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  1. Jack was a senior WJ captain until his massive stroke about 15 years ago. His mind is still 100% but his motor skills have suffered greatly, including his typing. Please give him a break as he is still highly respected.


    Moon The Loon

  2. Well if it’s a link to something then I’m unable to open it. Otherwise it’s completely nonsensical
  3. Any idea if this means the DH8 100/200/300 lines will be restarted?
  4. The pilots are being offered DOH with Jazz.
  5. So 703/704 operators have 4 years to implement 12 hours bottle to report and 705 operators have 2 years to implement it(if they don’t already?)
  6. This is probably a stupid question but is the12 hour bottle to report rule effective immediately or is their an implementation window for that as well?