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  1. Oops. Someone dropped the ball. Or the maintenance schedule.
  2. McDonnell Douglas had their MD80 series in production from 1979 to 1999. AA and DL were both long time customers but I think the 767 and later on when 757 sales took off MD was left behind in the civilian aircraft market.
  3. Great post and article. Required reading for anyone connected to this disaster.
  4. North Korea has played this GPS game frequently around Seoul/Incheon. This was of course before the current Trump/KIM love fest.
  5. Not always direct and not always year round. It has changed many times and has been a connection via YHZ on Jazz depending on the time of year. Before deregulation it wasn’t on the AC route structure. So not forever.
  6. Finally year round YYZ-YYG adding some competition for Westjet and their outrageous return airfares.
  7. There’s one based at a small airport near my house and when it passes overhead I’m always surprised it’s a DC3 coversion BT-67. The original DC-3 has such a distinct and recognizable sound.
  8. Oh crap. Hard to tell. Either way those rims are done!
  9. Great photo. How hot do you need to be to sink into a runway? NLG looks a little sad too.
  10. Biggest flag I’ve seen lately and still the prettiest. ?? Have a safe holiday.
  11. Probably no connection and I’m sure this incident was well handled but globally there are a lot of experienced pilots leaving the building. For example, age 65 retirements at AC in February had eight 777 skippers head off for the long layover. That was about 300 years of collective experience and airmanship gone for good.
  12. Lots of employee shareholders too. Some of the originals were former QB Air crews who ended up wealthy. I would be in favour of the AC purchase with all the benefits of being part of a national airline.
  13. Power loss on both engines? Did someone pull back the wrong levers?
  14. Millennial? It’s surgically connected to her hand.
  15. Strange story and not great PR as Air Canada is about to enter their summer ‘UM’ season across the country and elsewhere. Hopefully no lost kids making any headlines.
  16. Apparently the story is it was a Lt.-Col. from a US base in Germany where the aircraft was based. Perhaps someone more current should have flown the arrival?
  17. A 1960’s crew change in Prestwick. Nordair operated four of them on northern sked flights as well as trans Atlantic charters. These particular aircraft were originally owed by National Airlines of Miami.
  18. This Dixon Road Bar was actually TCA’s first Connie CF-TGE. Completely cleaned up and repainted in Rome, NY then transported in sections by truck to Seattle’s Museum of Flight. It was supposed to be housed out of the rain underneath MoF’s new plane park but at the same time as its arrival Boeing donated a test model 787. The newer plastic plane now resides safe and sound under the roof and the Connie greets museum visitors out in the Seattle rain.
  19. Okay thanks. I was aware of the A320 line but didn’t know they were already producing the A220. I suppose it didn’t take a lot of time to add it to there facility.
  20. At this year’s Paris airshow Airbus can do no wrong while Boeing struggles to remain in the game. One offering from the Seattle plane maker includes a freighter conversion B737NG BCF on static display in Prime Air colours. Amazon’s dedicated delivery service is planning to expand in a big way and any former Boeing airliners will be targeted for a second life.
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