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  1. My wife and I are flying to (direct) MIA in a few weeks and the best airfare was on American. AC and WS (into FLL) were $250 higher for the same days. So while you are all busy cross border shopping, some of your neighbours may be spending their spare cash to fly on a US carrier. Just wait until Southwest starts flying into Canada. JetBlue says they may start soon.
  2. You should check out the quality of service Porter provides to their passengers and then post your opinion about where you should work.
  3. Relax....I am yanking your chain. Here is another possible SOP briefing item to review when landing at LAX. RWY 25L is a 200' wide CAT III ILS and RWY 25R isn't.
  4. Runway confusion created by crab.....I'll have to write this one down.
  5. Arlington Star-Telegram October 23, 2007 AA pilots Submit Proposal American Airlines pilots submitted their contract proposal to management earlier today. We're still wading through it, but here are a few highlights: - Adjusting pilot pay back to regain 1992 purchasing power. How much does this mean in terms of an actual raise? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it would work out to about 49 percent if adjusted through 2007. The BLS doesn't have inflation figures for 2008, but based on the numbers from the union, the final raise would be about 53 percent if it goes into effect on May 1, 2008, which is the date the contract officially opens for changes. - A signing bonus of 15 percent of pilots' income between July 21, 2006 and the effective date of the new contract. - Annual raises of 6 percent for the duration of the contract, plus adjustments for inflation. We'll update the blog as we learn more, and you can expect comprehensive coverage in tomorrow's Star-Telegram, as well as on Star-Telegram.com. UPDATE, 3:00 P.M. Here are a few more items in the proposal: - Holiday pay for any pilot working on 10 specific holidays, including Christmas, Labor Day and Super Bowl Sunday. - An increase in vacation days, bringing the maximum number of days to 56, from 42 currently. - Changing sick time to a bank of "personal time" that can be used for any reason, including illness. Pilots will be given 250 hours when they're hired, and will accrue 80 hours per year. - Eliminating the one-year probation period for new hires. The union is also asking for some significant changes to the way the next contract would be negotiated. It would essentially begin contract talks 180 days before it becomes open to changes on Jan. 4, 2011. There is a provision for mediation at 120 days before that date. If no agreement is reached by Jan. 4, the union has the ability to engage in "self help" - such as a strike. And the union is asking for the company to pay all of its direct negotiation costs. Typically those expenses are shouldered by the union. That would significantly speed up the negotiating time, and it would also give pilots the ability to strike much earlier in the process. Under current federal law, a strike is only possible after lengthy negotiations and mediation and can drag on for years. The pilots say they don't have an overall figure to sum up the contract's total cost to the airline. But officials I spoke to today said it would add about one half-cent to the cost of flying one seat one mile (a standard industry measurement). Overall, he said, that would still give American lower unit costs than Continental, Delta and US Airways.
  6. Hope your pal pulls through.......good friends are hard to find.
  7. Pretty good reason to come ashore. The most amazing event I have ever witnessed was the birth of both of my kids. Congratulations to grandpa and everyone involved with the new arrival. Nice balloons on boat......are they DOT approved?
  8. No. I believe we are talking about CanJet and whether or not an -800 series will be the right one for them. From what I have seen and heard, this version of the 737 is a winner.
  9. Is there something wrong with the -800 series and their route structure, whatever that is today?
  10. Another good one to grab while you are there is "Island in the Sky". John Wayne crash lands a C-47 in the unchartered Canadian north during post WWII.....some now famous actors play the other pilots and its very well done for a Hollywood aviation film. bd
  11. "The High and The Mighty".......Best Buy has them. bd
  12. A classic movie! One of the last John Wayne films to be re-released by his son. I read somewhere that the movie studio's original copy was damaged through improper storage and could only be repaired using today's state of the art computer/film technology....frame by frame. Also......imagine having to hand fly an airliner across the Pacific (or Atlantic) followed by a radio range approach at the other end. These modern jets we fly today make us all look pretty good.
  13. August 27, 2007 Gibralt Capital Corporation purchases majority interest in Skyservice Airlines (Canada Newswire English Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge) Attention Business Editors TORONTO, Aug. 27 /CNW/ - Skyservice Airlines Inc. today announced that it has reached agreement to sell a majority interest in its charter airline business to Gibralt Capital Corporation, a private equity investment company. "In Gibralt, we have an ideal partner bringing experience, financial strength and a long-term investment perspective that will help us realize the full potential of our business," said Russ Payson, Chairman and CEO of Skyservice. "Our plan is to leverage our profitable base of operations, not only in the charter business but also in aviation services and maintenance." Click here to watch a video in which featured Gartner vice president Michael Maoz shares new insights on the innovative technologies and processes shaping the future of customer service. Click here to learn how Continental Dispatch Accelerates Customer Service with Hosted Contact Center System Click here to learn how to leverage greater long-term value from your CRM. Click here to read how Oracle has dramatically improved pipeline management and, in turn, increase sales velocity "Gibralt's investment is the start of a new era for our company," added Mr. Payson. "Many of our original shareholders were seeking to monetize their investment, and we took advantage of this opportunity to put in place the best possible long-term ownership for our company." Skyservice's senior leadership team, comprising Russ Payson, Chairman and CEO, Rob Giguere, President and COO and Jackie Smalec, CFO, will continue in their current roles. No changes to the company's current operations and workforce are planned. Forge valuable relationships at The World's Only IP Communications Development Event. Communications Developer Conference is May 15-17, 2007 in Santa Clara. Click here to learn more about DSP modules and how they power multimedia messaging services for mobile networks while decreasing the development costs. Forge valuable relationships at The World's Only IP Communications Development Event. Communications Developer Conference is May 15-17, 2007 in Santa Clara. Click here to learn more about DSP modules and how they power multimedia messaging services for mobile networks while decreasing the development costs. Vendor Guru has done the research to help you quickly find respected, cutting-edge CRM companies with the products and services that are right for your business. Click here to learn more. Vendor Guru has done the research to help you quickly find respected, cutting-edge Telephony companies with the products and services that are right for your business. Click here to learn more. "Skyservice Airlines has an exceptional reputation among tour operators, the traveling public and the other air carriers it serves with dedicated seasonal aircraft charters," said Sam Belzberg, Chairman of Gibralt Capital. "With a solid and profitable business foundation, a strong management team and a professional and dedicated workforce, we believe that Skyservice is perfectly positioned to capitalize on its numerous opportunities for profitable growth." The Skyservice Business Aviation Group, which specializes in corporate aircraft management and sales, business jet charter services, fixed base operations and an international air ambulance service, is not included in the sale to Gibralt. This operation will continue to be owned and operated by Skyservice Investments Inc. In addition to customary commercial terms, the sale is contingent upon regulatory and court approval. Subject to completion of these approvals, the transaction is expected to close early fall, 2007. About Skyservice - Founded in 1986, Skyservice is a Canadian aviation enterprise serving the needs of Canadian travelers and the business aviation community. Skyservice operates Canada's premier commercial charter airline, fixed base operations and a leading worldwide air ambulance service. Skyservice Airlines' customers include tour operators, corporations, professional sport teams, governments, relief agencies and travel incentive companies. The airline is widely recognized for its quality customer service and the versatility of its charter operations. About Gibralt - Gibralt Capital Corporation is a private investment company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. Gibralt Capital focuses on private equity investments, mezzanine loans and bridge loans in middle market companies primarily in North America. Gibralt seeks to make investments in companies that have experienced management, a leading and defensible market position and stable and growing earnings. Gibralt's previous investments have included: The Keg Restaurants (management led buyout); Education Lending Group Inc. (marketer of products, services and solutions to the federal guaranteed student loan industry in the United States); AMJ Campbell Inc. (management led buyout of Canada's largest household goods carrier and corporate office relocation company); and CE Franklin (oilfield services company). Note to editors/news directors: Photographs of Skyservice aircraft (hi res) are available at: http://bryanmills.com/skyservice/ BACKGROUNDER Skyservice Airlines, Canada's premier Charter Air Carrier Established in 1994, Skyservice Airlines is the number-one-requested airline for the charter industry, with customers that include tour operators, corporations, governments, relief agencies, and travel incentive companies. Skyservice flies its customers' passengers to 64 destinations in 25 countries. Today, Skyservice flies more than one million passengers annually. The airline is also highly regarded by passengers for the quality of its in-flight service, food and entertainment. Skyservice operates a fleet of 21 jet transports, including single-aisle Airbus Industrie A319s and A320s and Boeing 757s, and widebody Airbus A330s. The company currently flies to the United States, Mexico, Europe and the Caribbean from 15 Canadian gateway cities. During Canadian winter months, Skyservice operations focus on southern destinations, serving primarily inclusive tour charter companies. The company is the key provider of charter air travel for leading Canadian tour operators such as Sunquest, Signature and Conquest. During the Canadian summer, Skyservice deploys aircraft to Europe on extended charter operations with European carriers. In summer 2007, Skyservice has four aircraft based in Europe, three Airbus A 320s and one Boeing 757, located in Cardiff, Dublin, Belfast and Lille, northern France. The company's Canadian-based aircraft have been active on inclusive tours to southern destinations, as well as the introduction of regular scheduled service to Italy, Portugal and new direct service to Belgrade, Serbia and Zagreb, Croatia. In connection with its Rome, Venice, Belgrade and Zagreb scheduled service, Skyservice recently launched an online booking portal to enable passengers to purchase the air-only part of their travel directly. Skyservice plans to operate 21 aircraft on its winter 2007-2008 programs, including 11 757s, 9 A 320s, and one A 319. In recent years the company has also added transport aircraft maintenance and other support services for major air carriers. Allan Austin, Bryan Mills Iradesso, Tel: (416) 447-4740 ext 240, aaustin@bmir.com Copyright 2007 Canada Newswire Ltd. All Rights Reserved. [ Back To TMCnet.com's Homepage ] Copyright 2007 Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) - All rights reserved
  14. FAA issues emergency AD on 737NGs following China Airlines accident Tuesday August 28, 2007 US FAA last weekend issued an Emergency Airworthiness Directive requiring "repetitive detailed inspections" of the main slat track downstop assembly on 737NGs in the wake of last week's fire and explosion on a China Airlines 737-800 in Okinawa (ATWOnline, Aug. 24). The agency said it had "evaluated all pertinent information and identified an unsafe condition that is likely to exist or develop on other airplanes of this same type design." It called on operators to verify the installation of proper hardware, perform one-time torquing of the nut and bolt, and "corrective actions if necessary," including installation of a new or serviceable part and removal of foreign object debris. Regarding the CI -800, FAA said that following slat retraction after landing, "loose parts of the main slat track downstop assembly punctured the slat can, which resulted in a fuel leak and fire that ultimately destroyed the airplane." Inspections are required within 24 days of receipt of the directive.
  15. I think this is just a big misunderstanding. What was thought to be an inflight security incident was in fact just another episode of "Westjet Dinner Theatre" gone bad.
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