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  1. If only Scheer was just a little inspiring, The Nanos poll tells me Scheer and the Conservatives are taking us straight towards a minority government of some sort where they will reign as liberal lights. The poll also advises that trudeau continues to enjoy almost equal voter support with Scheer in spite of the pm's large and growing list of blunders and destructive insults to the public purse & national future. That situation may be the best indicator of the public's less than inspired respect for Scheer's leadership qualities.
  2. The problem would be resolvable if only the people were 'encouraged' to follow strict birth control practices.
  3. Everyone seems to agree; Boeing messed up. This leaves one of a couple outstanding questions still to be answered; why didn't the pilots use the cutout switches? That's not a criticism of the pilots, I think the industry needs to appreciate the reason(s) for the incomplete / appropriate response if something similar is to be avoided going forward.
  4. "Simple question - if you invest $80-120,000 in education and vocational training, how much would you expect to earn in the first 5 years in your trade/profession?" Considering the vast majority of new hires are at least five years short on real world experience when they climb in the right seat of an airliner today, an ATP isn't even required, and the relative educational expenses incurred to get a CPL aren't any greater now than they were thirty, or more years ago; what is 'fair' compensation?
  5. Just noticed the DOW is continuing to crash. It would appear the market is losing confidence daily, and being confidence is the basis of the entire show, I think we should be concerned. The market seems to be reacting to the fact the democrats only plan is to annoy the Trump government come January when they take over the lower house, which isn't going to do anything to further the interests of the people and the investor knows it. So take a bow Deicer, when the entire economy comes crashing down, your side will be able to declare victory.
  6. Still waiting? Once again Deicer has shown himself to be a 'purveyor of fake news'.
  7. If all the guns shown above were stored anywhere but where they are, they'd be safe, secure and not at issue, but in the hands of the the thugs being featured they turn into instruments of death. So, as they're showing us, our liberal governors are incapable of dealing with fact and addressing any of the very few genuine sources of gun related violence, which has got to make you wonder what actually motivates the legislature while they contemplate screwing over honest gun owners in a fashion that will serve no legitimate purpose ... again.
  8. " Most every other country in the world has experienced the same cultural change he identified, but without the ensuring head count." But if we were to look at Countries that haven't gone multicultural, read, 'tried to incorporate multiple 'competing' religious ideologies and cultures within one society', such as the Eastern European block and all the oriental nations, we don't see similar tribulations unfolding.
  9. The traitor provided fair warning that Canada was about to become a "post nation state". And while the weasel continues to dismantle the Country one value and industry at a time, the largely apathetic masses stand helplessly by. When they were in the pre-election planning stages, I'll bet the turd's handlers were confident Canadians would largely just whine while they stole the Country out from under our noses.
  10. Lion makes an obviously sound, but incomplete argument. Forget the fact the aircraft was a Max with the new system; the cutout switches are a common feature among the types and should have been selected as a memory item regardless, which would have restored control to the pilots. It's always tough to criticize the guys that were there and lost, but the evidence does seem to suggest the crew didn't respond to the upset in accordance with established procedure.
  11. "Are we all — as citizens of this country — complicit in allowing this prime minister to go forward on his destructive path toward a post-nation state?" Yes, apathy rules!
  12. I'm not using an Apple product and have no problems with speed. Meanwhile, Paris is burning. The people seem to be sending their government a big message; they've had enough of globalist ambition and aren't going to accept that direction any longer.
  13. The new Commissioner will do just fine even though he's probably not from the ranks the bleeding hearts would choose from.
  14. "You keep assuming I will vote Lib." You most likely bounce back and forth between the liberals and NDP and are maybe even tempted to throw a vote in the direction of the Green Party / Libertarians from time-to-time, but it's extremely difficult to imagine you ever casting a vote in favour of the Blue team.
  15. Waiting for Deicer to post a bunch of negative stuff about Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter seeing they don't have their hands over their hearts during this snapshot in time.
  16. "With regards to conservatives having recessions, go back to that article and re-read paragraphs 5 and 6. It also states that growth and unemployment is better under Democrats than Republicans. Why is that? Why do Republicans take a successful economy and tank it? It is historical fact. Canada is much the same. Today's numbers show that record numbers of jobs have been created and unemployment is at a 40 year low. " Canada is doing okay for the moment, but it's not because of anything the liberals at either level have done, the Country only wins when the US is up.
  17. "Immigration in Canada is necessary." But can you say why and present data that actually justifies the contention? I mean, I've been hearing that same line since there were 15 million people in this Country and it sure was one hell of a nice place for the most part back then, even the big cities. Now we've way more than doubled the population and for that we've got deforestation, pollution and carbon taxes, the big cities have / are becoming violent unlivable human cesspools, taxation to pay for all the progress has all but eliminated the middle class, publicly earned pensions are now called 'entitlements' and free speech has become a thing of the past just to name a few of the changes that have come along with the growth model.
  18. All it takes is one idiot of a parent and a handful of modern age mentally deficient so-called professionals to completely destroy a kids life. And then when as a teenager the kid is so messed up he grabs a gun and shoots a pile of people, the same kind of genius will blame the gun???
  19. The media's reporting the 'yellow vest' riots have spread from France and are now occurring in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Apparently, everything's on the table, not just gas taxes. It's also kind of interesting to see that both the Left & Right have enjoined in these protests. Maybe even more significant is the fact the French police are in many cases taking off their helmets and siding with the protesters. Is another French Revolution in progress?
  20. Doesn't the responsibility to investigate and prosecute lie solely with Turkey?
  21. We're probably not supposed to notice details like that.
  22. "will eventually blow up in their faces...literally" We can hope!
  23. Anyone who believes trudeau's a feminist, or any of the other roles he's playing is being had. Is apathy all that stands between trudeau and his fellow globalists plan to pretty much eliminate anything that was a part of our national fabric? Will the members of the military and police actually stand behind these evil people when the time comes, or will they turn on the country's governors and defend the people from tyranny?