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Westjet Adds Fuel Surcharge


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Ahhhh the trouble and fun with words.... laugh.gif

Discount carrier WestJet Airlines on Thursday said it will include a $20 fuel surcharge in its advertised fares on transborder flights between Canada and the United States.

the red area could denote a new addition to the fare.

Perhaps it would have been clearer if it had been written.....

....include the $20 fuel......

Probably would have been best said if it had merely pointed out that "the fuel surcharge, already established in ??? will now be included in the price of the ticket"

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Guest rattler

Now that it will be hidden in the total advertised fare, will it def. go down when the price of fuel goes down or???? Seems to me that the consumer may lose site of the charge if it is not broken out of the total.

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