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  1. Yes, Kip, it's a classic march. Was playing it on iTunes just last night. Funny how things go. I desperately wanted to fly in the RCAF, but as a landed immigrant from Barbados, and not yet a Canadian citizen, and also being married, I was not eligible for the ROTP. A direct-entry commission was also out of the question because I did not yet have a university degree. Desperately disappointed I trudged off to flight school, and ended up on my feet at Air Canada. I had a great career but AC was always my second choice: the RCAF was always my first choice. You were very privileged! Safe divin' Mon! IE.
  2. Hi Kip: Would that be the same as the RAF March Past, by Walford Davis? If so, I'm wid' ya' Bro'. My Dad was a RAF Bomber Command pilot, 15 Squadron, Wyton. Left Barbados in 1940, paid his own way to UK, and signed up. Best time of his life, but he left a bunch of his fellow Bajan volunteers in "Flanders Fields." Best thing was, he met the love of his life, my 86 year old Mum, during the war and married her and brought his wee Scottish bride home to Barbados. Tho' he passed away in 1988, I still miss him, and I can't hear The RAF March Past on CD in my car without blurred vision and a huge lump in my throat. It was because of him that I set the course of my life towards flying. Now that I have folded my wings, I'm even more grateful that I had the privilege of being part of the wonderful world of [civil] aviation. Thanks for the very eloquent reminder, Kip, that our profession is much bigger than the petty squabbles that engulf it from time-to-time. Very Best Regards, Iain Edghill.
  3. But Inchman, when you clear security in the USA after a layover you will have to go through their process. That's when it gets tricky. Glad it's not me anymore, but I still travel to the USA occasionally, and I don't like it one bit.
  4. Well Kip, it's kinda like a bumper sticker I once saw, a classic really: "I am neither for nor against apathy!" Like the sticker at the entrance to the simulator, "Just because yer paranoid, it doesn't mean that they're not out to get ya1" I went through the full-body scanner in DEN last month. My travelling companion went through conventional screening. When I made the pyramid with my fingers as ordered, I made sure that the middle finger was fully up. Nothing was noticed, or said. For a retired old flatulator like me, it's an issue but for active pilots it's an issue that should cause ALPA/ACPA/BALPA/Vereinigung Cockpit etc to set the parking brakes for a couple of days. Also CUPE [they down tools: they don't set the park brake]. Whether the intestinal fortitude exists to do that is another matter altogether. Hope all is well in Eastern Ontario.
  5. Great post as usual Don. What is completely missing from this entire discussion, and it is something that has deeply concerned me about Canada for a long time, is the complete absence of any discussion about "duties." Forget about the "inalienable rights" of the US and French constitutions [interestingly, the French constitution was copied almost carte blanche from the American, thanks to Mr. T. Jefferson, you remember him, the one who bleated non-stop about the inalienable right of [white] men to freedom from tyranny and oppression, whose bleating was simultaneously accompanied by the denying of those same "rights" to the black slaves on his plantations]. A better model would be the English Common Law from which most of our pre-1982 law in Canada was derived. Under the English Common Law, there were NO rights without collateral/commensurate duties. The existence of a "right" presupposed the existence of a corresponding "duty." With the 1982 repatriation of the Canadian constitution and the establishment of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms [note the nouns, "Rights" and "Freedoms" with no mention of duties], it was inevitable that it would come to this. A simple way of illustrating this would be my view that animals have no rights as such, but humans have a strong duty to NOT mistreat animals. Not one word has been mentioned by V&K, or by the FP60 litigants about their duties as members of the collective, especially since their careers, and the advancement thereof, depended on other members of the collective before them [CALPA/ACPA members] carrying out their duties and retiring as per the collective agreement. For me, this inordinate and unhealthy obsession with "rights", at the expense of duties, is a great danger to our profession and to society at large. It is only a matter of time before the younger and more junior members start pushing back at this trampling on their "rights," the right to 'normal' career advancement implied by the seniority/retirement provisions of the collective agreement, which is being denied them. Hope all is well with you Don. Keep up the perceptive posts! Best, IE.
  6. But there's the rub: these guys will not be working on a contract basis. They will be salaried employees and be part of the bargaining unit. I believe that is not allowed under CRA rules. Now, if they were to be contract pilots, that may be different but until now that scenario, probably not allowed under the collective agreement, has not emerged. AC has used contract simulator instructors for a long time, but they are not line pilots.
  7.! If the fp60 litigants think that this thing is going to stay within the CHRT's purview they're dreaming. Just wait until that CRA gets involved. Talk about The Law of Unintended Consequences!
  8. It was inherited from CALPA when ACPA became the bargaining agent for the Air Canada pilots. Prior to that, it had been a contractual clause since at least the early 70's when I joined AC. I suspect that is had been part of the CA "since time immemorial."
  9. It's still a significant expense that WJ does not have. However, IMO WJ should be required to provide the same bilingual services as AC as part of their AOC. Right now, an additional $100M would look good on the bottom line.
  10. Fido, you forgot translation services as required by the ACPPA. A figure I once heard was north of $100M/yr for translation services at AC. Don't know how true or accurate that number is.
  11. Well, Mr/Mrs/Ms. Zipped, I don't know if you're an AC employee, original or otherwise, but if you are I would respectfully suggest that it is time to make a visit to the personnel office with your resignation. Milton's the man until the new board of directors decides otherwise. Don't like it? Resign? Can't/won't work for him? You guessed it. There are hundreds of furloughed AC employees who'd love to take your place. Other than anecdotal evidence, you wouldn't happen to have any hard, objective numbers to back up your petulant claims, would you? I thought not!
  12. Yeah, and you're privy to all the confidential negotiations that are ongoing, you've spoken to Mr. Milton about the final post-CCAA business plan, you're in on all this stuff that no one else is. "Seems to me" that you're just blowing smoke, like 90% of all the other posts on this forum. "Seems to me" that you and some of your other name-calling colleagues, like Zipped, should take a pill, preferably 2.
  13. Mitch, you want SMOOTH, go fly on one of Mr. Boeing's products, preferably the 767.
  14. If you're so concerned, maybe you should tell them, and ensure that they know. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
  15. Don't know who or what you are Gurk, but that comment is purely nauseating. Free speech notwithstanding, you should be ashamed of yourself.
  16. Only the combis Greg. Wanna hear another hot one? Boeing is offering us another 3 -400 combis at rates that we cannot refuse [they were headed for Marana, AZ, and Boeing doesn't want the cracks full of scorpions and various and sundry critters]. Who knows? Cheers, Iain E.
  17. Several years ago, Pierre, Crew Sked called a friend of mine to inform them that he was being drafted. He replied that he couldn't be drafted as he had "been drinking." The clever crew scheduler said, "I'm drafting you...for tomorrow." His reply: "I've been drinking...after I finished scuba diving and being a blood donor." Crew sked's response was not documented. Cheers all, IE.
  18. Coming from someone with one of the best views in this industry, the left-seat of a Boeing 767, may I say that this is one of the best posts I've seen on this forum, right up there with most of Neo's. DS, you're right on! I would, however, disagree with you about your opinion on the way pilots view rampies. I certainly do not feel that way, and on the rare occasions that I have had disagreements with the lead, I have usually sought him out and we've resolved the issues face-to-face. We do, after all, work on the same team. Excellent post and keep 'em comin'! Best Regards, Iain Edghill.
  19. "A much broader spectrum?" All the pilots at the "legacy" airlines in the US. Broad representation has nothing to do with good policies. They may be all wrong. Try again.
  20. Man, things must be really boring if we're reduced to talking about facial hair? Where's all the outrage and indignation gone? This place is getting downright benign! P.S. Facial hair is allowed at all European airlines, but not in Canada. Everything else goes in this country, but not beards for pilots.
  21. FYI, every one of ACPA's policies was initially adopted virtually verbatim from CALPA. ACPA's constitution is virtually a mirror image of CALPA's, as is it's corporate structure.What does that do to your vaunted theory? Apart from being a training ground for AC & CP flight ops management, and having an almost incestuous relationship with AC & CP, what did CALPA ever do, except let the tail wag the dog? Why else did AC's VP Flt Ops, immediately after the decertification of CALPA, promptly appoint the former PRESIDENT of CALPA, and a LEC executive to AC flt ops management just so they could use their insider knowledge to counter ACPA. Labour experiment? C'mon!
  22. Because Justice Rand says you've gotta. Any other questions?
  23. WRONG! Neo is a respected member of the airline fraternity whose depth of perception of most of the issues facing the airline industry far exceeds most of ours. At least his posts NEVER fall into the petty slagging that sometimes appears on this forum. Neo, you're welcome in my flight deck ANYTIME, and I look forward to the next time we can share something more thirst-quenching on a layover. All the Best everyone. Iain Edghill.
  24. Right on, Dragon! By the way, is this BB, formerly of YYZ?