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  1. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/business/2014/10/air-france-flight-447-crash/amp As a non-aviator, I found this article VERY unsettling. Read in the afternoon....spent the night in that cockpit. NOT a good sleep!
  2. Surprised no discussion of this recent incident when pilots on approach to CDG reported control issues and initiated go round. Turns out....nothing wrong with aircraft controls. The pilots were inputting conflicting commands!! There was nil verbal communication reported and the inconsistent commands continued during initiation of go around. Good to know aircraft not the issue. Bad to know the problem was the "human element".
  3. Somewhat along the same lines, at what point would one lose consciousness in a rapid and uncontrolled dive of 20,000 feet? If the aircraft levelled out at 9000, one assumes an element of control, however brief; that is at least one occupant of the cockpit was conscious. Again admittedly from a position of ignorance, I share the doubt regarding that brief pause in descent. However, I would expect an attempt to resume flight if crew was conscious and as stated, that effort would surely result in separation of the wings.
  4. Thanks for the response, JL. I think I misinterpreted your post to which I responded.
  5. Just wondering where you got the info as to the distance between the outer wing debris and main wreckage AND....what formula enables one to determine height of "failure" from that distance? Is it your opinion that "failure" occured at tod or at 9500 based on that calculation?
  6. From the sidelines.....if there was structural failure involving the tail assembly which would I understand result in uncontrolled rapid descent.....how could the aircraft level and even slightly climb at Fl 9500 (+/-) according to Flight Radar? After seconds, the rapid descent resumed.
  7. Damn!! You had to ask that question, didn't you? My hand is raised. We confirmed with our insurer....turn off the water and home inspections not required. So we turn off the water....but turning off the circuit breaker for the heater wasn't on the checklist. BUT....it IS on the list for the boat. Not made of money so therefore accept characterization of "dumb".
  8. I'm flying north on the 17th of this month. Any takers on a bet that the "suspension" of pre-arrival PCR testing will be after? Lol Just a quickie ...in Florida, at Walgreens, the NAAT test is called "ID Now". Results are emailed within 24 hours . If one requests "PCR", you get the "full Monty" and results usually take 2 days.
  9. Wolf..... Were you known for subtlety? First I confess that I am NOT a sailboater; I need "more power, Scottie!" I recommend a forum..."The Hull Truth" as a source of commentary on the "joys" of boating. Though we have done the Great Loop twice and gone up and down the East coast a few more times, our "blue water" experience....Lake Huron to Florida to Grenada and back to St.Maarten....was singular and really was an adventure. We were novices on a motor yacht that could (and should) have carried more pax. We were anchored at the north end of Guadeloupe trying to assess the likely path of an east-bound storm. We were scared. We went north...first to Nevis and cautioned to move on....arrived at St.Maarten two days before "Lenny"....a category 5. Not a pleasant experience and that was enough "adventuring" for me!! We're now on a small express cruiser.....sorry, only one berth....and the farthest we will venture is to the Exumas in the Bahamas once all of the Covid-related restrictions end.
  10. Tango.....I'm at a loss for words! That's not true....I lied. I ALWAYS have a word (or two) in the tank. But I have to clarify; I was only prevented from getting to the boat ( berthed in Florida) for March and April, 2020. The boat is in storage from June until November each year. Once launched and in the water, we travel back and forth to Ontario as time and circumstances permit. Last season, that meant longer periods up north to quarantine each trip or high premiums for extended medical insurance. Owning and enjoying a boat has been part of my life for 40 years. Whenever I think of stepping away, I am drawn back. And none of it would be of much pleasure but for my wife. And as an aside, you might be surprised by the dozens of commercial pilots we've met over the years who share the same pleasure.
  11. I tried for that "just because"....but my address was identified as a business address (marina) so no joy.
  12. JO....touch wood but no issues...so far. We most recently got our rapid tests at our local Shoppers in Ontario..$40 each.
  13. So what you do is get the negative rapid test in Canada and go to the US. On the first day of your two week vacation, get a free PCR test. We are assuming this traveller had Covid in the past so a positive result is generated. Now that traveller can return to Canada at the end of vacation.....no worries!! And....if they travel frequently cross-border, have your local MD provide a certificate of health and your positive pcr is good for the season....a "quasi-passport".
  14. My brother just returned from Cuba. He came home to find his son's family in quarantine. His daughter-in- law came down with Covid. She hadn't travelled anywhere
  15. Lol.....note that you guys recognized the reference!! By the way...CTV reports of the results of a study on false positives from rapid antigen tests. The percentage of positives during the study period was very low BUT of those, 42% were false positive. Since I'm known to err due to my advanced...VERY advanced age.....trust but verify.
  16. MOST IMPORTANTLY, IF YOU DECIDE TO TRAVEL ANYWAY AND SOMETHING GOES WRONG, WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR OR READ YOUR WHINES. Quote I don't know the author of the post from which this was extracted but I for one do want to know the hurdles encountered during travel. Canada recommends against international travel ( including the US) and shortly after, the US raises the warning level for Canada to Level 4; don't go. And yet, the greatest risk of infection for both Canadians and Americans is community spread; the carriers are their friends and families. Again....so little of it makes sense. Omicron didn't originate elsewhere and migrate to NA. It evolved wherever it was ....BC; On; Fl; Ca....but remarkably in the same way without (known) communication. How in God's name does it do that? I really, really want to travel but I'm simply not prepared to cross all of the barriers that have been or may be erected in a futile attempt to limit the spread. Apologies but commuting between residences located in two countries doesn't qualify ( to me) as travel. Friends just flew to the Bahamas and have vowed; "No more!" On another forum....post after post by people who had Covid previously; were fully vaccinated and "boostered"; and....got Covid again!! When will it end? Will it end? Where the hell is "the Shadow" when you need an answer?
  17. I was planning my return home to "re-set" my insurance. Scheduling the FREE PCR test is problematic given the current load on labs and trying to coordinate the likely time of result to flight schedules. If I got the test on Friday, I had only one flight in the window of opportunity. If I got it Saturday, there were three flights BUT the first two were 42 and 46 hours post-test. So....off to the airport boarding pass in hand waiting for that email. It didn't come. Return home for a beer ( or two) and wait and again head to the airport still awaiting the email with test results. The flight was delayed. Just as well....the email came right around sched departure. Is there any stress associated with travel? Yup!! I know of other travellers scheduling multiple tests in an effort to increase the probability of a timely result. They don't seem to appreciate that they are adding to the burden on the system.
  18. Found that Moeman but I very much appreciate you taking the time to "retrieve and post". I'll be damned if I can figure out the rationale given the high number of re-infections. I assume (never do that) the explanation relates to the period of time one would test positive even though fully recovered.
  19. Rudder.....essential info almost lost in the deluge of articles! Can you expound? If I get tested on Saturday and get a positive result, I thought I couldn't get on the plane. If I understand you correctly, 10 days after the positive test, I'm "good to go"? So the requirement of a test being conducted within 72 hours of the flight is bypassed? And no quarantine on arrival? Do you have a reference? Thx bunches
  20. I want to write to someone and complain but I've noted the deity never responds within my timeframe (life). Notwithstanding Ontario's drastic response ( a little late?), I keep reading that essentially everyone can expect to be exposed to the virus and most will have no or minimal symptoms. Glad to read you're a "minimalist", Mo and hope you recover fully soon, Leeroy. I am reluctantly returning to Ontario on Monday with fingers crossed that I will have the PCR results in time. Here in Florida, the demand for tests is over-whelming and resulting in significant delays in analysis. I'll be counting the days until my return to sunny skies and sand between my toes with fingers crossed that the US and Canada don't do anything silly with our border controls.
  21. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://health-desk.org/articles/what-do-we-know-about-false-positives-with-rapid-antigen-testing&ved=2ahUKEwj184qEtP30AhWlQjABHTNGDmsQFnoECDMQAQ&usg=AOvVaw2IUIdQ7M-BmLyFoW8IP0ez This link may not work....sorry...https://health-desk.org/articles The suggestion is that most antigen tests are effective identifying covid in symptomatic patients. I'm finding a surprising conflict in the analysis of percentage false positive results and suspect that arises because many studies focus on symptomatic patients. Anyway....my belief that I should have received a re-test is supported in this article I've referenced. As an aside....my PCR to travel back to Canada was free at Walgreens. My SwiftHealth test at YYZ....the "false positive" was $67. A further antigen test at Shoppers was $40. The drive-thru antigen tests in Florida are also free. If testing is so fundamental, why is Canada (and Ontario) again "behind the curve"? The best they can collectively do is caution; "Don"t engage in non-essential international travel". And did anyone note the PM's comment that the number of cases attributable to cross-border travel was "infinitestimal"!!
  22. Specs....I recently was confronted by a report of a "positive" result from a rapid antigen. Not many days earlier, I had a "negative" PCR ...98% accuracy.....and for the 8 days preceding the antigen test, I only had contact with two people one of whom was my wife who tested negative when I tested positive. I immediately reached out to the other person to report the result. My wife then administered a similar rapid test which generated a negative result. I had high confidence that my first test was a "false positive". I returned to that testing site. They refused to re-test. I went directly to a different testing site ( government-authorized) and obtained another test which was again negative. I wrote a letter of complaint to SwiftHealth which is selling testing services to the public knowing they generate almost 30% in "false positives" without any recourse ( or refund!). A re-test at my expense if confirmatory was not burdensome but would have saved me (and others) a lot of unnecessary anxiety. The other contact referenced chose to get a PCR. He was also negative. No one said it was going to be easy!
  23. A quick note that there appears to be a very high response in Florida to the suggestion of testing before gathering. I passed by a free testing site in Ft.Myers this morning and there was a significant number of cars snaking through the parking lot.
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