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Federal Election

If the election were to be held today, which party would you vote for?  

505 members have voted

  1. 1. If the election were to be held today, which party would you vote for?

    • Bloc Québécois
    • Canadian Action Party
    • Communist Party of Canada
    • Conservative Party of Canada
    • Green Party of Canada
    • Liberal Party of Canada
    • Marijuana Party
    • Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada
    • New Democratic Party
    • Undecided

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Guest rattler

This pole is just like the real thing. Only 377 votes out of a possible 3000 or so. cool.gif

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Definitely the Rhino party. Their platform includes the promise, that if elected, the first thing they will do is ask for a recount.

I like their priorities.

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Guest CFV2

I remember an old Rhino Party campaign promise that they were going to change our highways over, so we'd drive on the opposite side like they do in the UK.....

..... But they'd phase it in. Trucks would start driving on the opposite side first, cars and vans second, and finally motorcycles and such...... cool.gif

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Guest dcw

Know what kids... doesn't matter who you vote for... just get off your arses and take the time to VOTE!!

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Guest Gord

I see that the old guard of reform has shown it's red neck once again in our new so called Conservative Party and Harper is once again trying to distance himself from the comments made in this case by a female in his party who claimed that abortion was the same as the beheading of that young American that was captured on tape. When the hell are these peoiple going to learn that the majority of this country is not one bit interested in their "Southern Baptist " style preachings.

Don't get me wrong, I'm neither pro nor anti abortion, I think each case should be decided on it's merit and this decision is strictly beteween a woman and her conscience with perhaps some input from her doctor. The state, especially when being influenced by some bloody special interest group, has or at least should have no freakin' say in the matter. the only responsibility the state has is should the woman choose to have an abortion, then she should be able to have this procedure done in a safe and sterile environment rather than the back alley fashion it used to take place in.

Some of these "Pro-Life" redneck organisations think nothing of killing the odd doctor and perhaps his entire staff, not to mention the pregnant women attending in some cases to simply get advice on alternatives to the procedure, by planting a bomb in a clinic.

What's that, three, or is it four of these jerks that have crawled out of the woodwork of this new "Conservative" bunch in recent times, two or three of whom have been asked to resign for making the party look bad.

It's all a load of bollocks in my view and as far as I'm concerned this is simply the same old semi facist group formerly know as "Reform".

Don't get me wrong, I'm not boosting the Liberals or the NDP either, cos I believe they are all a bunch of self serving sociopaths regardless of which banner they fly. They'd all sell their mothers on the nearest street corner if it guaranteed them a chance to stick their noses in the trough that is the public purse.


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I seem to recall some other Rhino election planks:

1) Encourage higher education by building taller schools

2) Expedite political reform by sending all politicians to reform school


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Ahh the Rhino Party. Some of their highlights...

Platform promises released by the Rhinoceros Party included:

repealing the law of gravity,

paving the province of Manitoba to create the world's largest parking lot,

instituting illiteracy as Canada's third official language,

tearing down the Rocky Mountains so that Albertans could see the Pacific sunset,

building sloping bicycle paths across the country so that Canadians could "coast from coast to coast",

annexing the United States, which would take its place as the third territory (after the Yukon and North-West Territories) in Canada's backyard, in order to raise the average national temperature,

breeding a mosquito that would only hatch in January so that "the little buggers will freeze to death",

turning Montreal's rue Ste-Catherine into the world's longest bowling alley,

selling the Canadian Senate at an antique auction in California,

painting Canada's coastal sea limits so that Canadian fish would know where they were at all times,

counting the Thousand Islands to make sure none are missing,

banning lousy Canadian winters.

Check out the story from the last election.

Putting the "Party" back in party!

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