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  1. Kargo..on this point, we agree. In my opinion, "lockdowns" are a very, very minimalist approach unless absolute and the benefits end with relaxation of the rules. What FA@AC may experience as a "lockdown" is different than what other communities in other communities experience. I also don't believe that we should place undue emphasis on the opinions of epidemiologists who study and report upon disease development and impact on populations. Virologists are the best source for information and they speak of organisms that respond to the population in which they reside and thrive. The media "raves" about variants and yet there are a multitude of variants as the Covid virus adapts ( mutates) to better ensure its survival in the host population which it can access. Restricting travel per se to inhibit the transmission of a variant is a fool's game. If that mutation enhances survivability, then it will be discovered by the virus in other locales on its own. That is why the UK variant or a semblance thereof was discovered in Canada in a person who had neither travelled nor had contact with anyone else who had travelled. This virus like all others is an "entity" that has an inherent desire to survive. Our bodies share the same desire. Some will prevail. With the benefit of science, we increase our likelihood of survival and thus the suppression of the virus.....which ( I fear) will simply go dormant.
  2. One or more of you can help me with numbers and percentages: The GTAA reports in 2020 total transborder/int'll arriving and departing pax was 208,000. Assume 50% arriving= 104,000 or 8600 per month or 289 per day. That number is lower in 2021. If 2.7% of travellers ... that's ALL travellers but let's just blame int'll/transborder....are infected that equals 8 people arriving in Toronto on average per day with Covid. BUT...that was before pre-arrival PCR testing. Ontario is now reporting about 1700 cases per day but just assume over the month of January there were 2000 averaged per day. If 2.7% of all cases in Ontario were attributed to travellers that would be approximately 50 pax per day. Since we "know" 8 of those came from outside Canada then 42 were domestic travellers. Houston....we have a problem! NEXT....if there ARE an average of some 300 arrivals/day the proposed hotel quarantine rules would require 1000 rooms. Hey! If I'm paying $2000. I want my OWN room. I'm not sharing with my significant other!! At 200 rooms per facility...that requires 5 hotels to sign on to "the plan". Are there that many "No tell motels" near the airport? Lol
  3. to go to our property and empty our fridge of the persishables we bought in anticipation of quarantine.
  4. You miss...or choose to ignore...my point.? First of all....most current air travellers are smarter than the average bear so as a group...they pose less risk. But there always a few that walk amongst us and you can protect yourself against them if so motivated by adhering to the clean; mask; distance protocol. Do that in your own best interests!! Don't rely upon others to " save" you. When I approach an intersection in my vehicle....I always assume the other guy is going to screw up. Same when boating. My wife and I go for a walk. We wear our masks. When someone approaches us on the sidewalk...we move off!! Overkill? Maybe but we are doing that which we mutually believe will mitigate our risk. If the government persists in this hotel quarantine madness..I'll remain in Florida...to lessen my risk. And damn...I'll have to get someone
  5. It's all driving me crazy!! Could we please start with the assumption that MOST are driven by the instinct for self-preservation. You don't WANT to get infected and die. Each of us....most of us....have the ability to take steps to mitigate our risk. The percentage of the population who cannot due to physical or mental frailty require the assistance of government. A recent assessment established that the majority of air travellers today are well-educated; older; and, above the norm in household income. They do NOT need the government's help. So....are "we" trying to protect the traveller or the persons with whom the traveller comes into contact upon returning home? Presumably....the "others". Who are they and why were they unable to protect themselves? Didn't they want to wear a mask or maintain social distance? I believe we ought to be encouraged to take responsibility for our own actions. Note....how much do ankle bracelets cost for monitoring purposes?
  6. I'm not sure where you're getting that. There was, I believe, a shared belief in Oct./Nov. that the introduction of one or more vaccines was imminent and that we were close to turning the corner. Air Canada recalled cabin crew and we began to contemplate a return to a semblance of normalcy by early summer. The vaccines arrived....in many countries... and is being distributed. There was a surge at the end of December but that had been previously experienced with few Chicken Little squacks and the numbers indicate another levelling. All that I know is that "our country 'tis of thee" failed to anticipate and act and is well behind the curve. Florida is leading the way...right after West Virginia!!....in distributing and administering the vaccine. I am on the appointment list and confirmed my eligibility. I am reasonably confident I will have both shots by the end of March. I would like to come home occasionally but I will forego the pleasure....and risk. Things may change but one should plan based upon the known facts; contingency planning based upon the unknown is akin to pulling out the old "eight ball".....or visiting a seer.
  7. Are you joking? I honestly hope so . Have you given ANY thought to those who left Canada and did so accepting the rules then in place and now find the goal posts have been moved?
  8. I just read that 41% of all " big-box" stores in Ontario are NOT incompliance with virus-spread avoidance rules. So...how many customers pass through each store's doors each day....1000 minimum? And how many such stores are there...50? I suspect the totals far exceed the number of air travellers on airlines that ARE complying with mitigation guidelines.
  9. I cannot say that I am surprised by those who suggest that our "rights" should not prevail over the "greater good". The same argument is made by "profilers" and I acknowledge that I have to be reminded of the adage; " Better 10 guilty persons go free than one innocent person be convicted." The Charter of Rights exists for very good reasons. If nothing else, it acts as a restraint against those who honestly believe that the suppression of rights can serve a greater good. I do not hold myself out as a Charter expert. However....no Act ( or regulation) of Parliament or the Legislatures can abridge the Charter rights without invoking the " notwithstanding clause". That provision is only available with respect to s.2 rights and those enumerated in section 7-15. In short...the right of citizens to mobility (s.6) cannot be abrogated even if the Parliament attempted to invoke the notwithstanding clause. The Quarantine Act permits of certain rules and regulations. Any regulation now proposed by the government would be subject to the Charter. It would be difficult to establish that the denial of " liberty"; the "arbitrary detention" of citizens; and restriction on mobility was demonstrably justifiable in a free and democratic society. This "plan" to detain returning citizens in hotels at their own expense is ill-conceived BUT...since I don't believe ALL bureaucrats and elected reps are stupid, I reiterate my belief that this is a psychological ploy to inhibit vacation travel.
  10. At what point do people say;. "Just a second. That's punitive!" Boestar...I ASSUMED they MUST mean the 14 day cost. I couldn't project how anyone...even government bureaucrats....could calculate $2000 per person for 3 days. I suspected the intention was to scare "March-breakers" into shelving travel plans. A hotel costs $100/day. Add the test at $100/person and food at $50/person. That's $800.....for two people!! Add administrative costs of $100/day. Clearly, $2000 per person for 3 days is not "cost recovery"! This is crazy. And will the government impose this cost ONLY on travellers who departed Canada after notice of this new "rule" or will it apply to those who left in November without any notice other than "we recommend against travel". That's akin to enacting a criminal law and imposing it retroactively. And what of the "free" quarantine hotels now made available to persons without suitable quarantine facilities? I stocked up my fridge/freezer in anticipation of quarantine. At this rate, I'll get in line here for vaccination and extend my health coverage and get someone to clean out the fridge. Meanwhile...back in Ontario where the PM wants me to remain....my buddy ( who I've had NO personal contact with for months) carries on his business building homes; meeting with realtors and tradesmen etc daily.....no masks. I have no doubt....there are better and more targeted ways to mitigate the risk.
  11. The esteemed PM acknowledges that travel accounts for a very small percentage of transmissions; "...but even 1 is more than zero." Brilliant!! $2000. for 3 days quarantine? I don't think so. Throw around large numbers to scare would-be travellers. That amount may be the cost of a 14 day hotel all-inclusive stay. Does Uber Eats deliver alcohol? My personal issue is my belief that I am at greater risk...much greater...quarantined in an hotel rather that on my "estate" (lol). This mad dash to protect Canadians is because of the "variants"....virus mutations. We have the UK; the Brazilian ( used to be a sexy description!); and the SA. There is evidence of these variants discovered with NIL evidence of any travel or traveller contact. So here's a question.....any realization amongst the cogniscenti that mutations occur based on location and "host type"? Enough cases, and Canadians could have their very own "variant". We MAY have the UK or Brazilian variants not by reason of importation but because of locally "bred" mutations. And all of these travel restrictions will be proven to be "much ado about nothing".
  12. In my opinion, the "problem" isn't travel per se; it's what one does upon arrival!! If "vacationing" the determinant is where and with whom. If returning home, the same is true. You can't "quarantine" if your household is shared and if it isn't stocked with necessities. I suggest it is (as it always is) all about enforcement. You get a few recalcitrants and put them in jail for a week and publicize the fact....you'll see more compliance. Right now....the undertaking to quarantine is meaningless; online daily check-in...the "no symptoms" option is highlighted..done! I got one automated call and one "live" call. Both on my cell. Me?? I was home but how many others saw technology as an easy way to dance around restrictions?
  13. Deicer....please don't use that story in support of a "stay at home" regime! The lady reported; " We're always ill for a week or so after going south." Sure. Then more than two weeks after arrival, they realize they are uninsured....five days before the insurance they arranged kicks in. Sure. I agree that they probably exported the virus to the US and should count themselves lucky survivors. If however they arrived Covid free and thereafter exercised all reasonable precautions....all I can say is...Sure.
  14. The repeated assertion is that the cost of the hotel quarantine is to be paid by the traveller. I noted that the NDP leader is quoted as demanding closure of the border to non-essential travel. Apparently no one has much respect for Charter rights or the necessity of "demonstrably justifying" an infringement. I wonder whether there has been any thought given to the limitation of certain mobility rights to Citizens. They do NOT extend to landed immigrants or other classes of non-citizen residents. Personally, my health risk would be significantly magnified were I to be compelled to quarantine in a hotel for 14 days rather than at my home. Methinks they're shooting from the lip....trying to distract from their collective failure to secure vaccines for Canadians. And to cover up failures to adequately plan for and enforce the pre-entry virus testing program. In Sarnia, Ontario there was a Covid outbreak and a death attributed to a freighter that docked last fall for repairs. The City is now raving about the economic boom of 11 ships coming in for work.....and not one word about testing the crew for covid!! Ontario is "bragging" about conducting 23,000 Covid tests. Does that include tests obtained and paid for by travellers...at $200 a pop? And meanwhile, yesterday Michigan reported conducting more than double the tests ....and a PCR test in Michigan runs around $75.00
  15. I was looking at the figures but Boestar did the work and I was saved the trouble. Seriously....I'm wondering how we collectively can most strongly make a statement that is heard. I flew Delta the other day from YYZ to PBI. I never came within 6 ft. of anyone and everyone was wearing a mask. On board...middle seats blocked and the computer assigns seats to maintain separation. There was no one in front or behind us. As of tomorrow....anyone entering the US must have a negative test. Canada already has that requirement. So why are "they" trying to kill the airline industry with repeated comments about mandatory 14 day quarantines in an airport hotel? This irresponsible and uninformed commentary has to be stopped!! And there is the NDP leader urging a complete travel ban on non-essential travellers. Sir....does the Charter mean ANYTHING to you? By the way....I wonder how many appreciate that CITIZENS have a Charter right of entry; not "landed immigrants"?
  16. Well, guys.....I repeat my comment about cavalier responses to warning sensors. I acknowledge readily that lack of use can result in "issues"....but they remain issues. My wife was driving to work the other day when a number of warning lights came on including "check engine". I was reminded of a "Big Bang" episode when Sheldon got upset because Penny attached no significance to an engine warning light.....just before the car died. I asked my wife to pull off the road and check oil. She did....ok. I called "resource" and was told okay to drive to work but.....Then time permitting, ran diagnostics. Defective sender rear wheel. Point is...there is a purpose for the existence of the senders and warning lights and they must be respected.
  17. Hey' How did you get that word past the censors?
  18. Deicer....you're clearly someone who has travelled extensively and is familiar with the best locales. Can you tell me where in Haiti one should bookmark as a suitable place for tourists/revellers to go to both drink and **bleep** ( or forniquer)?
  19. But the point is....you are trying to assure the public that an aircraft type is safe. It presumably has been gone over with a fine tooth comb. Warning lights are not supposed to activate in the absence of a fault. If there is no fault, there is an electrical issue including the possibility of a defective sender. Swap out the sensor/sender and all is well? Why did that sensor fail? To say; "All is well" is, in my opinion, too simple and cavalier a response.
  20. Speaking of which...and it has nothing to do with "Covid mitigation measures"..... I was just told a story of an FA at AC who radioed the Capt at the initiation of takeoff out of LHR to abort. He went wayyyyyyy out on a limb because of a pax's insistence that she had a bag tag on her ticket that was not hers. The pax explained that when she and two companions were checking in, two men with an elderly lady approached and asked that they keep an eye on their grandmother who didn't have any experience in retrieving baggage. The agent assumed the elderly lady was with the pax and put her baggage tag on the ticket of the pax. On board and upon realizing that, the pax notified the FA. And...most importantly....the FA had the gumption to respond. The flight was parked away from the terminal in a position of safety and all baggage offloaded. The elderly woman was NOT on the plane. The common folk will never know what was in "her" bag. And so I asked; " What recognition was given to that FA for his/her courage?" and was dismayed to hear..."None!" Just another day in the life, I guess.
  21. Well, Mr. Prime Minister....the best way to curtail the recent surge in theft is to cut off the left..no...right hand of the offender. And tear down the houses of the immediate and related families. That will stop the buggers!! Lord...protect me from substitute teachers and their mentors!
  22. This drives me crazy....though some would say it was a short trip!! Seriously... the government temporarily exempted Haiti from its mandatory testing order while reminding Canadians repeatedly that travel outside of the country was discouraged. And who precisely was travelling to and from Haiti....not known as a tourist hotspot? Well, you know....if the government by imposing testing rules indirectly prevented travel to Haiti, it would be accused of "discrimination". Can't have that now, can we? So...exempt travellers from a country with NO covid "protection" and place Canadians at greater risk. At least you won't be labelled "rascist"!! In Ontario, it has now been acknowledged that migrant workers are a significant community of infected persons posing a risk to the public at large. Quelle surprise!! They've known THAT in central Florida for months. Something about close living quarters? And now the absolutely brilliant Premier of la belle province opines that "quarantine hotels" would be a good idea though he prefers a complete shutdown of "non-esdential" air travel. Sir....may I ask? What was your position on Covid mitigation efforts last Spring? A little " johnny come lately", no?
  23. Boestar.... Your position is that flights are cancelled not as a business decision per se but rather by reason of restrictions imposed by the government and for that reason, the airline that didn't operate a flight should be able to offer a credit rather than cash refund. Have I correctly summarized your position? I suggest that the restrictions imposed by Canada are not unduly onerous; quarantine of arriving pax and, recently, negative Covid tests. These restrictions are imposed upon the pax and not the airline. I suggested that if it is the pax that cancels...because they don't want to quarantine or pay for a test.....they bear the consequence. The reluctance of pax to actually book a flight is an entirely different issue. The airlines are responsible for flight management and decisions on when and where to offer flights. Once they make a decision to fly from x to b on a particular date and offer seats for sale, they are obliged to operate. If they choose not to operate because not enough seats were sold, the absolute LEAST they can do is refund the money. To say that the money has already been spent and isn't available for refund is to support the argument that airline operations are an elaborate Ponzi scheme. I note that in assessing whether to "plan" our travel now, we look first at loads generally and if light one way but good the other, we assume the flight will operate. If both legs are empty....we look for an alternative assuming that flight will be cancelled. I suggest again that the decision to cancel is a business decision and one of the relevant factors should be the loss of booked revenue.....the refund of fares paid. Compare airline operations with restaurants. The immediate impact of government restrictions on restaurants is indisputable....and yet, no offer of assistance is forthcoming notwithstanding the absence of any evidence of correlation between the restrictions imposed and the reduction in virus transmission. If Canada was to mandate " no fly"....THEN the airlines would have a stronger argument for financial relief.....notwithstanding the denial of same to restaurants.
  24. Thank you, J.O. When I contacted Public Health about abbreviating the quarantine period by leaving Canada, it was suggested I report my intent to CBSA upon arrival. I did so and was told; " Tell Public Health". No one said it would be easy!!
  25. Aced? Lol We just came north a few days ago though I wish it hadn't been necessary. We learned of the CDC Order the night before departure. I got the PCR...$199. ...in 24 hours and had to explain to the gate agent where the type of test taken was indicated and the result. On arrival, perusal by the CBSA can best be described as perfunctory...and brief! I would never do it but it would be a simple task to change the date on the test result and no one would be the wiser. After clearing into Canada, there was a lady there offering free tests to arriving pax. I was compelled to ask whether departing pax could also be tested free. You know the answer. And now I'm in quarantine BUT....we hope to return to the US on the 24th before the new US rules kick in. My quarantine ends when I leave. Employees in YYZ can get a free PCR test but unfortunately, that only benefits people who live there since you'd need to get it done two days before sched departure. As an aside...the CDC Order exempts airline crew. I wrote to ask whether that was limited to operating crew or included commuters. No response so called number provided. No connection (error). I'm hoping that the exemption will be similar to Canada.
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