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  1. neverminds

    Air Georgian and Air Canada

    The pilots are being offered DOH with Jazz.
  2. So 703/704 operators have 4 years to implement 12 hours bottle to report and 705 operators have 2 years to implement it(if they don’t already?)
  3. This is probably a stupid question but is the12 hour bottle to report rule effective immediately or is their an implementation window for that as well?
  4. neverminds

    Departure Attitudes

    I recognize that AC Captain’s voice. I think there is another audio recording of him flying into or out of JFK/LGA/EWR and being a complete jackass to ATC
  5. neverminds

    90 Seat Q400

    Yes Jazz is 78 seats. We are scoped by ACPA at 80 seats for turboprops(and 76 for jets). So if AC wants to jam 90 seats into a Q400 then ACPA Pilots would have to fly them
  6. neverminds

    When You're Called in On Reserve

    Nah this is better
  7. neverminds

    WestJet to introduce 737 premium cabin

    Like I said, Canadian part deux. Tier 3(Pacific Coastal) and 2(Encore). Unionized pilots and soon FA, international expansion, now business class. Low cost carrier to cannibalize mainline routes etc.
  8. neverminds

    WestJet to introduce 737 premium cabin

    And with that, WestJet has become almost indistinguishable from the former Canadian Airlines