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Guest CabinDweller

"A Gamer I'm not." - GS

Step right up, this is your lucky week!

Get Paid to Take Flight Sim 2004!

Staples.ca has Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 available for $49.96, with a $30 instant rebate!

(valid until December 24, 2004)


That brings the price down to $19.96, and with icon_arrowd.gif this icon_arrowd.gif mail in rebate, you can get $25 back!


Two caveats:

#1 - a few years back I never did receive the $50 rebate on a force feedback joystick I was entitled to, Micro$oft never even bothered to reply to my emailS mad.gif

and B - Staples charges $15 for deliveries under $50, but the offer is good in-store as well if you can find any that have it in-stock. Or just invest the extra $40 to get free shipping on supplies or last minute gifts such as a few http://www.staples.ca/ENG/Catalog/cat_sku....&affixedcode=WW one for the head of each household bed since the connection also fits CDs, MP3 players, etc... Or simply get a hold of and take the *FLYER* to any other electronics store, most offer a price-match guarantee.

My X-mas present to you and yours. biggrin.gif


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