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  1. There was a pilot for Mall Airways who would look around the ramp for cutlery.
  2. I wonder if it will have SDDCDM (Système d'augmentation des caractéristiques de manœuvre)
  3. Amazing the things you collect.
  4. I think that “theairlinewebsite.com” should hand out their own awards. We can make up a bunch of categories and do it as a poll.
  5. Except that you are in YHM. The diversions that just miss YTZ curfew could get into YYZ. Give the passengers a voucher for the UP Express. I remember the Worldways diversions to YHM. Always a nightmare getting the passengers to YYZ.
  6. Unfortunately they aren’t.
  7. It’s going from bad to worse.
  8. A former Porter dispatcher told me YHM is a primary alternate. They have an agreement in place with a ground handler.
  9. USAir would ship white mice up to YYZ. Inevitably a box would be open on arrival. Had a bunch of loose frogs once on AAL a very **bleep** off Monkey in a cage on UAL. We needed broom handles through the cage to get it off. The guy that jumped out of the wheel well of a BWIA L1011 scared the crap out of me.
  10. Three time F1 champion. 1975, 1977, 1984
  11. I rode YYZ ACY in the lower lounge. I never saw the stairs down. Hear they were scared of them getting damaged.
  12. I didn’t know this. How much of a difference did it make in their Vmcg?
  13. “with reasonable baggage between two points in Canada,” If the complaints were on a domestic flight it seems the law is in their favor. if Swoop want the rules changed so be it but until they are they should play by the rules that are in place
  14. If WOW goes belly up does it become MOM ?
  15. Jean Alesi. My friend saw the photo. Got in touch with the photographer and received a proper print. He had Alesi and the Concord chief pilot sign it. I have a copy. We toured the Benetton F1 factory as well as the Red Bull factory. He moved teams the first year after Red Bull bought out Stewart F1
  16. A friend of mine believes he is the only mechanic to work on both the Concord and that F1 car.
  17. I wasn’t working that day. When the ramp was slippery having a DC8 assist the tug with reverse thrust happened often. I was wing walking when a BAW 747 used reverse thrust to assist the tug. More recently a manager was asked if it would be OK for a Q400 to power back from gate 135. The manager asked “what’s a power back?”
  18. Should have stayed on the load bearing surface