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  1. Interesting process to help shut down these fires but I’m always curious what the health effect is on anyone working in or around these aircraft and chemicals. A good friend of mine later in his life battled an odd cancer and he thought perhaps his early days of crop dusting prairie fields had something to do with the illness.
  2. C3 used to do the same with new 757’s. Seattle-Nassau-Toronto.
  3. Interesting to see what areas of fuselage sections are removed or have value in some form or another. The flight deck and full door frames used to be the things cut out of some old 747’s for training purposes.
  4. The headline reads “After two faulty Boeing jets crash, the Trump administration blames foreign pilots”. Is this part of Boeing’s PR recovery plan? I guess all other than US operated 737Max air carriers may have to consider parking, returning or cancelling all future orders.
  5. It’s funny though if your aircraft type does come up in a conversation the one with the biggest toy wins.
  6. The charts in this CBC article clearly show how AC would dominate the leisure market over WestJet and the Sunwing group.
  7. The politics of our country will play a key part of this transaction. One Quebec based company taking a serious look at another. No rocket science needed here. Champagne corks should be popping around the TS offices as they have now become the ‘Bell of the Ball”.
  8. Transat has had its list of issues since their start-up but having flown with them several times over the last few years I can say with confidence there is nothing ‘so-so’ about their quality of service.
  9. I think there several reasons for this to be a good purchase for AC (and rouge) and the first one probably before Onex/WestJet gets their hands on AT.
  10. According to some players it’s not called a ‘bass guitar’.
  11. Members of the E and A string club have corrected me many times and prefer ‘Electric Bass or just ‘Bass’. Not sure why they are so touchy about their mostly four stringed instruments.
  12. Perhaps a little older than vintage Fender Strats. The Boeing 377 Stratocruiser to HNL.
  13. When the drummer drools out of both sides of his mouth.
  14. Thread title adjusted to avoid further disappointment. For Kip “What do you call a guy/gal who hangs around with musicians?” The drummer.