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Settlement Possible with Cathay 49ers


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Company and pilots' union propose settlement terms

The Company and leadership of the pilots' union yesterday proposed terms intended to settle the dispute over the termination of a number of pilots in July 2001.

"We are pleased that the union's priority is to help the airline grow and prosper," Director Flight Operations Nick Rhodes said. "There comes a time in any dispute when you have to move forward."

Under the terms of the proposed agreement, already distributed to all members of cockpit crew, the HKAOA will drop its support for court cases brought over the dismissals.

The Company, in return, has offered to make a full and final settlement. The Company also said it would consider applications from pilots wishing to start over at the airline.

Successful applicants would join as freighter pilots. Any pilot that was rehired would not receive the settlement payment.

The proposal is still subject to approval from union members. A vote may take place early next year.

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One thing that has always bothered me about the HKAOA was when they asked for pilots all over the world NOT to apply at Cathy as they tried to get the 49 their jobs back. Remember how they especially asked that no captain qualified pilots even THINK of applying – after all if the 49 got fired then no job was safe?

Yet every single F/O who was offered an upgrade took it. And how many Cathy Captains took a few extra?

If the HKAOA was really serious about helping their 49 buddies they could have shown a lot more support themselves instead of hoping that pilots not yet hired at the airline could put on the pressure.

What those 49 pilots really needed was ACPA. Or Neo buddies at Akbar’s bar & grill. Or Both.


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Not really.

If you were one of the many effos that took an upgrade you might see your income go up by about 60%. What's a few bucks of the bottom? I'll bet you pay more in GST per week than the HKAOA assessment is per month.

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