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  1. LOL, that was indeed a good one Deicer, thanks and I will gift it back when the time comes ?
  2. Ya some issues, we are working on them. thanks for your patience.
  3. Sorry but the server had some issues and it took that long to get it back up and working. Carry on ?
  4. working on it, keep letting me know if the site is slow. Thanks Glen
  5. After looking into this, I found that there was a script installed on the site which has since been removed and the vulnerability fixed. thanks for bring this to our attention.
  6. Cheating a little, I Just look at my OANS
  7. Dear, I am getting in touch with you in relation with VintageAirRally. This adventure will begin in London in November 2016 and follow the Imperial British Road via the Eastern coast of Africa through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia etc. VintageAirRally gathers 15 biplanes built before 1950, 6 support aeroplanes (Caravan, Kodiak, Saratoga…) and 5 helicopters. In total, more than 70 peoples will be involved in the prestigious endeavour. Our team will be in Billy Bishop’s airport (Toronto) today Wednesday 13 July 2016. There will be some biplanes from Canadian teams along with some other (bi)planes. We are inviting you to come to the airport and get to know the VintageairRally. Further, Sam Rutherford, VintageAirRally’s organizer, will be there and is reachable +1 863 205 0151 Looking forward to reading your reply. In the meantime, please visit www.vintageairrally.com Could you maybe post this to your forum? Kindest regard, Lino
  8. You are correct Kip, the reverse thrust does very little but it does come into play when using the BTV (brake to vacate) as it helps with keeping the break temperatures a little lower for the turn around time since the 380 does not have any brake fans.
  9. We had an issue with a member today. They had the same email address with two member profiles, not sure how this happened? During the upgrade, one of the members profile was deleted (the one they wanted to keep) and the other one was untouched, not sure the logic however if there is any member that is having any issues with their account, please let us know as we have backups of the old forum and are able to recover that info.
  10. Thanks Jen, We still have a ways to go with the upgrade and will slowly be changing the layout, etc. The process will take some time Kip.
  11. Over the next couple of days we will be embarking on a major framework upgrade to our site and community. The site may be down for up to 2 days. You may have to clear you cache and cookies to log back in.
  12. Ha, that’s Hilarious Kip, Wish my company took that option, my 380 seat doesn’t have that installed!, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything if I had that .
  13. Try just hovering over the link and right click, "Open Link in New Tab"
  14. I believe that it is a formula based on page views versus clicks. A sample below, so based on this the cost per click is .34cents Page views Clicks Page CTR CPC Page RPM Estimated earnings 12,212 37 0.30% CA$0.34 CA$1.04 CA$12.76
  15. My company just issued with immediate effect a new company policy shall exist that prohibits any instance whereby only one member of crew is alone on the flight deck during flight. I had implemented this myself for the last couple of years, nobody said anything to me but I had the feeling that they might of thought I was paranoid?.
  16. No, not loosing your mind, I just happened to turn this off yesterday. Stats are in and a click here and there on the ads will definitely pay for the site. Thanks for the support.
  17. Hi Rich, You should be able to see the site in Switzerland but I still have all site access blocked from China. We have been hit hard with hacker traffic from that part of the world.
  18. Guess it wouldn't hurt to click a few ads now and then, but based on my calculations, it should pay for the site, time will tell.
  19. Dear Forum Members, First I would like to apologize for the oversized banners that were displayed yesterday that made it hard to view and navigate the forum. We are currently working on this to minimize the impact. Please pm or post any problems viewing the forum due to the current ads. My wife and I took over this forum 14 years ago, as it was destined to cease operation and we felt it was important to keep it alive at all costs. Over the initial years we had donations to help with the financial burden and along with my flying career and our hosting company for years supplemented the website. Having sold off this company and moving out to the middle east to pursue my flying career we are and have been supporting the forum ourselves. We feel that ads will help with the financial cost to keep AEF operational and will try and keep the annoyance to a minimum, and we have turned off any potential vulgar. We will run the adds for a period of time to see if this will be beneficial or not as it proved in the past to be minor. At this time we will not be accepting any donations but do thank you for all your support in the matter. Regards, Glen
  20. I haven’t had anyone else complaining about this. Not sure where it is coming from except to say that I would not click the link that says "Click here if you believe that the web page has been blocked mistakenly"
  21. Seems to be a known bug in the software. Sorry not much I can do at this time.
  22. Sorry TheBean, I have been requested by the author "Can you take down this post or ask the contributor to link to my story instead of posting it in its entirety?"
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