Does Teplisky know the 29th is a Sunday?

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We all know ACPA's position, and we all know the other three groups positions (ALPA, Jazz and A/C). We all have read, to no end, everybodies personal positions. The proceedings are on going even as we speak. Why can't you guys just leave it alone. Nothing that is posted now can change what's going to happen. As the all knowing Shrek says: "Two words Donkey, shut up!!!"


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Good Advice, some people on this forum are getting so bent over something that essentialy they will have no control over, that they are losing sight of the fact that whatever the decision may be, if TTI doesn't like it, they can walk. Then it doesn't matter if you "have a right to fly this a/c" or "we should be flying that a/c" because we will all be going to Hell (EI line) in a handbasket.


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