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  1. While I have my deep suspicions about Clinton, right now the simply fact is the choice is between her or Trump. While neither choice is optimum, Trump reads like an open book that could easily be titled the English version of "Mein Kampf." A vote for Trump will collapse economies around the world and that is just the start of worse things to come.
  2. Personally, I am thrilled that Bombardier, through all it's launch struggles, has built another wonderful aircraft by the looks and sounds of it (pun intended). We should all be proud of this company and what means for this country and our industry.
  3. Going to Bali or Jakarta from Toronto, Vancouver, LAX, New York? Let's see, Garuda or Cathay Pacific? Garuda could be giving away free tickets or direct flights but I would fly CX every time. I didn't include Air Canada in this, solely because they don't fly to Bali or Jakarta.
  4. Hi J.O, funny you should ask. We thought, like many others that the show had ended so we got into our car and found ourselves hopelessly trying to exit. Then we heard and saw the 'Waco' doing it's thing. I heard a jet engine but couldn't make where the sound was coming from. We decided to stay put instead of leave, jumped out of our car and watched and marvelled at the Waco flying. In fact, it turned out to be one of the highlights of the show in my opinion. It was crazy what this machine could do - especially climbing vertically and literally watching it hang on the prop/jet thrust. We loved it!
  5. Typically we only hear negative occurrences from the media. I'm sure there are plenty of positive examples of the operation, none that we will ever hear about. I'm not defending them, but this sort of thing does happen - even to the best of us.
  6. I took my family to our yearly Abbotsford Airshow. Having twin 13 years old, this year was different from previous years. This year, after watching the Snow Birds outperform the Breitling Team (at least in our opinion they did), both of them started mumbling about how 'cool' it would be to fly for the military. Also, they were in awe at watching the long line of young and old waiting to get the Snow Bird pilots autograph! The Snow Birds are wonderful ambassadors for the Canadian Military but do need an equipment change. The Hawk gets my vote!
  7. I have to agree with Rudder; with the temp was 49C and possibly landing at close to MLW if the go-around was attempted after the thrust was at idle, then these monster engines would probably take 6 seconds or more to fully spool up - with no where to go but down. However, I find it hard to imagine with a "Too Low Gear" GPWS warning blaring in ones ear that the approach would have continued to the point of flare without some corrective action occurring well before this point. Undoubtedly there will be more lessons learned from this accident.
  8. For now, the 380 and 747-8 are undesirable aircraft for most airlines, but I suspect in time their orders will improve as airports, especially in China/Asia become more and more congested.
  9. If you have had the privilege to fly a Boeing or an Airbus, you should count yourself lucky! Both manufactures have done nothing buy push innovation and make fine, beautiful (yes the 380 too - the ugly duckling of the group, but still a thing of beauty) aircraft.
  10. Don, you are absolutely correct that a visual approach at night should be 'part of a pilot's kit' but I can tell you that I work with a large number of individuals that I wouldn't trust performing this routine exercise with my family on board. Many of the Asian carriers out this way, operate from ILS to ILS in relatively benign weather conditions (when the weather gets even a little dodgy, the authorities close up shop). In large part this has reduced the number of potential incidents. However as the article wrote, put two weak pilots in the same aircraft under less than ideal situations and trouble is never far away - a very real probability in this fast growing region.
  11. I am 'pretty sure' of only one thing; the pilots did not intentionally crash the aircraft. While we may not comprehend how this accident could have happened, we should try to remember a couple of things: (1) it was an ACCIDENT and (2) that the flight crew probably have wives, children, parents etc. and that they may face life imprisonment (or worse) back in Korea. Do they deserve such a fate? Does a bus driver with a long history of safe driving who gets into an accident (perhaps he fell asleep at the wheel) which causes a lose of life deserve the same treatment? I for one sympathize deeply for the flight crew. I can't imagine the nightmare they are living through right now. We know how flawed the system in Korea is and sadly the crew are simply products of their flawed environment.
  12. If I recall, the BA crash was a result of a fuel freeze situation. I flew into LGW from HKG that same day and can contest that it was 'some cold' over Russia - several hours at -70C. I doubt that this crash was a result of frozen fuel given the time of year. Just my thoughts.
  13. There are no good jobs for those that can't spell.
  14. Richard, look what you've started! A little comment about having a table in the cockpit and the Airbus vs. Boeing crowd pounce. It happens every time. Opinions aside (because after all it's only opinions being expressed here), if yokes were really superior, I wonder why the Space Shuttle designers opted for the side-stick? Just curious............
  15. While I agree with the general sentiment expressed here, I think it is a bit overblown. Of course we would all like to have the most experienced and capable pilots sitting next to us on every flight but as someone here said "times are changing" and the reality of a shortfall of experienced flight crew in Canada is plainly evident. Nothing is going to change the fact (short of a global catastrophe that no one wants) that in terms of experience levels, cockpit gradients are going to rise significantly. This does not mean to say that a cadet program cannot be introduced safely into an airline. I recall in 2001 when working in Hong Kong our first batch of cadets pilots graduated from Adelaide, Australia. These cadets, called Second Officers, were thrust (pardon the pun) directly into the right seat of the A320 and as our expansion increased, onto the A330. This cadet program was introduced not because of a shortage of experience but as a cost saving measure. While there certainly were teething problems the airline managed to avoid any major incidents/accidents that could be contributed solely to having a cadet in the right seat. In fact, several of the original group were upgraded to Captain prior to the 5000 hour total time requirement set by the company. The advantage of our cadet program over our competitors was simply this: our cadets actually had to learn to fly the airliner from the get-go. There were plenty of restrictions placed on them early on but these restrictions were gradually lifted as they gained experience. I would argue that Jazz has probably some of the most highly qualified DH-8 and RJ Captains (both in training and on the line) in the world. I see no reason why the top Seneca graduates could not be properly trained to fly the DH-8 or CRJ. No it’s not ideal and it’s certainly not like cutting your teeth in the Great White North but the nature of the beast is rapidly changing and these new batch of pilots are entering the aviation field with a different skill set than many of us had. I feel lucky in more ways than one to have gone through the General Aviation side of things, but given the opportunity to be trained by the likes of Jazz and knowing what I know now of GA, I probably would choose to go the Jazz route.
  16. I have a problem if that individual is fit to fly but is claiming to be otherwise. Dagger, while I don't have a dog in this fight, it really doesn't matter what you or the general public think, feel or believe. This is a labor dispute between the Air Canada pilots and their employer. Air Canada, rather than negotiate with ACPA would rather take the easy route and have the pilots banned from taking industrial action. It appears that the pilots have very limited industrial tools to work with now that the government has essentially taken away all bargaining rights from ACPA, so if stress, fatigue or generally feeling unfit to work increases as a result of having an unacceptable contract rammed down ones throat, it really shouldn't come as a surprise. Good luck to Air Canada in trying to prove that guys are indeed unfit for duty.
  17. You'll notice that at 35 seconds the windsock shows a slight tailwind. Unless windshear was evident on the approach, full flap should have been used. If windshear was indeed reported, and he elected to use a lower flap setting as required by Airbus, it would beg the question why he chose to land downwind. Thankfully no one was hurt - but I'm sure there were a couple of bruised egos.
  18. UD: Without a doubt there are numerous Americans (and Canadians for that matter) with money to burn on boats, planes etc. However, the vast majority do not- just look at the debt loads of the average Yank and Canuck are carrying. It is pretty scary. The problem I see is that spending habits are really hard to change and now that there is a sniff of good news emanating from the US, the 'Jones' are back! The other problem I read, is that for every article proclaiming a recovery there is another suggesting the sky if falling. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between but what does that mean for us? Depression? Unlikely. Recession? Possible. Painfully slow growth over the longer-term (similar to Japan)? That's my guess. I personally see a housing correction but not a crash - at least here in the Vancouver area. Prices have flat-lined in some areas, are still rising in the downtown core, and are dropping in other areas. When I look at the cost of homes out here and even in Toronto, I wonder to myself how people can actually afford these homes. One could assume that there are plenty of millionaires to be found, but the truth of the matter is that many of the homes you see require double incomes, and low interest rates. A negative change in either or these two areas will alter the landscape of home prices.
  19. It is a very disturbing ad to watch, but wow does it hit the point. Thanks for sharing Don.
  20. Not sure if I'm supposed to answer this...you quoted me but addressed your remarks to "RICHard Pulman Sorry Kip I didn't mean to quote you. Please see my edit. Anyhow, most spectators would not know the difference between a 100kt fly past and a 150kt fly past. In this case the thing that would catch their eye would be the attitude of the aircraft and I think most spectators would say "G-o-l-l-y..that sure was a low and slow fly past". As far as flight safety is concerned, the "dirty" low speed fly past is, in my opinion, a damned sight safer than attempting to turn ones big "clean" airplane into a helo....but trust me when I say the layman would probably not know the difference, especially the flight safety aspects. Absolutely agree. I hope that was what I was saying in my previous post, but again apologies if my point was misunderstood. The boys flying the 330 could have gotten the "G-o-l-l-y..that sure was a low and slow fly past" as your rightly said without the need for such theatrics. By the way, great story!
  21. Why the confusion Richard? Perhaps that is what you meant, but that is not how I interpreted it. As you well know there is a difference between 'slow flight',and say, flying an aircraft into a 50 knot headwind (for example) at 170 KIAS. A to most lay people an A330 flying at 120 kts ground speed would appear as a fairly low speed flypast. There is a demonstrable difference to flight safety between these two techniques wouldn't you agree?
  22. J.O. That is pretty much how I heard it too - and that coming directly from CX 777 captains I know.
  23. I'm not so sure I would call this a low speed flypast. It really appears to be a demonstration of low speed flight a.k.a 'slow flight' at low altitude - a little different I believe. Cathay does seem to have a penchant for taking delivery flight tests to new levels.
  24. The CTV and CBC news in YVR are reporting that the pilot was dead at the scene of the crash.
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