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  1. I hope you are not implying that it should not be translated in French for the benefit of its French speaking employees. Not being a lawyer, I would venture to guess this would have to be translated anyway with or without ACPPA.
  2. I don't believe that is correct today. Many legal documents were being translated but if I'm not mistaken much of the routine make-work translations are not being done any more. As for the cost, at its peak I was told that the cost of running a bilingual operation was at most $20 million per year and of this amount, a lot would have been required anyway, whether or not there is ACPPA.
  3. I know that. I was just lightening the mood in the spirit of the Holidays. Maybe I was not clear. I think ACPPA should be scrapped but no politician will touch it.
  4. I have always encountered French speaking people when flying or dealing with WestJet. When I fly I use French and English interchangeably on both AC and WestJet and every time I get a positive response. Even at WestJet call centres. Language has never been an issue. In fact, I remember only one event on AC many years ago when asking for Diet Coke in French that the FA told me unprovoked she did not speak French and went on a lengthy monologue explaining to me that she did not have to speak French so long as there was at least one person on the flight who did. One time while on call with a West
  5. I guess it's gonna take some time for the Singapore myth to bust. That airline never impresses me although I do admit their advertising does. That said, I can't disagree with most of the airlines on the list with the exception that some of the Chinese airlines missing from the list have impressive international service (flight experience).
  6. You are corfrect. It sounds like it may have been a glitch because I double-checked it earlier and it was very expensive. Now it's the same as Athens at $948. Relax, I don't have an agenda.
  7. Cheapest Toronto-Athens fare $950 in July and Toronto-Venice at $2,122 in August with 30" pitch for 9 to 10 hours. Ouch!!
  8. Looks like there will be some details tomorrow in Toronto at Dundas Square. AC Air Canada to present new leisure carrier Dec. 18 Canada StockWatch2:17 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) Dec 17, 2012 Air Canada (TSX:AC) Shares Issued 243,550,140 Last Close AC.B 12/14/2012 $1.75 Monday December 17 2012 - News Release Mr. Ben Smith reports MEDIA ADVISORY/PHOTO OPP: AIR CANADA TO PRESENT ITS NEW LEISURE CARRIER Media are invited to attend a news conference where Air Canada senior executives will present the company's new leisure carrier. Ben Smith, executive vice-president and chief com
  9. Let's see, a little smugness there don't you think? Bernardo, Lepine... and others that I forget and we only have 1/10th of their population.
  10. Horrible. The lives of so many families changed in an instant.
  11. With the kind of money they are spending in Calgary you are going to need a lot more than a few potential WestJet 777 flights to Asia to make the business case. Since Calgary's fortunes rise and fall with oil prices, the money being spent in that airport is reckless. The world is moving away from oil. It's slow right now but no one can stop the progress. If not moving away from oil then it would be greater supply from shale just as we are seeing in natural gas. So in 20 years Calgary could be a much bigger city or it could be a stagnant or smaller city. It all depends on oil prices. The only a
  12. I had heard from an FA that did the Hong Kong-Anchorage-Toronto run some two years ago that working conditions at CX were horrible. The salary is not that bad but low by Hong Kong standards. I don't remember exactly how much it was but I remember being shocked at the low level. I was expecting a higher number. By comparison to CX, AC management treats its employees with utmost respect.
  13. Yields are very good. My information on yield is about 2 years old but what I had seen then were very good.
  14. I wish I had the power to burry AC. But maybe CCAA of 2003 could be called the burrial of AC part 1? In any event, bottom line is profitability and AC has not yet shown any profits. As an airline AC is a great company (in my opinion) but financially it's a dog. Assuming that your question is not snide sarcasm, I'm not doing much these days.
  15. I'm not even sure dagger is even in the right hemisphere on this one and as usual he goes through great length at twisting and turning to sound informed but I am getting dizzy just trying to follow the logic. This is another dumb idea probably hatched by one of those expensive consultants AC seems to be endlessly hiring. Premium economy makes sense if you are running at load factors in the 70s but not when you are in the nid-80s like AC is runnning these days. You want more legroom? AC has a product for you, it's called Business Class. WestJet, because it does not have Business Class, can do p
  16. My understanding is that the YYC flights is helping bring more tourists from outside Tokyo (Osaka/Nagoya/Fukuoka) because they can now get to Banff with only one connectrion over Tokyo compared with one or two connections before via a U.S. hub. Tour operators in Japan are buying up all the capacity and bypassing Vancouver as a stop on their Banff-Niagara tours. I'm told that 90% of seats are allocated to the big tour operators there. The YYC flight is a net loss to the NRT-YVR flights. Previously tours started in Vancouver and on to Calgary/Banff and Toronto/Niagara. Since the YYC flights many
  17. I think he means Benjamin Franklin on the US $100 bill.
  18. There you go again. International flights are not subject to GST. Trying to sound informed again??
  19. It was Thomas Cook that got out of Jazz and not the other way around.
  20. I think he means single class seating, no airport lounges, better employee work rule, no pension obligation and so on.
  21. To think that there's a whole lot of aurguing going on for a 500-seat 777-300ER on a 14 hour leg that can never happen.
  22. I see that. ANA has 516 seats on their domestic configuration but the seats are 1.5 inches narrower and they use 10 abreast. In any event, with the extra people and luggage I don't believe that kind of density on a 777 would work long haul. http://www.seatguru.com/airlines/ANA/ANA_Boeing_777-300ER_B.php But I'm not willing to argue too hard considering that I don't believe in the LCC plan.
  23. Not do be nitpicking here but 500 PAX in a 777-300ER on a 14 hour leg? The foreign carrier could only do its home country to Canada. China-Canada, or Japan-Canada. A Chinese carrier could not do Japan-Canada. Via China flights to Canada would not work.
  24. That company on Park Avenue is self-destructing without external assistance. Like a deer caught in the headlights, it doesn't know what to do.