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  1. Had a Ford F-150 pull in front of me today whose tail lights disappeared momentarily (that is close) that I thought we were going to collide. Not sure if he even knew I was in the lane. It’s getting out of control with even the most of basic road curtsey being forgotten and I’m sure there’s more than one stupid 19 year old driving his Mom’s X5 above the speed limit. Excessive speeding, wreckless driving and DUI’s should be automatic licence suspension for extended periods or even a permanent loss.
  2. This driver may be qualified....if he gets his license back. However, 254KPH (158MPH) would be considered a slow lap at Daytona.
  3. Not very often do you hear airline pilots say they want more ground school and simulator training. A different situation with the Max problems but its generally considered to be as popular as a root canal procedure.
  4. AC and WS have the optional system installed on their 737 Max aircraft.
  5. First delivery was May 2017 to Malindo Air with 376 aircraft delivered globally. That would total a reasonable amount.
  6. MCAS options on 737 Max.
  7. I would have but not now. Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford is bringing back photo radar speed traps. So.....
  8. Signing bonuses for pilots getting bigger in US.
  9. An interesting read. A suggestion of overcontrolling while in cloud? Still no comments from the NTSB about the cargo being carried or how it was loaded. Not mentioned before in other reports but this crew were operating two legs: ONT-MIA-IAH. A possible fatigue issue?
  10. Also unfortunate that not one of the three company pilots communicated the full details of the unusual event.
  11. A new customer experience or an untapped revenue stream? To my knowledge an empty seat row has always been an unplanned perk for people to stretch out and sleep.
  12. Not a design flaw but perhaps some kind of human error. Also not my words but what the Seattle Times has written after speaking with Boeing plant workers as they arrived on Monday morning.
  13. By series of events over several years I’m referring to it’s 2011 launch and the first flight in 2016 up to today. This new 737 went through multiple development stages with endless decisions being made about its features and design. With these two crashes being so similar, I think every part of this aircraft production going back to day one will be under close examination. Even Boeing workers who are advised not to speak to the press have said they know which one of the three Renton lines built these planes.
  14. I’d say this is a reasonable viewpoint. As with any airline or other accident, there’s always a sequence of events where had one item changed prior to the final moment, the outcome would also change. So instead of the minutes or hours prior, these Max crashes have a long series of various events over several years leading up to both accidents.
  15. From an Air Transport World article: Meanwhile, Ethiopian Airlines issued a statement clarifying that ET302’s first officer had 350 total flying hrs., not 200 as the airline reported in a bulletin issued the day of the accident. The pilot-in-command had 8,100 hrs. and has been a 737 captain since November 2017. Ethiopian said the ET302 crew mix reflects its “effort to enhance safety” by ensuring its less-experienced first officers are paired with “highly experienced” captains. In Europe and perhaps other parts of the world but I wouldn’t describe this recently promoted Captain as “highly experienced” and certainly not on the 737 Max.