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Pammy strikes again


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Attention News/Labour Editors:

CUPE Wants Blueprint for Rebuilding, not Profiteering

TORONTO, March 29 /CNW/ - "CUPE will be studying Air Canada's new

business plan carefully to ensure it is a blueprint for rebuilding the airline

and not a plan for profiteering at the expense of employees," said Air Canada

Component president Pamela Sachs today.

The union was responding to Justice Farley's extension to April 15th of

the deadline for the airline to emerge from bankruptcy protection. CUPE had

asked for the business plan produced by Air Canada and shared with Trinity,

but not with employee groups, and today the court agreed.

"Air Canada needs a commitment to quality, service and safety and it

needs to rebuild a great team that can win back its reputation for service

excellence and compete with the rest of the world - an airline that serves

Canadians and their needs," Sachs said. "Air Canada needs investors who are

committed to meeting these objectives, not profiteers. It's up to Mr. Li and

company to show their true colours."

"Air Canada's future cannot be secured with a never-ending list of

concessions from employees. That climate of uncertainty and intimidation has

failed the airline. We need an end to the negative environment that detracts

from employees' commitment to go the extra mile," said Sachs. "We've proven

we're committed to the airline by giving up billions to keep it flying. Now

it's time for Mr. Li and Trinity to show their commitment."

"We look forward to seeing the business plan we called for last week. Are

the unseemly management bonuses still on the table? Will creditors and

suppliers now be asked to contribute fairly? Is a new relationship with

employees, one that leaves intimidation and confrontation behind, part of Air

Canada's plan to turn this airline around?" asked Sachs. "No one has more at

stake than Air Canada's employees. That is why we want to be part of the


On March 26th CUPE wrote to Victor Li setting out a five-point plan with

essential first steps needed for Air Canada to once again become a pre-eminent

airline. The letter is available at www.accomponent.ca

For further information: Alejandra Bravo, (416) 798-3399 x270, cell

(416) 305-8095

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Guest M. McRae

Typical Public Service Union point of view. Investors deserve a reasonable return on their investment. It should be at least twice what they could get by simply putting their money in GICs, otherwise why would they want to risk their capital???????

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Guest directlaw

Actually getting the business plan is a great thing. Justice Farley has made a great decision. Air Canada has created a lot of suspicion by keeping it from us.....that suspicion has worsened an already hostile environment. The unions just don't trust Milton. All the cards will be on the table.....finally.

The unions will have proof in front of them. Is the business plan, without further concessions, viable or not?

Good move Farley

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Yes, let the unions see the plan, by all means. But don't expect it to change anything. When Pam Sachs goes around saying the employees have given "billions" when her union hasn't even all it promised leads one to be very cautious indeed. As for "profiteering", I would like to know how you define it. At what point does it become profiteering. Would she say that Westjet investors (including employees) are "profiteering"? If so, I can think of a lot of AC employees that would like to get in on that "profiteering" by imitating the WJ cost structure and profit-sharing.

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Guest croupier

The agreement with CUPE on the preferential bidding system for FA’s was open ended. Neither side had an obligation to accept a PFB

“. Preferential Bidding System: The new PBS system will provide Cabin Personnel with monthly schedules in accordance with their seniority preference. Their seniority preference will be honoured in a pure seniority order but the parties agree that the Company’s operational language and classification requirements must be met.

The goal of the new PBS system is to leave less than one block of open time while meeting the seniority based selection of all employees and meeting the Company’s operational language and classification requirements.

(a) On an expedited basis, the Company and the Union will select an equal number of representatives to form a committee of individuals to evaluate and agree on the new PBS system. Should the Committee fail to agree within six (6) months from the date of ratification of this agreement, the selection of the PBS system will be referred to mediation to be completed within 60 days. Should the parties fail to agree during the mediation, line bidding will remain in effect. “

As ex CAIL I can hardly wait for the implementation of a PFB system a la SOLO. Ever since switching to the inefficient and expensive (for the company) AC line bidding system life has been upside down. Enormous amount of savings can be had with a PFB. The cost to AC for the line bidding system is enormous.

I understand that AC has not come up with an acceptable system

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I hope that some of the AC business plan is laid out before the AC employees. When I flew as a corporate Pilot for one particular company, our Aviation Manager (also line Pilot) held regular meetings and showed us the budget, effects/expense of every day choices we made as employees (go-around due to not checking runway conditions etc.) We were never kept in the dark and their open door policy made for a "no secrets here" department. We saw first hand the cost of our mistakes (don't get me wrong, we were also applauded for good and safe service). On the otherhand (yes I've read the posts below about what irks you) we saw first hand the affects of our actions. Air Canada is a much larger organization and these same tactics may not be/are not possible. So how do we change that. The one opinion I have is: Judge F is trying to move things along, get the job done and Pam S and other union leaders are still living in a dream world/past. She IS NOT THE CEO of the company. How would she handle things in RM's position. Not bloody well I suspect. She (insert other union heads here) is in no position to dictate at the expense of thousands of people losing their jobs. Flight attandants can be replaced very quickly (I don't mean any disrespect), Pilots, (especially experienced) a little longer to replace. (Same goes for AME's - that's for you Mitch).

It's time to move forward.

Rant over.

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Maybe Pam Sachs and George W. Bush should get together and start their very own "Morons with clout" club?

Good golly! When will this soppy woman wake up? Yo Pam.... Are you anticipating a new career of some kind when AC tanks? The difference between you and Crocodile Dundee ("Some nit-wit's put two dunny's in 'ere!") is that he had no reason to know the difference!

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Guest Zeuse

You guys are way to hard on Pam. She is trying her best to keep these bandit's feet to the fire.

Good for her!

Seems like a lot of people here are running scared at a time when Milton & Li are doing there very best to create an atmosphere of naked FEAR where employees will accept anything.

Just like Wall Street. Create a panic, start the sheep moving, buy low, make a fortune.

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"I understand that AC has not come up with an acceptable system "

Is Air Canada the only company in the world looking at PBS????

The last remark I heard from the union was that 'There is a not a PBS system in the world that is suitable (acceptable)'.


1. What is wrong with the system that was used by CAIL Flight attendants?

2. What is wrong with the system used by Air Canada pilots?

3. What makes CUPE so special that 'no system in the world is suitable'?

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Guest croupier

The PBS sytem SOLO used by CAIL was superb. I have worked with 9 different bidding sytems during my career. None as good as SOLO

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