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  1. Great stuff If I'm understanding properly, we appear to be in full agreement; our nation has made a mess of things and must take responsibility for its child like approach to helping others. It would seem that any disagreement between perspectives boils down to matters of immigration / migration policy and related taxation. History tells me that no amount of money will ever bring people holding extreme religious and cultural differences together into one homogeneous group. If Canada is going to save itself from itself the process must imo begin with a national acknowledgment that some ideals, as enchanting as they may be, just aren't achievable in the present time. It's only one opinion that doesn't matter, but if it did, Canada would be returning the religiously and economically disenfranchised to their homelands and investing in charity there.
  2. I think Deluce has done a stellar job with his airline and deserves much credit.
  3. And a linear decline in the standard of care has gone hand in hand with the artificially increasing population, which should be a matter of some concern to Canadians I'd think. In the meantime, unwilling to acknowledge the difficulties & shortcomings of the health care system, like a twit, trudeau continues on blindly content to make an already intolerable situation even worse.
  4. The carbon tax, like the HST before it, is just another wealth redistribution plot introduced by a rather unimpressive scheming wannabe communist.
  5. We got trudeau ... game, set, match!
  6. PC Toronto's approach to crime management has allowed a form of anarchy to begin to take hold across the city. Politicians have been restricting the police for years now and by doing so have granted the upper hand to the element, which has allowed criminals to expand their territories and bring gun fights between competing gangs to suburbia.
  7. Thanks Wolfhunter. I have no disagreement with your post, or any of action items proposed on the list. But the original question still remains open. I'll rephrase; if the present action plan of the Danes is overreaching, or an overreaction, what are they to do with the very sizable migrant population already in house and openly unwilling to integrate?
  8. I recall reading somewhere that trudeau along with all the other federally elected people and their families are entitled to a much higher standard of care than anyone dependent on the public system; they don't have to mix with us, or wait for care. And without any apparent consideration for the plight of the people, trudeau has recommitted to adding the medical needs of 350K + people to health care systems annually right across the Country for as long as he occupies the throne. Even stranger, the provincial leadership doesn't seem too interested in pointing this observation out directly to the pm either?
  9. Regarding the girls that were murdered. It's hard to feel sorry for people that believe the world is one giant Disney stage.. You can bet the victims were members of the islamic welcoming brigade back at home too. As unfortunate and untimely as their deaths may be, they do belong in the Darwin Award category.
  10. A couple of months old now, but interesting. Sorry, I'm unable to open the link.
  11. It's easy to be critical, but what would you do if you had the reigns?
  12. Great article ST27, but is anyone giving heed to the warning signs?
  13. The a-hole has to pay for all the other door prizes he's awarded to non-Canadian causes somehow.
  14. That's an interesting article Wolfhunter. Whether the new laws are encompassing & timely enough to make a positive difference is a matter of debate, but I do respect the Danes for stepping up to save their culture regardless.
  15. I don't know, but if you believe Canada's somewhere near bottom and capable of coming back after trudeau, the depressed Canadian dollar may provide some great opportunities for those with a little extra cash to throw into the markets today?
  16. Regarding the first overrun; it would be interesting to learn what was going through the pilots heads during the 12 seconds that passed as they floated along in ground effect. Assuming all things were normal, does it come down to a matter of ego overwhelming logic and training? But to be fair, there could have been a compelling reason for not going around even though the landing was botched, a lack of fuel for instance ;
  17. Thanks Rich; yes, the forces would be fantastic. Thanks for posting the link to the accident report Seeker; it's been an interesting re-read and a good memory jog. From the report you can see that AA and the FAA were a big part of the problem beginning with the fact the pilots weren't even issued AFM's. And as primitive as the aircraft was technologically, much like the Max, a form of 'maneuvering augmentation system' that managed rudder deflection angles etc. was included, but not well understood by pilots. The more I read, the greater the stink. The way the Max was introduced to pilots seems to suggest the industry failed to fully appreciate 'all' the lessons contained within the NTSB's A300 crash findings?
  18. Great article, but like Malcolm indicated, the issue is corporate growth, not the dividends themselves. The article seems to send the same message.
  19. Is that a manufacturing design / materials related problem, or did the aircraft ingest something on takeoff?
  20. The need for perpetual growth is the weakness of every dividend driven corporation.
  21. "At least two provincial cabinet ministers and a number of other government officials and employees are under the control of foreign countries as part of espionage schemes, Canada's top security official said Tuesday." I know I'm taking a small leap, but I'm willing to bet this is the kind of thing we should expect as a consequence of allowing foreign born persons to assume elected offices and sensitive positions.
  22. Deicer I think the evidence is clear; the global climate is changing, just as it has since the planet's beginning. Even though man is certainly influential in the process, he doesn't seem willing to behave 'responsibly', or take decisive steps to reign in rapidly increasing third world populations? Instead, some governments remain bent on pursuing laughable enviro-friendly taxation schemes, which is no less silly an approach than using Trump as a scratching post.
  23. You seem to have missed the meme posted by Jaydee on the previous page?
  24. ""Down the road we're going to look back and say, 'I wish this never happened,'" Manak said. "I'm a little nervous."" Conservatives from Ontario along with other Canadians already feel that way, but the rest will come to as well when they look back at the elections of Wynn & trudeau.