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  1. Don't forget QF's labour costs on the ground in OZ are higher than contract work provided in North America. They are still heavily weighed down by their unions.
  2. The A310 were the worst I ever experienced. YVR-HNL when Royal & then TransAt operated for us at Signature, we got hundreds of complaints about lav problems every month!
  3. I started in 1968 and RES 1 was AC's system. When PW went automated in 1973, we went onto RES 2 and AC had be on it for a year when we started.
  4. Eventually CP set up crew bases in SYD to permanently work southern legs for I believe 6 month postings. The Canada based crews rotated in and out of YYZ and YVR on normal rotation turns in HNL. Fiji was always the problem route for crew.
  5. Hawaii is expensive compared to Mexico and part of that is the inability for resorts to offer all inclusives. Waikiki (HNL) because of the vast number of kitchenette hotel properties did appeal to the budget family tourists.
  6. When Canadian did YYZ-HNL almost 40% of the traffic was cnnx to South Pac. When Max was operating the route - he did struggle to fill his twice weekly 747-200 service.
  7. The electronic reservation data would have been on the RES 2 system and data purged in 1976. ( 5 years ) The marketing archives may have copies of the old paper skeds that you could possiblyget copies of.
  8. In a discussion with avaiation friends from years ago we all fondly remembered our groundbreaking pilot of note, Rosella Bjornson who was with Transair in 1973 - first female pilot in Canada certified on a B737. Why so few female pilots in commercial aviation in the early 1970's? It was required physically that you could manually load 7 - 45 gallon drums of diesel on a Twin Otter and tie down the load properly or move two pallets of frozen fish, then the baggage before the pax got loaded. There were few women willing or able to do the hard labour. Rosella was one of the few who was willing and able to bulk load a Bristol in - 40C out on the tundra. But it was that kind of flying as many of you will attest to that built the hours that allowed the eventual transition to multi engine - then full jet operations. Today, its hours for sure, but math skills and engineering skills taught in college that assist the transition. Buffalo Joe's team remind me of what it was like when I started in April 1967..... today it's different and women have the necessary skills that are equal to or in some case may best the guys. The past was created by circumstances to move the good north or to the camp in the bush - I was part of that then. The future now is an open door with great equipment and opportunity. I guess we just have to get the employers/owners to recognize the skill-set of good pilots ( male or female ) and reward them fairly. IMHO..
  9. In the good old days when Wardair joined the Canadian family I had heated discussions with Terry Nord over the WD issue of carrying full spare kits on the A310's. It really cut down on payload for cargo and Malcom M and I used to ride the WD senior guys about it until they finally relented. I can and did see the sense when your on isolated routings and bases..... but by this time it didn't need to happen..... Just a fleeting memory!
  10. Blues --- thats a logical step for SW. That how C3000 got life and Colin was at Owners Abroad ( now Signature or SW Holidays ) when C2000 was brought to life.
  11. Firstly, on Sunwing, I can't see Colin Hunter agreeing to complicate his operation with another aircraft type. Currently there are rumours SW is going to buy the Canadian operation of I travel2000..... again why? He has his own tour operation and discount arm that does retail direct. If SW want widebody capacity, I would see him wet leasing what he thinks he needs, with trained pilots with experience on the aircraft type and built in cost per hour from his contract operator, but with SW's own cabin staff. That's more Colin's style. For WJ, regardless of Encore, with the startup of Hawaii a number of years ago and the known range limitations on the current fleet - WJ has to address the issue head on. Sure a stop gap with Thomas Cook's B757's meets the Western Canada shortfall in range, but at the end of the day WJ have enough marketshare to successfully sustain 4 - 5 medium size widebodies with a solid 9 hour range. They just have to quit out guessing the nay sayers. I believe they can and will be successful if they just increased the hormone levels around the board room. IMHO
  12. Thanks Rudder, and of course Malcolm where he and I go back 23 years and he is a collector of aviation data !
  13. Has Boeing published performance charts on the MAX? Maverick states it will do AB-Hawaii... there must be something we could look at. I'd also be interested in MTOW as it compares to the 737-700's and 800's and the EOW to give us an idea of maximum payload! I was there for the first deliveries on the 200's and taught the weight and balance courses on our roll out. Thanks,
  14. There is one I missed. Its was 1987 and I was with a Sr.V.P. of PWA and we were going to AA in DFW for meetings about looking at possibly moving to Sabre. The MD 88 flight originated in YEG and we got on in YYC. There was just 3 of us in First. The one pax was in 1 F and covered in a blanket. He didn't say anything - just a dark bulk of blanket. The F A's served brekkie after climb out, and they woke him up with a "Roy..... you wanting any breakfast ?" He did and low and behold it was Roy Orbison. He had jsut been released from the federal hospital in YEG after collapsing two weeks earlier doing a show and was heading home to Nashville. My seat mate Terry Francis had quite a chat with him and he was really nice. You could tell he was tired, so he headed off to sleep after a short visit. On arrival in DFW, he had a VIP wheelchair and escort him to his connection. It was a very strange flight and and a very interesting passenger.
  15. Well, I have a few from all the hours spent with an aircraft strapped to my butt. Sebastian Cabot YYJ-SEA on his way to LAX ( he lived in Deep Cove and I used to book and write his tickets at the YYJ CTO ) Raymond Burr - YVR-LAX on his way to NAN Jesse Owen on a Pan Am HNL-SEA flight ( nice guy to chat with ) Charlie Pride - LHR - BFS Ian Paisley LHR BFS ( I was visiting family and thought boy if the IRA were going to target a flight - why did I choose this one) Rod Stewart - LHR YVR He was in 1 A and I had 1F - very quiet but friendly Bob Barker YYZ-YVR he was a nasty jerk with the FA's Peter Lougheed GIG-YYZ ( RIO ) Joe Clark, Preston Manning, Steven Harper ( 1994 ) YOW-YYC That's the top of mind list.
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