chretien, who should go down in the books as one of the worst leaders in the past 50 years. This in spite of his successes at being re-elected. He left Martin with a mess and is now comfortably sitting back and enjoying the carnage.

I'm amazed that any educated individual is even considering voting Liberal. Then again its usually those who decree ''better the devil you know'' as some sort of wise commentary. Voting for no one, or not voting whatsoever is not the answer. The answer lies in voting for the most capable government available. I believe this is clearly the Conservatives, but then again i don't fall prey to the Liberal propaganda machine. I also don't learn party policies from sound bytes on TV or sad commentaries by the media. I attempt to look at things objectively and vote for the party most in line with my priorities.

I felt Harper easily won the TV debates with Duceppe the runnerup. (and that is taking into consideration my ill feelings towards the Bloc). Martin was an embarassment to Canadians during those debates, yet prior to that I held a high opinion of him. He has quickly resorted to typical Liberal tactics of saying what he thinks people want to hear and also playing on the fears of the uneducated with respect to the other parties. Why can't the Liberals simply govern with the best interests of all Canadians in mind and trust their own judgement. That is a rhetorical question as the answer is obvious. They are incapable of effective leadership because they are rife with incompetent candidates. The party has for too long attracted incompetent candidates desiring a prominent and sometimes powerful position, who have joined the Liberals with hopes of easy election. These are not the individuals best suited to govern Canada.

It is time for a massive change in Canada, one which will bring us out of our doldrums and help us to achieve the greatness as a nation for which we are so capable.

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BigDig.... I can find many immediate areas for agreement in your post... but also some questions...

I agree with you that the Liberals have shown us what not to trust in them... I'll not be voting Liberal. The Conservatives have yet to convince me however.... Their stance on airline policy, or rather, how they'd handle the mess that exists, is by far a preferrable one to that of the Liberals (who took us here and denied ownership of this debacle!), yet they too offer the easy answers.... some of which I'm not so sure about... Improved "Open skies" policies...? What, so the heavily subsidized American carriers can come up and pick up the slack? I dunno...

Steven Harper, on the other hand scares the hell out of me on another front.... he would have supported (for instance) the Yanks invasion of Iraq... a position which I would have vehemently opposed. How can I vote for him given that?

Jack Layton?... He hasn't got a chance, so everything he says he'd do is not to be believed, regardless if you think you'd like to see it happen.... Who do I vote for?

Some would say that's the time to vote locally.... pick the candidate in my own riding I think would best represent my wishes... I don't buy that either... if he's in the losing party, he's a gonner anyway... and if he's in the winning party that happens to trash the country... what kind of advantage is that?

I think it is time for a change, but the changes need to be heavily guarded, well thought out, huge majority support to have them accomplished...

I'm one who doesn't know what harm a minority government is.... Can someone explain that to me?

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A minority Gov't, in some respects is a good thing. The gov't in power has a harder time getting things pushed through as there can be more votes against just by party division. This means that the gov't in powe has to make the changes and such more tasteful for all in order to pass.

The PM can also be removed from power with greater ease. Remember joe Clark? (Joe Who?) Vote of Non Confidence moved him from office. Minority Govt.

I know that there shouldn't be one vote for Liberal in Ontario after the screwing we just got. Taking $600 more off my Pay each year. Great... Liberals in Ont have yet to keep a promise.

I wish we had a way to remove these guys from office....


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