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ummmm... another site's troubles?

Mitch Cronin

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Out of loyalty to this forum, I don't want to post a link.... but I'm experiencing the strangest of oddities whenever I try to go to the site where the Duke's stories are posted... y'all know where I mean, right?....

Is it just me, or are other folks experiencing the same? When I go to the root site... the www.********.ca site, I get the following:

"pc_labs 0wnz you

Futuro_Incierto - MaX-S

Contacto: futuro_incierto@futuroincierto.cl

irc.terra.cl #pc_laboratory"

Who'z bein' yoinked there? Me?, or that site?... Who ownz who?

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I hope you have your shields up!!!!

I had turned on my Zone Alarm advisor yesterday to check other problems and I forgot I had the notification on. As soon as I hit that site, Zone Alarm blocked an intruder.

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Odd... The place is still in the dark as far as the forums pages go... The home page is fine now though...

I just found that if you can guess right about where to click, you can even post a message, but the only things visible in the message are the smilies or other graphics.


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