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  1. CNN’s daily coverage of COVID-19 with oversized floating virus images and heavy music has had its effect and anyone over 60 will probably avoid travel, leisure or business for some time going forward. Even though we have a little home supply of masks, gloves and sanitizer, we cannot get any of our retired friends to make a socially distant outdoor, backyard visit. Too risky they say. No chance they will be flying anywhere soon. Repeated viewings of the planes hitting the WTC by CNN in 2001 didn’t help air travel either but it slowly returned to normal.
  2. I believe the TransAt group also owns a substantial number of resorts or ‘beds’ as the industry people call them. That has to be considered as valuable when it comes to future market share.
  3. Interesting Moon. How are you viewing it? Eyeball-180 or something stronger?
  4. The fact that not one US carrier purchased this beast speaks volumes about its design. Only a handful of airports were able to handle it’s weight and size. Definitely a ‘Mirabel’. Another unwanted.
  5. Okay thanks for the info. I think Kip’s mention of how the pilot’s reaction would have been instinctive from hours of training whereas the PR officer’s might not could be a factor. I’m not sure if she was found in her seat in the aircraft or if she did eject just before impact with no chance of her chute opening. Either way it’s a very sad event. I’ve read this aircraft or another on the team had some tech issues prior to this departure. Perhaps it’s time to look at a newer aircraft. Maybe one with two engines.
  6. Is it possible she passed out from the zoom maneuver? The pilot had to quickly do what was required in just a few seconds with not enough time to brief Capt. Casey. Is it possible to help eject the other seat from your own?
  7. South of the border it’s getting serious too. Major cuts at UAL.
  8. Some airline’s and regulator’s scheduling rules do not allow two ‘over 60’s’ to fly together. In some cases this can make preferential bidding a problem even though you are near the top of the heap.
  9. Big oak desk.....funny. I think the invitation for ex-RCAF Pilots may already be happening. Our Air Force might get a break with experienced flight crews returning for an unknown period of time.
  10. Some other on the job photos. Two of my favourite cities. One of my least favourite and worst ATC control YYZ T3 photo: Stuck on ramp during pushback because tug did not have chains on its wheels. Contracted ground handler couldn’t find one. We blocked Lane 5 for a couple of hours. Ramp control was thrilled.
  11. Used to take a lot of what I called ‘Gate Photos’. Lots of reflective glass was a requirement for a good shot.
  12. Yes. A very, very thick speed tape.
  13. Okay thanks. Tuned in now. Didn’t he write some of their hit songs? My current gear setup. Last time I saw it!