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  1. Assuming that there is a work stoppage at AC for one reason or another. And setting aside Miss Raitts crys of a national calimity. How much spare capacity does WS and PD have to take up some of the AC pax. It seems to me this would be a great opportunity for both WS and PD to show their moxy, and possibly reatin some of the buisness after everyone goes back to work.
  2. Other than taking a shot at the CBC I miss the point. Heres the story: A Toronto-bound Air Canada flight was forced to abort taking off at London's Heathrow Airport due to a technical problem. Air Canada said the pilot on Flight AC859 "rejected" takeoff Friday after a warning light on the Boeing 767 came on while the plane was travelling about 140 km/h. A passenger told CBC News the plane was going "full throttle" and appeared ready to take off when it abruptly "screeched to a halt." She said fire trucks raced out to the plane and police officers came on board. Passengers were asked to get off
  3. Also they applied to start service from YUL first, and the feds are trying to get flights into there.
  4. Just wondering is WS going to upgrade the systems. The screens looked pretty puny compaired to the AVOD on AC- the one that hardly works. The format is also wrong as most broadcasters originate material in the 16x9 format, and the WS screens are 4 x 3.
  5. Anyone know where the Flair 734's came from before they were registered in Canada. Heard Enerjet could not provide the 73NG because the leases are up and they are being returned. So the Flair's are rushed sub contracts.
  6. Why go all the way back to yul, and spend 4 hrs in the air if there was the smell of smoke? Avherald. An Air France Boeing 777-200, registration F-GSPV performing flight AF-345 from Montreal,QC (Canada) to Paris Charles de Gaulle (France), rejected takeoff from Montreal's runway 24R at low speed due to a programming error of the flight management system and subsequently vacated the runway at taxiway B2 about 2200 meters/7500 feet down the runway. The airplane departed again about 2:10 hours later and was enroute at FL380 about 220nm northeast of Gander,NL (Canada) when the crew reported smell
  7. The whole back cabin beyond the first 20 feet aft of the L1 door is all instrument racks, tech stations and gear all the way to the tail. No not surprising if there was an electrical fire it was bad. Also everything is composite save the seat tracks and the galley fixtures, so one can only imagine the smoke that was in the air. Nothing like real world experience.
  8. I was on the #3 aircraft last week at PAE. The factory and ramp was awash with them. On the line was the first for AI and a few more for JAL. It is a very impressive piece of work. The company has certified the plane for a max of 3 abreast, so there is no way for a carrier to go 2-5-2 the tracks will not allow. The "blindless photo-chromic" windows are neat. The front end which I will describe in a later post ( traveling right now ) is like a very futuristic sports car. The Boeing folks were very proud to talk and show off their new creation, but were very corporate when one asked about deliv
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm9aNRUyKkg
  10. Wonder where the Q 400's are coming from. Seems that all the ones on the production line are spoken for. Even the planes SAS traded back have found new homes. I can't see AC Jazz handing over the ones they have on order since they are supposed to replace crj's whose leases are not being renewed. Guess they could always ask Deluce to lease some of his.
  11. Flew PD ( YTZ-YUL-YTZ )Friday at noon 27 seats sold, back Sunday the 19th at 15:30, 30 seats sold. Heck of a lot of pax for AC to fight over. That said looked at some of PD's advance bookings on one of the res engines and their advance sales on a lot of their flights over the next two weeks look pretty good. Of course its hard to know how many in each bucket are being sold. Their new big problem is that they have flights every 30 minutes at some hours and these are going out with very light loads, but I guess they have to do something with all those Q-400s. Other thing I noticed is that even
  12. Where are the 75's coming from. Are They TC from Europe being redeployed for the season?
  13. AA flies at the edge..... http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-airlines-fuel-20100713,0,5631459.story You may have to cut and paste.
  14. Wonder if this carrier has seen a rise in business from the spot. http://nycaviation.com/2010/06/24/is-this-the-best-airline-commercial-ever/
  15. Paramedics responded to a call at the McDonald-Cartier International Airport for an aircraft that had skidded off the end of the runway. The Ottawa Paramedic Service Dispatch Centre received the call at 14:42 hrs today (Wednesday June 16, 2010). A Paramedic Rapid Response unit arrived at scene within 2 minutes of the call from the airport authorities, and began assessing the 30 or passengers who had been aboard the aircraft. All passengers had been evacuated at the time the first paramedic arrived. Paramedics treated 3 patients: 1- A 31 year-old male, the co-pilot of the aircraft for abrasio
  16. release: http://www.ntsb.gov/pressrel/2010/100504.html report: http://www.ntsb.gov/Publictn/2010/AAR1003.htm Media account: NTSB Urges Safety Changes After 'Hudson Miracle' Federal aviation-safety watchdogs on Tuesday urged U.S. and European regulators to make significant changes in how jet engines are designed and tested to withstand collisions with birds. In the wake of last year's US Airways accident in which a jetliner lost both engines from bird strikes and made an emergency landing in the Hudson River, members of the National Transportation Safety Board sketched out a wide range of s
  17. News release via Canada NewsWire, Calgary 403-269-7605 -ME- Attention Business Editors: WestJet clarifies that no alliance agreement was signed with Delta Air Lines CALGARY, April 26 /CNW/ - WestJet clarified comments made by Delta Air Lines in Delta's first quarter conference call that an alliance agreement between Delta and WestJet had been reached. WestJet has not signed an alliance agreement with Delta, but a commercial relationship could occur in the future. The only recently signed agreement between Delta Air Lines and WestJet provided WestJet with the option to acquire s
  18. I don't care who it is, as long as they reflect the values of the country. Have never been tempted to put their hands or feet in, or been caught with their hands or feet in the cookie jar, and are bilingual - French and English, other languages are optional. But yiddish would be good. It's not of much practical use, but it sounds funny. PM: Your excellency I would like to ask your permission to pirogue parliament again.. gg: Oy Stephen,gavault. You should stop with the mishegas. Try to get along with the other boys, the things people would do for you, if you were not such a putz sometimes.
  19. ************************************************************ NTSB PRESS RELEASE ************************************************************ National Transportation Safety Board Washington, DC 20594 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 18, 2010 SB-10-08 ************************************************************ NTSB SAYS NORTHWEST PILOTS' DISTRACTION LED TO OVERFLIGHT OF MINNEAPOLIS, NOTES ATC SHORTCOMINGS; ISSUES RECOMMENDATIONS ON ATC PROCEDURES ************************************************************ The National Transportation Safety Board has determined that Northwest
  20. I have a 1996 model PowerPC 1500cs mac laptop that I bought new. When I plug it in it fires up and works. Actually my main computer is a 1 year old 13 inch macbook, I bought it just months before the 13 inch mac book pro came out. I bought a samsung P2270 21 inch monitor, and that is now my main computer. When I need it on the road I disconnect and take it away. Love the 13 inch led screen. Yes I have has problems with it. Mac has replaced the screen, the mother board and hard drive all in the first year and all under warranty. The problem with the screen was the hinges were out o f alignment
  21. I flew them last Sunday. Out to EWR at 08:45, 34 on the plane. Back same day from EWR at 16:15, bit of a delay. 60 people on the plane. On the way home we flew at 14,000ft the way down at FL230. I was suprised at the number of SE and Elite luggage tags I saw. We can slag them all we want. I flew with two people who were first timers on PD, and they were blown away by the experience. Porter provides very good service, and thats why people fly them. They try to please. We booked last minute and it was not a whole lot less expensive than AC or CO.
  22. How much did they pay for the seats-load factor is one thing but as the bean likes to remind us it is not everything.
  23. If you fly a chopper, were in aviation in YUL, were alive in the early 70's or would just like a flight down memory lane, than this is for you. http://www.nfb.ca/film/trafficopter/
  24. The Animation is down right scary! http://www.ntsb.gov/Events/2010/Clarence-Center-NY/AnimationDescription.htm ************************************************************ NTSB PRESS RELEASE ************************************************************ National Transportation Safety Board Washington, DC 20594 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 2, 2010 SB-10-02 ************************************************************ CAPTAIN’S INAPPROPRIATE ACTIONS LED TO CRASH OF FLIGHT 3407 IN CLARENCE CENTER, NEW YORK, NTSB SAYS The National Transportation Safety Board determined that