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  1. Most interesting, given Little Rock. Of course Little Rock, involved a very experienced check pilot, a very inexperienced FO, Little Rock unfolded in poor conditions, following a plethora of cumulative duty and rest period issues. Little Rock was mainlaine American Airlines. Regardless of the eventual findings here, fatigue has directly contributed to many unnecessary deaths in Canada and around the world, and will unfortunately, contribute to many more. Fatigue is NOT being addressed in Canada.
  2. Hi all Time to renew my mortgage. Otherwise up to my ass in alligators. May I canvass forum goers which have renewed recently. Any positive, negative experiences, thoughts and or people you could share? Many thanks dragon
  3. Ha, ya. Thats a good one. I am expecting a concerted effort to stop all whining by ACPA, and the pilots which comprise ACPA. Robert, how are you? Hope all is well. Hope we all stop our whining together. dragon
  4. For reasons I suggested earlier, your comments are not really relevant to the discussion, are they? With such a variance in regulations across the board, in addition to economic factors etc, it is as difficult to compare your example today, ands it was then. One thing is for certain, and just like any good attorney, either side would argue the matter one day, only to argue it differently the next, only to suit the argument of the day. just my opinion.
  5. Sorry, I am not here on AEF much anymore and have not attained proficiency respecting the formatting of quotes etc. The cartoon (the company representative) states, “trade working conditions to make any improvements to compensation”. I think that there have been cuts to our medical and dental. I think it is unfair for anyone to compare US legacy Carriers to Canadian legacy carriers, given the wide variants in regulations, including pension regulations, protectionism, government bailouts, and mergers, etc. I think that the true measure of what CR “makes” will be determined by his fully disclosed compensation, divided by his eventual years of service. Until then, any reliance on what he “makes” is premature. Sorry, I meant to write 10 “years” vice 10 “Months”. Of course, those cuts occurred in CCAA, where Mr Rovinescu played a significant role. "Threat" is perhaps not the correct word. RA, wrote regarding “devaluing” business class. Gord Bethune went the other way, and it paid off well for Continental. Mr Rovinescu would have known about that initiative. He must also have been aware of the Jazz/TC agreement which was not disclosed to ACPA from what I have read. I agree we need a strong AC. Again however, your comparisons to US carriers are not interchangeable. I really have to hit the sack, I have a long day tomorrow. In the end, I think we are on the same page, I perhaps just a lot less trusting. No blank cheques or promises this time around please. Cheers dragon
  6. I cannot speak for inchman, however, I agree with you. All I intended was to point out that allegations of disinformation were not completely accurate and not really supported - not that I particularly cared. Like yourself, I just thought it was funny. I was more interested in the other aspects of my post. cheers dragon
  7. I don't think anyone intimated it reflected the issues at the big table. dragon
  8. The video mentions “90 Hours” which I heard as increased productivity. The video never mentions “pay cuts”, only “15% less pay”. Again, the message – which I heard – was more productivity, for the same pay. In fact, the cartoon goes on to say exactly that; “trade working conditions to make any improvements to compensation” specifically. Though I feel the video is more close to the truth, lets call that one a draw. While pensions cannot be used for anyone’s pay directly, indirectly, pension cuts, as with recent cuts in medical coverage, sick days etc, can, and it is safe to say, have, contributed to executive bonuses, during the rein of Calin Rovinescu. Lets call that one inconclusive. I do not have the pay and purchasing information of which either you, or the video, makes reference to. 25% is good enough for me. I can accept your (unsupported) values. Like you, I would not devalue the message in the video, based on 5%. Monies stripped from employees over the past 10 months have gone in part to executive bonuses. Mr Rovinescu was, and remains, attached. I say the video has a slight advantage towards truthful. I have not heard the threat of EMB to feeders yet either. However, there have been many many other similar threats, or threatening remarks coming from Calin Rovinecsu during his tenure. I have not seen any data supporting your analogy re United or US Air either, and though I cannot argue the outcome there, that is irrelevant to the video. Nonetheless, specifically regarding the EMB and the cartoon, score one for misinformation (based on the release date of the video) pending further evolution of the negotiations process. While I do not disagree with your observations respecting parkbrakes, your comments appear irrelevant to your argument as the video, while it does mention the parking brake issue, advances no disinformation, only a brief exchange of dialogue. As for the spirit of the cartoon. I believe there is enough disinformation on both sides. Certain and prevailing members of the ACPA MEC do, and have for a long time, done a very good job at alienating the membership, as has Mr Rovinescu, and certain members of the flight operations management teams. Generally, both utilize many similar tactics in my opinion, for their own respective intended results. I agree that Mr Rovinescu is very intelligent and very successful. I do not know his motivations. The cartoon makes no specific reference to Calin Rovinescu.
  9. floatrrr, What does your post mean? It appears heavy on condescension, and light on anything else. Inchman, I know and respect you (and we have flown together as well), so I ask with genuine interest. Do you not believe that CR has a plan, a master plan if you will? Furthermore, and relying only on the demonstrated history of CR, is it unreasonable in your opinion, to feel that this is the direction we are headed? Or, rather, that CR has or does currently, demonstrate anything to support a long term and viable Air Canada, as opposed to bankruptcy? What is the disinformation in the cartoon; but more importantly, if you were the ACPA Negots Committee/MEC, what would be your starting position with the company? Have you seen Part 2 of the video yet? In my opinion, it is relatively reflective of my beliefs respecting the past few TA/CA processes. Looking forward to your response. dragon
  10. Can anyone tell me with relative certainty if they in fact exercise load restrictions on either of AC80/81 LIM YYZ LIM this time of year? I am thinking of taking my son on a hike. While I am here, anyone have any insights on a Machu Picchu tour out of Lima, while on a 48 Hour layover - again, this time of year (Early September) or any other thoughts experiences, etc? Thank you dragon
  11. Thanks Lazionic, Think I have it addressed. dragon
  12. I understand this is not airline, however; Is anyone else experiencing issues with hotmail automatically directing 'Inbox' stored mail to the 'Deleted' box? I has some 1700 emails moved without my knowledge. I returned them to the inbox manually yesterday and today they are back in the deleted box. Also, is there a contact for Hotmail? I cannot find one.. I would appreciate any insights. Thank you dragon
  13. Pete, Always the voice of reason. I will be one of the - hardest done by - as a result of the ruling, for lack of a better term. Your post is insightful, factual and practical. I hope that as a group, we find a way to best position ourselves, for what certainly is, a legal and living eventuality. Where are you these days?
  14. Hi all, A friend has sent me an email wondering if I know anything about upcoming seat sales.. Before I send her a response, that I know nothing about seat sales, I thought I would throw it out there for a day. So, anyone know about any seat sales from YZ out to LW (Kelowna) return. Tentatively planning the 19 Nov 2009 and return the 26 Nov 09..? Thank you dragon
  15. The primary function of quotation marks is to set off and represent exact language (either spoken or written) that has come from somebody else. Relying on this; " " = above. What does ' ' mean, where I see it used on occasion, and is there any distinguishable, or legal difference..? Thanks dragon
  16. Johnny, tell me how this would work. You mean they just can't jump in the next day and fly em?.. surely you jest.. surely... dragon
  17. CA A proper reading of my post clearly returns that no guarantees were provided. Furthermore, I think you and I both know that. I suppose we simply disagree. Best of luck with your future plans. dragon
  18. CA Again, with respect. I want disruption to my life about as much as you do, there we are in agreement. I also want a strong Air Canada, well into the future. There again I think we agree, You, me, we, can have it both ways. One thing I can pretty much guarantee you, Air Canada will not stop flying any time soon regardless of the vote. I certainly expect that the TA, if passed as it stands, will be the conduit to a smoldering wreck which once was, Air Canada. cheers dragon
  19. I mean no disrespect Rattler, but it seems to me that you are fear driven, at least regarding this issue. Furthermore, the government could NOT simply "wash it's hands" of Air Canada. How long would it be until the Canadian economy fell flat? No disrespect to Westjet or Val-D'Or or Lufthansa either but Westjet does not fly to Val-D'Or and neither would Lufthansa.. Furthermore, the Olympics are in Vancouver this year, as you know. The TA sucks, and there are options. Options which are more, employee and more friendly regarding long term viability. In my opinion. Again, I mean no disrespect, I simply embrace a fully opposite view than yours, regarding the available options. dragon
  20. Have to agree with Mitch, and pilots are feeling it too.. all that I heard at my roadshow only served to entrench my NO vote. dragon
  21. Thanks all of you. I initially followed Rattler's common sense advice, and called Air Canada. I was advised that there is no federal or other statute which sets down any requirement regarding travel of children within Canada, with respect to documents. Exactly as chockalicious wrote. Appreciate the kind offer. Thanks again all. dragon
  22. Does anyone know for sure? What travel documents would a seven year old child require, traveling with only one parent, on a domestic flight? Thank you dragon
  23. Heh Mitch, Long time since we sat for that beer, hope all is well with you and your family. dragon
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