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  1. Vsplat ...the operative words above are "self-medicating". I thought you might be talking about Ivermectin in your earlier post and I hope you won't mind me clarifying a few matters. 1. Ivermectin has been an approved medication for humans for some years for treatment of parasitic infections. The emphasis here is "humans" because the formulation and dosage is specific to human consumption. Taken as prescribed, the drug has no known adverse human affects. 2. There is an entirely different formulation of Ivermectin that is intended for use in animals. 3. I do not know of any recommendation by anyone....excluding stuff like the video posted above....that promotes the use of ANIMAL Ivermectin by humans for ANY purpose. 4. On THIS forum, Seeker remarked that absent any negative risk and minimal cost, why not take Covid for the treatment of Covid symptoms if it MIGHT be beneficial. That comment unfortunately was misconstrued and perhaps taken out of context. 5. Ivermectin has NOT been approved by the FDA for the treatment of Covid 19 but testing is ongoing. It has been prescribed by many physicians seeking to find something to relieve their patient's suffering and anecdotally, there have been many positive results reported. 6. I personally know a pilot who was infected by Covid. His physician prescribed Ivermectin. He had a swift recovery which may or may not have been attributable to Ivermectin. The same fellow thereafter got both shots of Pfizer. 7. There are a LOT of drugs being assessed for effectiveness in the treatment of Covid symptoms. You probably know that thalidomide was introduced as an anti-nausea and anti-anxiety drug. It later became approved for use in cancer treatment. It was tested in a limited trial of patients with Covid and was found to reduce the need for ICU treatment by over 300%. Remarkable. Similar studies are ongoing.
  2. See what happens, A330? You post something from the Lincoln Project and you get folks like Vsplat confused and concerned! ?
  3. Which medication is being embraced that has never been "tested" on humans? Whatever that medication may be, how did you discern that its promoters are anti-vaxxers? I assume Innuendo, Deicer and DH know and I may stand alone in my ignorance but I have no idea what medication you're referencing.
  4. And look at all the problems ( and "raised" expectations) THAT has caused!! Lawyers can't use Viagra. It makes them taller. ??
  5. Deicer....come on....be fair in this "discussion". I'm not passionately advocating for the use of Ivermectin. And I'm reasonably certain you know that. With little on my plate, I looked at the use of anti-virals in this battle. I noted that in one study of cyclovir use in 48 "in viro" applications, there were 39 positive results ; 9 neutral and no negatives. The only approved anti-viral is remdesivir but other drugs are being used in an effort by front-line physicians to save their patients. Their use continues to be "studied" by the FDA. You can say that these drugs are not approved for anything other than fighting herpes or shingles but I suggest that if they save one life from Covid without costing any.....approval be damned! "Legitimate medical practitioners...". Really? I expect more of you than that! I defer to Seeker.
  6. Deicer.....where did you get the idea that Ivermectin is being compared to a vaccine? Clearly, they are not at all the same thing. Creating a "great divide"; characterizing opposing opinions as harbored by "fringe elements" is, in my opinion, not very conducive to an upward trajectory of the learning curve. I hold no brief for any side and the only fringe with which I am familiar is the one around my carpet. However....it offends me that for reasons unknown, people are using the fact that a drug is misused to support an argument that it has no place in the arsenal used to fight Covid. Surely there must be a consensus that the deaths and serious illnesses caused by Covid infections must be stopped. Any and all reasonable means to achieve that goal must be pursued. I say again...no one should take ANY medication for any purpose without first consulting with and being guided by their physician. Don't you agree?
  7. Repetition is not correlated with persuasion. Bleach is to Ivermectin what a bucket of water is to a fire extinguisher. ?? Deicer...Ivermectin is currently being used by numerous physicians to treat Covid. That is simply a fact. Why is that so bothersome? Is there a fear that if an effective treatment is found (proven) then there will be greater resistance to vaccination?
  8. A drug-related story that may be of general interest. Many years ago, a frequent contributor to this forum was diagnosed with a particularly lethal form of cancer. While I began working on his eulogy, he began his research. This fellow has always been keen on the acquisition of knowledge and unrelenting in his search for answers. Very quickly, he became very knowledgeable about our immune system and how it could be protected and even enhanced to resist the spread of his cancer. He essentially became a drug expert and bio-chemist as he fought against both the disease and the medical establishment. Eventually, he devised a "drug cocktail"; a combination of drugs for an "off label" use that he was certain would prolong his life. And then began the hard slog to "sell" his idea to the doctors who could prescribe the medications. It was at times almost over-whelmingly frustrating trying to convince doctors to push the envelope....to test the limits....and it was HIS body he was putting at risk. Eventually but in time...he got the emergency authorizations required and took that cocktail. He prevailed. When I last saw him a few years ago, he was still pedalling as hard as he could and revising drugs as needed to re-build or reinforce the dams he had constructed. That was almost 20 years after I did a first draft of that eulogy.....one I never had to finish.
  9. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0166354220302011 Deicer.....I 'm not pasting the whole article but this is a report of the results (preliminary) from initial clinical trials published over a year ago. Like the CDC consumer ( emphasis!) release you quoted, there is a similar release by the FDA. Both are focussed on human consumption of a drug manufactured for animals. Both urge prior consultation with a physician and strict compliance with dosage directions before taking Ivermectin. Personally...I think that's a reasonable course of action before taking ANY drug.
  10. Do not swallow ivermectin products that should be used on skin (e.g., lotions and creams) or are not meant for human use, such as veterinary ivermectin products. Pretty sure that reflects what I said above.....people have to be told not to ingest body lotions and drugs intended for animals. Ivermectin has not been PROVEN to prevent Covid or as an effective treatment. Testing continues.
  11. Fox News: Rolling Stone forced to issue an 'update' after viral hospital ivermectin story turns out to be false. https://www.foxnews.com/media/rolling-stone-forced-issue-update-after-viral-hospital-ivermectin-story-false
  12. This is crazy!! The forum is intended for the honest exchange of opinion and any attempt to muzzle the expression of honestly and reasonably held opinions is offensive. Do your own research, for God's sake. Don't just parrot what others say! When hydroxychloroquine was touted, fools began to ingest chlorine. Public announcements about guidances are designed to be consumed and understood by the masses; to prevent confusion and protect people from the consequences of their own ignorance. Ivermectin has potential benefits. The extent of those benefits are unproven but there is "reasonable confidence" that in PROPER dosages, Ivermectin MAY have significant therepeutic benefits. SO SAYS THE CDC!! The "problem" arose because fools began hunting down and ingesting dosages intended for livestock. DH...you "preach" safety. Do a little research on the negative impact on humans of ingestion of Ivermectin in appropriate dosages and for a restricted time. How do I know? Some years ago, I took Ivermectin as a preventative measure suspecting the possibility of a tapeworm infection. Apart from that extra finger...there were no side effects.? The developers of Ivermectin received the Nobel Prize in 2015 because of the innovative treatment of roundworm. Of course, you all knew that because you're computer literate and familiar with Google. I for one agree with Seeker. I would consult with my doctors first but having done so I know; I would take Ivermectin in controlled amounts and in dosages appropriate for humans if I contracted Covid.
  13. I wonder about "cause and effect"; do we contribute to mutations by reason of targeted vaccines? I thought the vaccines delivered the "message" to the immune system to develop antigens to recognize the Covid virus, "assisting" those whose own immune system would not otherwise react quickly enough. If you require a vaccine for every variant and we decide everyone has to be vaccinated and not just the "immune deficient", we'll be pin cushions! HIV mutates rapidly but I understand it's the transfer process itself that generates "errors" which result in the mutations. In the case of Covid, mutations seems "designed" by the virus itself to increase transmissibility. To my mind, the focus should perhaps be on identifying the "weakness" in the immune systems of those in the population who are vulnerable. It was of interest to learn that the black and latino populations were more susceptible to hiv just as they are more susceptible to covid. Very different viruses and yet there is a common path somewhere that affords those viruses access.
  14. Hmm! Seems as though you and I once again passed each other without effective communication; ie..our meanings were misunderstood. I was ( as usual) ONLY remarking upon your reference to medical malpractice practitIoners which I interpreted as a suggestion that lawyers might see greater numbers of culprits than actually existed. I would not presume ( nay, never) to comment upon your statistical analyses. Some might...but never me. Regardless, my very limited comment resulted in your recitation of safety practices. I just KNEW that DH would positively respond to the implicit suggestion that litigation ( or the threat thereof) was incompatible with incident-based learning; the promotion of disclosure as a prophylactic. I'm not sure that the use of checklists in medicine can be attributed to pilot practices. Some might believe that the use of checklists in medicine AND aviation was an indirect result of those pestilent litigators. Having a recorded memo or independent log of compliance with protocol aids in the defence. For the same reason, grocery stores maintain an hourly log ( or more frequent) of " floor inspections" etc to establish the exercise of reasonable care. There are a LOT of " slip and fall" cases. "Stake-holders"? We're ALL interested in aviation safety; and automobile safety; and boating safety; and....etc However, we do not all agree on how that common goal is best-achieved. I am sure you know that but for civil litigation, many of the safeguards we now take for granted in transportation would not exist. At the end of the day, commercial pilots and others similarly situated are "mere" employees. They operate the equipment they are given. Decisions on whether or not innovative techniques are adopted to enhance pax safety are oft-times solely based upon a cost and risk assessment by "management". Lawyers ....good lawyers....by staying at the forefront of change tend to ensure that the cost of NOT making the "right" choice is cost prohibitive. No....not for altruistic reasons....no one works willingly for free unless it's in their best interests. Their incentive is compensation but the end result (hopefully) is enhanced public safety.
  15. Now then.....just a sec. May I first say that medical malpractice lawyers are few and far between. It requires a LOT of work and study to have any functional idea of the relationship between what occurred and the reasonable expectation of what SHOULD have occurred. May I add that I have no clue as to the meaning of the first quoted sentence. Continuing....I had maybe 10 medical malpractice cases. They were all defended out of one firm in Toronto. One of the defence lawyers I encountered was an MD as well as an LL.B One of my cases involved a lady who died of a heart attack. She was diagnosed by the emergency physician with indigestion. He conducted no blood tests and mis-read the ECG. In another, my client was admitted for a tubal ligation. She almost died. The gynecologist cut a blood vessel during the operation that wasn't anywhere near the operative field. To get an expert for the plaintiff, I had to bring in a fellow from Chicago. No one local was prepared to testify though there were a number who were ready to help with one hand over their mouth. Bottom line....as in every "trade", mistakes are made. Doctors tend to be a tad more protective of each other. Like some pilots....individually, they never err; but others do.
  16. Speaking of problems....I have two questions; 1) how come you never see anything about the thousands of Canadians who have CDC cards to establish their vaccination status; 2) anyone else here ( vaccinated) who are experiencing an exaggerated response to insect bites?
  17. Exactly what IS "Moraphine"? Sometimes these forums and the exchanges therein become......less than informative. Boestar....I know you were referring to morphine...tongue-in-cheek. Ivermectin in combination with other drugs has been shown to reduce the severity of Covid infections and the need for hospitalization. There were a number of studies done about a year ago that indicated "high confidence". What is now claimed about the Pfizer vaccine and others? They reduce the severity of infection. Deicer and others deride the use of Ivermectin. What inanity!! Do I know anything about the drug other than what I have read? Of course not but at least I "read" rather than scanned social media for humourous memes. Just over a year ago, a pilot I know was infected with Covid as was his wife whose mother died as a result of infection. His wife became a "long-timer". He decided, after some research, to take this ivermectin combo. He quickly recovered. Was that due to the drug? Who knows. He forwarded the research paper to me and I sent it on to a physician acquaintance who in turn circulated it among a medical group of which he was a participant. The results were mixed but it was generally accepted that there was a reasonable degree of confidence that Ivermectin might significantly reduce symptoms without adverse effects. Personally, were I to be infected, I'd welcome any medication likely to reduce symptoms. The elimination of tapeworms would be a bonus! Lol
  18. Guys... Please...question EVERYTHING!! This recent blowup about Ivermectin comes about because people were buying the product at livestock suppliers. Obviously, the dosages were a LOT higher for livestock so people became ill. Ivermectin is a widely used medication for parasitic infections like ringworm. Taken at a dosage appropriate for humans, it's harmless. It is "off label" for treatment of a viral infection but there are many very capable physicians who believe it is therapeutic.
  19. I had a lengthy response typed but it disappeared. The Covid discussion is more important but let me say this: 1) I don't recall EVER suggesting " porn" was suitable for 6 year-old children. Really?? 2) If I had young children who were within my control, I could restrict their access to internet content I believed to be inappropriate. You know one can do that, right? 3) there are some who believe that depictions of the naked body constitute "porn". I would not prevent my child from viewing an unadorned human. Would you? Enough. I apologize. I only intended to make the point that one man's porn is another man's art but at some point, their perceptions coincide.
  20. GDR.....I'm not trying to be a smartass but on what do you base the assertion that "porn sites" are doing "tremendous damage" to our kids today? What constitutes "porn"; nudity; simulated sexual activity? What type of damage is suffered and how does it become "tremendous"? This isn't "thread drift" per se. As with Covid vaccine comments, sometimes a very large net is cast for a few very small fish.
  21. I think that makes sense and I have confessed my susceptibility to confusion engendered by statistics and reportage. I followed the link from Vsplat and again suggest that the intent/bias of the reporter must always be considered. For example....within that Snopes-type article, reference is made to Alabama and the low rate of vaccination. It is indicated that 509 unvaccinated people died from Covid-related causes and only 20 vaccinated people died. Only 30% of the population is vaccinated. Clearly there is a reduction in the mortality rate if we had a "zero" date....but if the total of deaths is from the beginning and the vaccinated number is calculated 8 months later, the number of "post-vaccination" deaths will be significantly less regardless. Look at it another way. The US hit 500,000 Covid-related deaths on Feb.21st, 2021. It now sits at 650,000 deaths. In 6 months, the number of deaths is 150,000; a death rate that is about 40% less ( per 6 months) than the preceding 12 months. Is that a result of vaccinations? It might be given that there was a high vaccination rate beginning in January, 2021. But I don't know.
  22. I was vaccinated early this year in Florida. I continue to have questions/issues with mRNA but every day brings a new revelation. I continue to be confounded by the numbers notwithstanding the valiant effort of IHG ( whom I owe a beer) to "right my ship". Assume the Pfizer vaccine had 90% efficacy...now diminishing. In other words, it had limited benefit to 10% of receipients. The first response to that observation will understandably be; "But it reduces severe symptoms, hospitalization and death to less than 1%". Aren't those the same numbers we heard originally...before the vaccines were developed? And as more people are vaccinated, 1% becomes an ever- increasing number. If everyone in the US was vaccinated, almost 4 million...4 million...would have breakthrough infections that resulted in severe and life-threatening illness. One thing of which I am sure; one cannot reasonably compare this pandemic to the consequences of annual influenza infections.
  23. This type of proceeding is a LOT more complicated than is conveyed by the news story. The Code prescribes the amount of severance pay to which an employee not dismissed for cause is entitled. A number of cases have established that this is a minimum and can be increased by reference to a number of factors including age, position, length of employment etc. Where a bonus was so routine an element of compensation, it is normalized and will be considered in calculating proper compensation. I don't know about travel passes.....haven't we already had the discussion about the " right" to passes....and priority???
  24. But...but.....You'd feign goodwill to ensure mechanical fitness? Surely you jest? The premise was that pilots and lawyers shared a characteristic with "journos"; they were innumerate...lacking in fluency in the maths. Thin or thick.....that HAS to cut the skin of many pilots who take pride in their calculation of many flight factors including how much per hour for each piece of equipment in which seat and what can be held. As for lawyers....well, one might reasonably be deceived given the propensity of some to persist in the belief that between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm, there are 12 billable hours.! ???
  25. Forgive me but yet another editorial comment... Within a thread called; "Travel in the pandemic", wouldn't it make sense to focus on the travails of travel? What is required of one to travel NOW to France or the Maldives or Dubai? Let's keep it updated-- a useful resource created by people who have gone through the process. I may want to go to CDG in August. I know I can't get on the crew bus to the hotel....but what should I know about clearing in....what docs are required? I already know that travellers will attempt to avoid restrictions....it's a common theme in the press ( damn typesetters)....but collectively as travellers, we are better-served by knowing what are those restrictions.
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