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Browser question

Kip Powick

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Have spent a couple of days trying to figure out what is wrong with my IE 6, (all updates loaded).

Seems to be a bit quirky, sometimes all I can open is one window, on occasion I can not get any media file to play..the computer just completely locks up and I have to reboot........arrrggghhh. sad.gif

Anyhow, I have been using MOZILLA FIREFOX browser on and off and it works wonderfully. Anyone using anything else....and no STEAMDRIVEN..I don't need a MAC biggrin.gif

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Kip, Kip, Kip...

Yes, I've got a Mac, I'm using Safari - a Netscape product 99% of the time, however if I encounter problems I use Microsoft Internet Explorer. Between the two of them I can "see" just about anything I've an interest...



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Guest rattler

The free version of Opera does have some drawbacks. Here is what PC Mag has to say:


Opera Software ASA, www.opera.com


Free (ad-supported); $39 direct (ad-free)


Highly efficient, easy to use, and packed with features that let you organize information more easily than with Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Not free (if you don't want banner ads in your browser). No support for Web pages that use proprietary code.

Bottom Line:

Opera is a feature-rich, highly efficient Internet communications suite (browser, e-mail, chat, RSS reader, and news reader) that offers a very good alternative to IE.


A survivor in the browser wars (sometimes being small is an advantage), Opera is more feature-rich than IE... Full Review of Opera 7.51

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There's a multitude of alternative internet browsers available for PC's. Get thee to a source of freeware/shareware and graze the offerings. I'm aware of dozens, although I've only tried five or six. Firefox/Mozilla is good, but I switched back from it after a while.

If you simply wish to up your security level re: activeX controls and the like, that's easily accomplished in IE. You can disable them entirely, if you wish, with a few mouseclicks.

Internet security with Microsoft IE is good as long as you, 1) Maintain all security updates, 2) Operate with the appropriate security settings available through IE, and 3) maintain a good software and/or hardware firewall. No matter what internet browser you use, you will still need to do all of the above.

The security issues with IE are the ones you hear about because it's used by about 95% of us, and thus represents the obvious channel of attack for those who wish to expoit a weakness. However, the corollary to that is, because it's the software that people try hardest to expoit, it becomes strengthened every time a security issue is identified and corrected. Microsoft, for all that they deserve criticism, puts a lot of effort into identifying, correcting and updating security flaws. If you wish, Windows XP will do all of the security updating automatically with no intervention from you. It doesn't get much easier than that.

There's plenty of alternatives to M/S IE if you wish, and many of them are free for individual (as opposed to corporate) use. Will you get a software browser that is more developed than IE. No. Will you get a software browser that is more compliant with what all the website developers are programming for? No, you will not. Can you make your your IE installation as safe and secure as anything the other browsers offer? Yes, you can. So, give 'em a try if you like, but chances are good you will revert to IE before long.



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