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  1. "while those aged 18 to 24 were most likely to agree, with 26 per cent supporting a ban" This age group has never been known for their use of logic and reason in the decision making process, knowledge ideological opportunists like trudeau and his minders employ to manipulate the vote.
  2. The same people that support this form of child abuse are the same ones that got everyone believing spanking kids was cruel & unusual punishment, an assault and potential crime?
  3. I recall Deicer's past focus on this PHD's study, but not the thread the discussion originally took place in. Here in this short clip John Stossel exposes the mass media's ability to spin up the gullible masses using fake news and direct the public opinion.
  4. Consider the location of the landing gear, the most forward point of impact damage, the position of the tail skid, the geometry of the fuselage keel between the latter two points and their respective angular relationships to the runway surface.. It would seem that the most forward damage could only be imparted if there was a significant vertical component to the touchdown?
  5. Did the skid make contact at all? It looks like the aircraft may have been at a shallow attitude, but dropped vertically, which compressed the struts and allowed that part of the lower fuselage to contact the ground?
  6. All your wishing aside, the Senate's activities have nothing to do with its relationship with Donnie; they're doing a geopolitical dance. The Senate voted to make it look like they are concerned with American values and like notions, but if you notice, they didn't actually do anything that might upset the desert empire and destroy the system that grants global reserve currency status to the US petrol dollar, which would be the absolute end for the US if it that was to occur.
  7. What decision? If he wants the rules changed so he can leave, that would be great, but the ten million should be returned to Canada as a precondition.
  8. I think hurricane hunting would be interesting work. To be a committed cargo pilot requires some special talents as well. But I was most surprised that fire bombing wasn't on the list, which may be the most dangerous and challenging of all the alternatives to airline flying.
  9. "For all you pilots on the forum (a lot of you). This is why maintenance wants a DETAILED write up of a defect on an aircraft. It is not just for Maintenance but for the next guy that straps that aircraft to his butt. The devil is in the details." I think it's kind of interesting to see that a maintenance man, Boestar, has made what may be the most important 'flight' safety related observation expressed over the course of this thread.
  10. As usual, you're salivating in anticipation of something you're never going to see, like the indictment of Trump over sex stuff. Besides, if you were to stop and look at the 'facts', you'd have to admit that like everyone else, you are not in possession of any information that confirms any of the things you wish for so feverishly.
  11. Political correctness demands the facts be hidden from inquisitive eyes.
  12. Try denying the truthfulness and accuracy demonstrated throughout this little clip Deicer.
  13. Out politicians are willfully ignoring the wishes of the taxpaying portion of the population, which leaves civil disobedience / riots as the only vehicle available to get the peoples message through to their minders.
  14. Here a democrat congressional traitor calls for the elimination of the First Amendment.
  15. This sort of insanity shouldn't surprise us being 34% of people polled claim they're prepared to vote for trudeau again.
  16. Another dud, just like all the Russian nonsense you've been pushing for the last couple of years.
  17. This is another example of government intervention going bad. Here was a group of people that enjoyed a healthy organic diet that protected them entirely from diseases such as diabetes. It's hard to imagine, but in spite of what is known today, our ever helpful government is still pushing subsidized foods from our pantry onto them knowing exposing this group to sugar, antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides will not produce healthier people, especially over the shorter term.
  18. Regarding the article Malcolm posted above. How much has it cost this Country in total to allow this scum to play us for fools? Is Trent Cook still employed?
  19. Malcolm I think you would agree, humans have proven to be incapable of exercising responsible birth control practices and as the third world shows, when it comes to eating ourselves out of house & home, our collective response is no better than would be expected of rabbits. Everyone in a position to act already knows the growth of human populations is limited by the planet's ability to absorb our destructive consumption patterns. Accordingly, it would seem the survival of every other form of flora & fauna depends on our failing as a species, which means we're leaving it to a massive war, waves of plague like disease, a great famine, or some other form of natural disaster to cream mankind and reduce our numbers to a more sustainable level.
  20. Someone went to a lot of expense to secretly erect the very intriguing 'Georgia Guide Stone' tablets, which may offer a revealing look at the globalist longer term plan for humanity? I can't say that it's not a good idea.
  21. Here's a clip from 2010 that sends a very clear message that all Westerners should heed. This clip makes it quite obvious that the global migrations and the UN plan behind them is the creation of many Western leaders who have an agenda that clearly runs contrary to your own family planning.
  22. These 'rulings' against the ambulance chaser and his gutter slut client are seasonally appropriate.
  23. "CP24 Toronto is covering a story relating to a joint police investigation in the GTA. The police are reporting the results of a sweep where they uncovered drugs and guns ... 14 handguns, 6 long guns, hand grenades, stun gun, and quantities of drugs and cash. But more importantly, it led to the arrest of 2 individuals who have been charged with manufacturing at least 120 untraceable handguns. Not smuggled, not stolen legal guns , but guns assembled from parts and rendered untraceable." All this convinces me that Canada would be a better place if people that belong to clubs like Wolfhunter's were forced to give up their handguns to trudeau and his nation state.?