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  1. Unlike car owners, don't airlines have hedges on their fuel? Such that regardless of what happens to the price per barrel, they pay the same price per litre of jet fuel for the term of the hedge?
  2. Why did the US single out Australia as the only country worthy of E3 visas for pilots? Canada is closer and has more than enough surplus pilots that are ready and willing to work in the states
  3. Can the moderator please mute this idiot “Critical Thinker”? Go lurk in a flat earth dark web site where you belong
  4. A bucket of water would be far less effective than the fire extinguisher.
  5. Why does my meme keep disappearing? All it says is “ If you are not a scientist and you disagree about science with scientists, it’s actually not a disagreement. You’re just wrong”. Did the moderator find that in inappropriate?
  6. I saw elsewhere in the release that AC voting rights would not exceed 19.99% yet the 6% plus all warrants doesn’t come near 19.99%. Am I missing something?
  7. The release said a “third party” is making the bid. Since AC already owns 10% of Chorus is it still considered third party?
  8. Are they even going to bother to tell us what their acronym stands for. Looked through all of their literature and couldn’t find it anywhere
  9. So the “aviation minister” says that under his watch , he is aware of aviation exams being forged and pilot licenses being granted based on political favour. Either he is complicit or just is too lazy to try to stop it. What a country
  10. Internet-don’t know you but would love to share a pint with you.pm me airport aids are a disgrace esp for pilots and FA
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