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  1. Hilarious. How did Radio City not bring these dancers to NYC?
  2. This legacy plane maker needs a full ‘D’ check.
  3. Some DL aircraft In Victorville
  4. A passenger seated just aft of the wing left side tweeted this: #AC837 so just at take off there was a huge bang under my seat and then I saw smoke and flames from the left engine. This pic is from a quick video I took and one frame shows the fire for a split second.
  5. Yes its not hard to imagine how a big chunk of flying tire rubber could certainly do some serious engine damage. Also the tire letting go and the engine failure /stall would have been a nearly simultaneous event. It will be interesting to hear more details of this incident.
  6. “So your meal choices are something called Wuhan Chicken, Beef Wuhan or Pork Wu. What’s it gonna be?”
  7. Interesting photos. Has it been confirmed the tire blew first? Could there have been FOD on the runway similar to the AF Concorde? There was a drone sighting issue prior to this departure. What if the left engine ingested it and the #5 MLG was cut on it’s sidewall. No damage to the #1 MLG. Something is odd about the sequence of events but I’m glad it all ended well for passengers and crew.
  8. It used to be a simple process. FAA medical, Air Law Exam (50 questions) then take results of both to nearest FAA office which for Toronto is Rochester. All type ratings transferred to the little credit card sized licence. As already mentioned it has become more complicated and expensive.
  9. Yes. Below radar coverage. However, it you’re going play around in SVFR conditions you’d better know the area your flying in like the back of your hand. Monday morning QB stuff but he should have parked it and let them Uber the rest of the way.
  10. Hahaha. Good technique. Never thought of the ‘head-first-down’ method.
  11. That quick thinking saved the plane from some severe damage. ?
  12. The only survey result that means anything is the one taken on Election Day at the ballot box.
  13. That’s the solution. Sippy cups. Label them ‘Captain’ and ‘First Officer’. The RP can bring his own.
  14. Is the skin ripped or just scrapped? https://election.ctvnews.ca/mobile/liberal-election-plane-damaged-after-media-bus-drives-under-wing-1.4589604
  15. Interesting piston installation. Perhaps better cooling on the outside of the cowling?
  16. More jobs available for those qualified and even those who are not yet. It’s possible airplanes will be parked because there’s no one to sign them out. Forget about a pilot shortage. The northern operators in Canada are going to have a hard time competing for future talent. A -50c engine change near a snow bank or a nice warm hangar in major Canadian city? “For our entry level roles we provide on-the-job training that allows you to work towards a certification,” said Unen. “If you have a great attitude and are ready to learn and grow with us, we’d love to hear from you.” Full story: https://www.skiesmag.com/press-releases/kf-aerospace-opens-its-doors-across-canada-for-expansion-career-fairs/?utm_source=skies-daily-news-todays-news&utm_campaign=skies-daily-news&utm_medium=email&utm_term=todays-news&utm_content=V1
  17. Do other employee groups at BA currently receive some kind of profit share bonus?
  18. Brave strategy considering people do have other options in 2019. How far behind on pay scales are BA pilots compared to other legacy airlines?
  19. If they can’t improve the pay scale as people progress they’d better install a revolving door at their hangar entrance.
  20. I think Nolinor is on the right track to hire people but you’ve got to “show me the money”.
  21. ...into a job in aviation? Quebec’s Nolinor are flying potential candidates to YMX. I’m guessing it’s a recent or soon to be graduating class from Eduard Monpetite aviation maintenance college at St. Hubert. A good time to hold any kind of aircraft maintenance license. https://montrealgazette.com/business/local-business/aerospace/all-aboard-nolinor-woos-job-seekers-with-free-flights?utm_source=skies-daily-news-news-from-the-web&utm_campaign=skies-daily-news&utm_medium=email&utm_term=news-news-from-the-web&utm_content=V1
  22. Hey Jeff.

    Is the friend in Freeport Sonia Ceci? I recall she was remodelling a condo back during our Sky days. I’ve been thinking about her since the hurricane hit that area. What a disaster. 


  23. I prefer my wasp ‘Medium well’. Will stick with my Raid/Broil King combo. ?
  24. https://siouxcityjournal.com/news/al-haynes-pilot-of-flight-that-crash-landed-in-sioux/article_d0c5ea59-ff8e-555d-95d2-6f9d9fe9176e.html#22
  25. Years ago landing on runway 23 at YYZ I noticed something out the left side window following us during the rollout. Flying about 20’ above the runway edge was an airport Falcon who I guess was “on duty” for us. As we exited he/she did a climbing left turn perhaps back to pick up the next plane.
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