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  1. Pilot Fatigue & Other Health Issues

    There is no "jet lag" on a Florida- Toronto flight. It's the same time zone
  2. They talk about the"mission commander" and his mantra of bending the rules to get the job done. How about the opposite personality, i.e. the pilot who is always looking for a reason NOT to complete the mission or who always wants to ground the plane rather than work with maintenance to move forward. Many of these same guys claim that their cancellations or delays are because they are "safety first" guys, but I have worked with enough of them to call bs. Grounding a plane at an outstation or magically duty-ing out when the outstation just happens to be your domicile(as a commuter) is just not cool.
  3. Westjet Go Around SXM

    This is YYT today. no stabilized approaches there today!
  4. The irony is that that WestJet pilot was probably on the AC flight because his own airline had cancelled all their flights into YYT. I commute out of YYT and WestJet has had a disastrous winter here from a PR perspective making blanket cancellations based on forecast sometimes more than 24hrs out(And I'm not talking about days like today where the entire airport is shutdown). Ever since the runway overrun in YOW a couple of years ago they seem overly cautious while AC continues to operate without so much as a "landing subject" on the flight. YYT is never an easy place to operate into but they are really over the top this winter
  5. New Pilot Training Funding Model ?

    No it's more like they are making 200-300k overseas because if they came back to Canada, they would have to start at the bottom of the seniority list at a starting pay of around 60,000. There are a few exceptions where they could parachute in as a direct entry Captain(Sky Regional) but still that pay would only be about half of what they made overseas(and its taxable here in Canada).
  6. Any ideas?

    Anyone care to guess why chorus wanted this?
  7. OMG. What next !!

    Well serving alcohol is part of the Flight Attendants work duties and if she is was only FA onboard(I assume this was a 50 seat ERJ) then there is no way around it. It was part of the job description that she signed up for when she was hired. This case is without merit.
  8. All I want to know is how it is that you know that they have a residence to stay in Scotland. I have not seen that in any news report and I have followed this report closely
  9. Another large C-series order?

    Alternatively, BBD could leave the 150 market to Boeing and create a shortened version of the C series to accommodate scope.
  10. Huh? Pilots and FAs at AC stay at the same hotel on layovers for years now; the only time they would not is if the pilots and FAs were on different pairings and one group stayed at the short layover(i.e. Airport) hotel and the other group stayed at the long layover(i.e. Downtown ). That is the standard for most North American carriers and has been since the 1990's
  11. Republic Files Ch11 Due Pilot Shortage

    Strange how he refers to the Q400 as an" out of favor(both with pilots and passengers) aircraft" while airlines in Canada are operating more and more of them. Also if Republic is a feeder for the majors in the US, where does their supposed C series order fit? Aren't they scoped? There is no mention of the C series order in the article
  12. AC Intends to Buy C Series

    Apparently Bombardier will not be taking the remaining 25 E190s off AC's hands as part of the deal. Seems then to be a bit of a gamble on AC's part since the E190 is not in demand on the used marketplace
  13. Unifor Positon on Passes

    So how did the January meeting go?
  14. Cat III up and running at St John's

    You mean the soon to be Georgian CRJ 200 fleet? Sad but true Is Georgian leaving the HUDs in the former Jazz CRJ as they aquire them? And are they training their crews on how to use it?
  15. Cat III up and running at St John's

    I believe they are Cat IIIa certified which gives them the same approach ban as full Cat III(600 RVR) but has a DH of 50 feet. The same applies to Jazz CRJ 705 and Q400, thanks to the heads up display. All non Cat III or Cat IIIa aircraft, which is Porter, Encore, and all Embraer aircraft will be limited to Cat II approach ban of 1200 RVR